Tuesday, April 21, 2020

LESSON #1: American president who tries to turn America into colony from Buckingham palace is not American but instead

a foreign agent - a traitor/disgrace to Americans. Goes likewise for nazis who hate everything real Americans present. That you would ho out there and engage in desemination of racism nazism via telephone was up to date unknown to me and it proofs that US became beyond sick state. Related to https://qz.com/1842150/what-americans-think-are-the-greatest-threats-from-china/?utm_source=YPL&yptr=yahoo

Its worthless to engage in arguments with loser such as US represents today in the world. China knows it. US now in self destroying death spiral of hatred...going down down down...no way is this still #1power/economy in the world. Down down down HEIL HITLER SIEG SIEG ACHUUU...BUCKINGHAM PALACE SIEG HEIL HEIL HEIL 😁😃😁😅 ja ja hell heil.

US is at this time catching own middle finger as no nation on earth wants to even trade with one unless absolutely neccessary....

China is hope for liberation of American workers if anything...hope for liberation of humanity from till now invisible plague/cholera whivh devsstate world tine and again. And who was the one eavesdropping via cybercrime entire world !!??? Ask Snowden...just as THE case is with virus.

4 more years of Trump US shrinking fast to invisible island. Controlled opposition in US didnt help much to deep nazi state...

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