Saturday, April 25, 2020


Was told under MK Ultra to not even think about conflict of any kind with Buckingham palace. "Dont even think about it, we cant and will not stay isolated or even without them visiting city is for us already bad enough".

If necessary  I do leave city and country, so you cam have it your way, but nothing outside of the courtroom.

Is MY life and one evidently doesnt belong to you - also never did.

There are swines in Poland who believe have right to torture - deprive one if life via torture(earn money even by recording one) and condition whatever is left with as seen above.

Abuse under MK Ultra didnt stop there do...went on to indirectly gesture me, ", its what we want we already have all prepared to destroy him once outside of Poland"...

They gestured to have contracts in respect to my torture already with all other countries except Russia, but that doesnt surprise me...understandable.

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