Friday, June 29, 2018

Regarding Dr Harold Bornstein

One of the best people involved in this ordeal...he wanted and wanted to help me(they listed to his every word - Belgrade had snitches around us 24/7 - he said whatever he was ordered to say, but he wanted to help badly)...

He also is a great swimmer ;) would leave backpack at local library and then swum 5 kilometers + Come for a visit Doc.

Working on 4 hours long documentary...most revealing yet

Problems with telephones and computers tremendous yeah, but nothing will stop me.

This will be documentary on psychiatrists Vesna Švab and other local wannabes(she is protected even by US Government as American female psychiatrist involved in MKULTRA even threatened me in case I would turn against her - Švab and her husband who also is psychiatrist received money-funds from European union for involvement against me - just as niecećs husband did - EU neonazi apparatchiks would do anything to protect Moscow and Belgrade for stated reasons) which will all end behind bars. 

Chinese customs will NOT send me camera watch is what ebay seller claims after 9 days

Get a taste of my reality folks. And you know why this !!???? Because I selected for delivery a postal office and not home address. That much about my ability to catch or video record anyone...NOTHING IS WORKING...EVERYTHING IS DESTROYED BEFORE IT GETS INTO MY HANDS.

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Neighbor Dane Kolenc(or his son Matjaz) proceeds and desperately cuts side pocket from backpack - absolutely done on police command

Yeah, side pocket where I had two voice recorders, and 3g broadband modem. He did this, so he could point police on how pocket was cut 6 days ago...
Just look at the size when compared to keys and you can easily see that I would have lost all those before even key set(I walked each day 10+ kilometers...over 60 kilometres since therefore)...

The other telephone show 27 microteslas radiation

Its obvious am dealing with mentally sick people.

Belgrade(its what Slovenian police is) police modifies my 5 months old telephone to radiate over 16 microteslas

Not only have chetnik(RED GESTAPO) police from Novo mesto modified software on telephone and make one useless(can't even connect to laptops), but telephone is also radiating over 16 microteslas....
No, I didn't have clue telephone can radiate like this...did you !?!????

THIS IS A TOTAL INSANITY IN RESPECT TO SLOVENIAN POLICE(this people are mentally sick criminals and not cops)...

NEONAZIS STARTED WWII WITH TINY JEWISH MINORITY(its easy start because one can't defend itself when small): Sweeping Arrests of Jehovah’s Witnesses


Someone should give them the right uniforms...its about time folks...


Russia: Sweeping Arrests of Jehovah’s Witnesses
(Moscow) – Law enforcement authorities across Russia have carried out a sweeping campaign against Jehovah’s Witnesses in recent months, Human Rights Watch said today. The authorities have carried out dozens of home searches, raids, interrogations, and other acts of harassment and persecution.

Don't post court transcript online if in Russia because you will face criminal charges...

Actually you may even face terrorism charges just as Russian journalist Viktor Korbas did(just how insane did Russia became)...
Russian Journalist Facing Criminal Charges for Posting Court Transcript

Not very safe to be around chetnik state new global peace index suggests - Serbia in crime rank much worse even than African Zambia, Botswana, Madagascar, Zambia, Tanzania, Senegal

If you are neighbor with chetniks, its more likely for your country to have serious problems(incl. war and ethnic cleansing as is case with me in Slovenia).
 Just plain facts
Serbia drags down neighboring states(wherever Serbian minority is highly present, you see exactly what you see).

Angela Merkel made a single phone call for Poroshenko#2(charged again with corruption as one repeated crimes over and over again).

And YUGO criminal Janez Janša was released from jail.

Go ahead, kill me...but I am NOT going anywhere before am dead.

Corrupt European Court for Human Rights is a parody on humanity...its a laughter in the face of victims that are dying before its doorsteps. All in line with Moscow-Belgrade's agenda.

For this portion of MKULTRA I was told

That I will be running out of time and will have to hurry posting videos as am about to go/leave Slovenia....

Its what local bar owner that brought keys to police station and others insisted on(I cite Jakše, "I will bring you keys to library as you will be in a hurry to go and will have to post videos fast")

Go where I have ZERO clue as I am NOT going anywhere. They can do whatever they want, I am NOT going anywhere(it doesn't matter who and so on).

