Wednesday, April 29, 2020

MKULTRA: Will no longer either accept work or get myself into settings in which Americans/Buckingham palace deeped fingers in it

Stuff as seen here(NO WAY WOULD I CONSIDER THIS LOCATION - ALL ABOUT $$$$ - had nothing and built his entire wealth via this case) angers me and there was a lots of it incl. last hostel(first hostel prior to one in Lodz and residence in Kurak) and this very present location. It doesn't work like this...if I don't get place of my own this time on time, it will be bye bye. My health in a very bad shape and I know when to say enough before it gets way to late. Right now already is too late for me(I shouldn't even be here any longer is how things are according to my estimates).

@Trump/Buckingham palace - you will not deprive me of 25 years of life as you did and then with torture/health deprivation even for the cost of spine and other extremely serious health related issues prove case as real and yourself as helpful. It doesn't work like this. This is a genocide and you are 100 x times worse people than what Stalin was. I have seen all I needed to see. Know all I need to know about you beasts.

@Poland - I stood up for you. Took your side(didn't have too - could cross border and make career out of ethics I was faced with in this country when brought here for torture for no less than 21 years just as Kaczynski/Duda wanted me to do) and if you can't stand up for yourself in case you have forgotten what went on just 70 years ago here, you are worthless(not only threat to yourself, but as such a threat to all) to human kind as such.

What owners of this locations told me is that if you say anything against anyone of them is nothing...if you say anything against Trump/Buckingham palace is nothing...basically if you dare to breath you are dead !!! IF I DID AS TOLD, NOTHING WOULD EVER COME OUT ABOUT ANYTHING. Off course they all had agreement with one another, but some were FAR FAR more in it than others. These "some" attempted to pull those others not as corrupt as they were along with them under the water too as they received hefty payments on the side(most of people were in it to help, but few selected had a different plans - cause as much as possible damage via injuries even for the cost of giving out certain recognition about MK Ultra since one no longer can be disputed case - thus hurting me, others willing to help, and humanity as whole) I write this, lies go on around on how to see matter and what side to take...

Its too late and I know whose side to take myself.

Could be(sure will be hard) I will have to move out of Lodz area this time and I will make no mistake if I have to too.

@Trump/Buckingham palace - Those who guessed second time about who you are all dead(from George Michael to Nelson Mandela)

Here are some more of other PRIVATE residences where Trump lodged and where I was subjected to MK Ultra were:

#1 Location
 Goes back to 1996 just as the one above...I have audio and video recorded place and have proofs..identified owner(very very nice kind good hearted very worried for me man - kind but afraid - always loved me - his health surprisingly also is in bad shape - there was guessing on that subject as well) via his car and old old trail which still existed between ponds as seen on one could know anything about it unless brought here in 1996...trail disappeared due to numerous fences which appeared in 2002/2003...we would return here for no less than 20+ years.

  #2 LOCATION - there is whole housing area here and this was in prime Trump's interest because of fenced area...fenced areas were always of prime interest to Trump wherever one was in Eastern Europe...called this a secret missions(would appear in town without hotel owners knowing anything)...
 On this location, they had me even sleep drugged up outside in a piss(HORROR) next to old rail like homeless FOR SEVERAL DAYS when brought from own bed in Miami for torture to creepy as it gets. Owner of hostel as seen here a personal friend of Donald Trump...hosted one in his home. 


Trump slept always in nice clean beds on other hand...mentioned psychologist went on to protests against violence so one stopped.

 Just how you get to the place on foot...

 Right across the street, but where also we stayed here and then..

 What it looks and looked at night...
 Tired...without rest dressed in uncomfortable clothing. Unclean socks and tired...walking along weirdos and faced with all sorts insane issues/threats.

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