Monday, April 13, 2020

And who is the biggest animal on photo !!?????

He had total knowledge of coming attack on American population + is paying peanut to Americans responding attack by risking their lives via arrogance/scorn/ derision for their lives. 
  Throws $4000 bill into the faces of real American heroes and finds himself on front page of Yahoo news(at least somewhat credible) site...

Neonazi orangutan from Austria who lives in US 50+ years didn't only brought disaster from his homeland to one, but his English language skills seems to have stalled somehwere in between as well despite his wealth/comforted shows his compassion for someone whom he tortured and was deprived 25 years of life because creatures like he is. Germans should be well aware what is inside of this individual - I am certain his kids as well as apples don' fell far from treas.

Asking myself where the hell was I(the death breathing in your face literately is not a fun feeling folks)...beyond scary.I actually thank him for demonstrating what/who is hiding behind his face.

Honestly, I feel lucky to be alive today. Was extremely uncomfortable around people like Arnold Schwarzenegger when subjected to MK Ultra. World knows my story today and truth about what America have turned itself into. Sad sad...

We are not in good shape in US...its very very hard because of what is seen above and when you add to that traitor actor that arrived and often times arrives from our own countries there it can be extremely extremely difficult. Schwarzeneggers can be seen on every corner of the street supporting walls with marijuana or vodka in hands(he wouldn't last over year if in my skin), but what I have demonstrated with facts to my holly father with facts(physical proofs) in hand, world have no seen yet.

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