Slovenia is a murderous genocidal(BELGRADE/MOSCOW) state inside the European Union


Directed energy attacks continue - got 4 hours of sleep

Just as my neighbor suggested...I only have to increase power of radiation and thats that.
For this bent aluminum object which is placed above my room in attic area, my neighbor Dane Kolenc told me my bones will look like...
For this(eyes drops), my parents told me that this will be placed on table for me to get used to insulin as it will be all to late for me(its like this in the middle of the table for three weeks already)...

Local pharmaceutical company Krka is advertising on their billboard what you see here for over half an year already.
Now Slovenian president Pahor have me meet this very individual(or doppelganger) in 2006 and they presented me with this very future commercial(told me on how I will look like and what they will do with me).

There is more....will have video coming on this subject.

TWO FAKE NEONAZI POLITICIANS WORK TOGETHER FOR THE SAME(both present at the same time under MKULTRA should tell something little about who they are and what the two want).

Russia became a first class neonazi sate. Not Ukraine(what media sees only and what media sees is all orchestrated by Russia on Ukrainian territory), but Russia...

Behind red star, nazism/fascism(hatred - red coated gestapo) are hiding...

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Here is the flyer and news which Slovenian police(BELGRADE'S POLICE) used with idea to plant me with false criminal evidence YESTERDAY(same day)

The news is from yesterday when I received phone call in respect to my own flyers which I have made on Friday(June 22nd, 2018 when neighbor have again burglarized my room and have stolen key set with USB key on it). Related to

THIS EXACTLY ARE FLYERS WHICH BELGRADE'S NEIGHBOR MIROSLAV BERGER AND STATE PROSECUTOR BOJAN AVBAR HAVE REQUESTED FROM AMERICANS TO BRING OVER IN 2005/2006(what most likely had give people under MKULTRA in 2005/2006 as well - with police presence, but possibly even without police presence to plant me in future with hate crime - this is how dangerous Slovenian police is) - WE DON'T HAVE ANYTHING LIKE THIS IN SLOVENIA(ever and is even in foreign language) AND WE HAVE NEVER HAD ANYTHING LIKE THIS IN SLOVENIA. I WAS SUMMONED THE SAME DAY(yesterday) TO POLICE STATION TO GET MY STOLEN KEY SET WITH USB ATTACHED ON IT ON WHICH I STILL HAD MY OWN FLYERS WHICH I HAVE MADE(I printed them at the local state postal office - they would never allow to print anything as seen here).

What grand Russian(global imperial neonazi takeover) plan is in respect to Ukraine - TRUMP WILL PUSH USA INTO CIVIL RIGHTS CRISES DURING WHICH RUSSIA WILL STRIKE UKRAINE

Thats all

And don't say you didn't red here first...don't say you weren't told in advance or that you didn't have enough time to prevent disaster.

After Trump, Europe will continue with civil rights crises on what US will begun again and so on...thats how it works folks.

Aggressive Russia(STARVED FOR ANOTHER TERRITORIAL WAR) DECLINES Ukrainian Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe deployment to observers along uncontrolled border section to stop conflicts



The only goal is for the OSCE SMM to record and document all facts of illegal mass supplies to separatists of arms and ammunition from the Russian Federation.

NOT A SINGLE DAY WITHOUT RUSSIAN AGGRESSION(Russia wants another war) ON UKRAINE: Russia trying to squeeze Ukraine out of Azov Sea

Stolen Crimea and Donetsk(eastern part of Ukraine) not enough for Russia...terror and terrorism(bullying/harassment) even on Ukrainian offshores(not even sailors are safe)...
I feel sorry and even ashamed to use in this article word "Russian"...

Slovenian police(BELGRADE) attempted to plant me with false criminal evidence in respect to my complain yesterday

They hate nothing more than ugly truth they have created about Slovenia(Moscow-Belgrade-Ljubljana). Watch videos in sequence as numbered.

For English speakers in video #1, stop where audio in Slovenian language starts and go to next video.

Video can be also seen at OR
Video #1 with Audio recordings in Slovenian language...

Video #2

Video #3

Video #4

Slovenian(Belgrade) police is much more desperate than I am

They are exposed already. They can be cynical all they want(and violent), but they will not be capable to hide facts written on my complain. Just watch my videos today...

Will have a very good video coming on this subject today

That I promise you. There is no place for police like this in our societies.

