Sunday, April 19, 2020

United States of America government attempted to create my MK Ultra case as false case

by compelling me in truck driving job via forced unemployment. Its where/when they would reintroduce me back to cities where MK Ultra went on involving often times people involved in MK Ultra. Government attempted to rewrite my case via terror and with actual post MK Ultra events. Savannah, Georgia - Salem, N/S Carolinas...all the way to Washington state/California, Colorado, Maine, Texas and so on...

Know that they had me also in Brasil, Argentina, Australia, and many other locations(off course China, India, Iran, Japan, South Africa, Kenya with Obama, N. and nit only South Korea) where I suposedly never was. On several African locations as well.

I turned into reality what nobody could even dreamed is possible. The whole truth will come out.

They all have video/audio recordings of one...

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