Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Just found the oldest MK Ultra staff member - guy who stayed in Lodz longer than all ohers as most of them went back to US

There you have it...I supposedly never met him heh, but know very well who he is. Its a fine guy for one thing. Not a bad person even that friend with Trumpet. Amazin...read messenger for some details.

 He must have moved to prior to Szczytno and I was inside of his apartment. Know so thanks to photo he posted on his profile...insisted for one day to move over to his Szczytno city. Nice guy I tell you.

Why he liked Trump, nobody ever knew as most of Americans wanted to strangle Trump right here in Lodz on their way back to US(they got two/three angry as hell talking against Trump and followed up on the with severe punishments - I have no idea what happened with those boys, but I will found out one day soon). They all hated Trump to death except Edward :)))) Well, its his right to like or dislike and I respect him for keeping his word. Thank you. 

Kudos to you Edwardo ;)

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