These are also most likely not microwave attacks

Question is what is used...they talked about variety of options. X raying, ultrasound, microwaving, wi/fi and so on...

What happens after attack like this

Once you hear pressure when you go sleep or when you wake up, one explodes once you get up and goes on like this for the day and possibly even days if attack is maintained by other attacks.

I am in helpless situation. One can do nothing against such equipment("see through walls" and microcameras technology).

Got 4.5 hours of sleep tonight - neighbor places hat infront of my room

Was 16 days free of what I feel now and it started as I went sleep(I could hear in the bed - nothing all day long for 16 days)...I heard neighbor downstairs as one ran in the house(0030 hours - I had a long walk). What is he using and on what distance is a good question. My cameras are off as those are turned off with jammers as pleased(there is no use of them - there is no way to fight micro cameras with giant cameras).

Attack started as I went in bed and had light on in the room(micro cameras), but was sure that in my aluminum made cage I would be okay....not so.

He left me a hat outside of the room as well(on terrace - as a laugh and as promised would do under MKULTRA).

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Neighbor have stolen keys from my room and had someone call me to come and pick them up

Exactly according to MKultra scenario, same day as I printed out liflets where my complain is, keys on which memory stick also were stolen. That someone left keys to local bar owner and local bar owner made an arraingement to deliver them to police where am going to pick them up from right now....

Not difficult to understand police involvement AGAIN in it ?

WORLD IS AT THE FIRM WWIII BEGINNING'S STAGES: Trump will get(is pushing for one) Ukraine in war with Russia and US will get into war with Mexico

It is happening folks....
Ukraine is depicted(scapegoated) these days by main stream media in a darkest light possible, not such case with Russia where Russian people alone are beaten up and jailed  in the middle of the day ion the middle of the Moscow. And what we see is happening is not happening because of Trump, but already because of what George Bush started and Putin finally signed in 2007.

Video - On Sara Netanyahu and something little on her hubby

Will probably add few words extra more tomorrow in respect to this subject(Sara is actually a great lady, but buisy....very professional in every aspect)...its bad for the whole state of Israel in respect to latest charges against Netanyahus.

Monday, June 25, 2018

Two weeks without high blood pressure

Feeling like a baby compared to past 8 months. Aluminum cans block direct energy weapons attacks.

During these two weeks(since June 11th), I have also drank coffee and ate anything possible that could and should increase high blood pressure(deliberately to test and see if anything) and have spent one week inside the house(didn't go even for a walk) high pressure issues whatsoever...none

Have video coming on this subject tomorrow.

Sara Netanyahu to be soon charged for drinking coffee at the local coffee shop. State of Israel now heading in a totally wrong direction

No wonder she went off(you do drive insane anyone with accusations like this)...

This whole thing sounds to me as total nonsense(witch hunting is what it is).

Russian people shouldn't allow hatred(KREMLIN IS DIVISION AND HATRED) to hide itself behind word "Russian/Russia" and nor should they Balkanize itself via Putin

Kremlin always uses in media "Ukrainian, Polish, German, French"(they don't call for names or name capitals, but punish instead whole nations in respect to negative news) and so on...never names(I use terms such as Moscow and Belgrade deliberately to avoid anti sentiment against people) as do in respect to Russia(even Serbia).

Russia is also not Serbia(not people and culture wise). There is a huge difference between the two when it comes to attitude(culture) of the people. 

Types of lies Serbian collaborators in Slovenia and West(Belgrade Moscow) have used to keep this case silent

Video can be seen also at OR   OR  OR    OR   OR

Even here you can see that it was first Russia that recognized Slovenia(which they didn't want at all) on what US did as well...


More on Leon Vovk and Andrej Šiško

Video can be also seen at OR OR  OR   OR   OR

VIDEO - ENGLISH - SLOVENIAN TRAITORS(deep state) EXPOSED: Who Andrej Šiško, Lojze Peterle, and Leon Vovk are

Video can be also seen at OR OR OR   OR   OR
Slovenian Americans are crucial for survival of our small Slovenian nation, but it is also crucial for their survival to know and understand whom they deal with(whom to choose to represent their interests and why).

