Friday, April 17, 2020

Even the ISO files for Windows instalations were modified on my hard drives as well - not hard drives)only

Individual who took credit for such(here mentioned) attack under MKutra was one of the employees at Fujitsu. Yeah, repair is the name of my situation now for almost second week here. Libraries locked and I don't feel to use already broken cable in the room to download file from internet as for that matter too I was told will be a problem. Amazing world of crime that has everything to do but what Buckingham palace/Berlin gestured case would be - "if you will will be rated by what you remember".

 This individual also threaten if exposed publicly will cause more harm - follow around/ delete data from hard drive via directed energy machines and so on. Condition my making it or failing if I would dare to mention any of here seen...have others gesture me the same SINCE they are his coworkers AND ITS THEREFORE NOTHING THEY POSSIBLY COULD DO ABOUT IT...demanded 200/3000 million Dollars for his services and so on...nice bird involved in MKultra is all I can say.

There were few individuals like this involved in MKultra and they exploited foremost my trust and via my trust a trust of people(90% WERE THERE TO HEP) who truly attempted to do the right thing because of their ethical points of view.

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