Sunday, April 19, 2020

How royals and others got get into(and out) foreign countries and do the thing discusting in private flats/properties to afterwards bully victims via main stream media

Like this Taylor Swift dressed male

@Americans/British...its humanity that will free you from tools of opression in your beloved country. Day when you will see yourself as equal human beings in the mirrors in the mornings will come for you too. World is a bad place because of fear(people affraid to admit/recognize) and we know who is financing/paying for fear.

I cite British, "sir we are worried, we have seen this before time and again"...

@Andrew's daughter...yes masks yes. And nobody used th more than your own family.

This post is for all other targeted individuals whose hands/mouths were tied by either repression method incl. deaths...hope you read this Bob M.

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