No Slovenian abroad should after-all care for ethnically cleansed and turned into Great Serbia country known as Slovenia(this is happening at large - over 8.000 native Slovenes are thrown out of Slovenia per year and replaced foremost by Serbs as over 107 leaves Serbia per day...Serbs which arrive to Slovenia assume last names from Slovenian partners and are therefore almost invisible within society...Slovenian parliament have stolen over 40 billion USD from Slovenian taxpayers since 1991 and have used them to rebuild Serbia - Serbia owes today 30 billion USD and Slovenia 46...look at the sizes of the countries and facts from the past who owed what or I should say where money in Yugoslavia used to come from hysterically...Slovenian parliament have therefore rewarded Serbian military aggression on Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, and on Kosovo which NATO stopped).

VIDEO v Slovenskem jeziku(video in Slovenian language) - Kdo so Andrej Šiško, Peterle in Leon Vovk(SLOVENSKO IZDAJALSTVO RAZGALJENO)

Spoznajte resnico o Beograjskih volkovih ki se izdajajo za jagnja. Šiško mi je celo pogojeval(grozil) bodoče preživetje ga cititam, "Če ne boš delal kar ti bo rečeno ali če boš kaj koli rekel proti meni v vezi MKULTRE boš mrtev ker ti nebo nikdar nihče več pomagal...sam sem pa potreboval 10 let da sem zgradil svojo stranko".

Se pravi omalovaževanje, poniževanje, izdajalstvo in na koncu naj bil sam marioneta za gopoda Šiškota preko groženj.

Just update on my situation - videos on stated here are coming with detailed explanations

My first video live and have lost internet connection when video recording...

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Kaj so Vovki, Peterleti, Janšati, Bavčarji, Šiškoti, Ruplji in ostali banditoni delali od leta 1991(LETNO JE BILO PRISILJENIH PREKO 8.000 NAŠIH LJUDI VEN IZ DOMOVINE) !!!????? Kaj so Jugo četniški banditoni kameleoni naredili za nas !!?????

Vam bom povedal kaj so barabe delale...isto kakor Pahorji za katere ZDAJ(ne prej ampak zdaj ko je resnica o genocidu prišla na dan) pravijo da so slabi...


S kom imamo potem opravka če ne z BEOGRAJSKIMI pogrebniki našega naroda ki je šel leta 1991 na barikade...

Slovenski narod ne bojo zedinjevali tisti ki so gledali mrcvarjenje sonarodnjaka potem pa se pretvarjali celih 12 let da človek sploh ne obtaja ko se je boril na smrt ali življenje z psihiatri, policijo in sodstvom

Tega v Sloveniji nebo. Čistka pa bo in nobeden od vas tokrat ne bo dal čez. Se spomnite kaj ste naredili Ivanu Krambergerju dragi moji tovariši !!?????
Še pomnite tole !!?????

Its not only Slovenian parliament that stinks; its entire Slovenian establishment that is rotten to the core




Will have to make detailed video also on Andrej Šiško, Dr. Leo Vovk(was here), and Lojze Peterle

Have a lots of useful information even on Dr. Leo Vovk...Vovk is yet another traitor just like Šiško is...he doesn't care even a bit about his Slovenian just an American agent. I cite criminal, "I help, but my boss is America and for you Bush already decided you are gone to Israel"(this is what all three with Peterle had in mind).

No wonder I was like a dead meat and with me numerous other Slovenian people...they want to use me as example to other Slovenian people per what can be done with them if unwilling to get into Yugo partnership.

Traitor next to traitor...WAKE UP SLOVENIA !!!

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Budale so delale račune brez krčmarja

Sami sebi so govorili(toliko o MKULTRI) in po propadli Jugi zapili še tisto kar je bilo.

Grdo neurje se bliža vzhodni Evropi(toča in soloviti vetri)...

Srbi(kakor nacistična Nemčija) in njihovi Slovenski kolegi bi Slovenski narod pobili in ne samo iz Slovenije ampak iz Evrope

Je tako banda četniška nacistična fašistična rdečozvezdniška ali ni !!?????

Govori Vućiću-Pahor(majku da ti j**** fašistično nacistično četniško) !!!

Izdajalci v Sloveniji so zmeraj bili in bojo vendar ni potrebe po razlikovanju med tistimi kolaboranti ki so sodelovali z nacistično Nemčijo in tistimi ki so sodelovali in sodelujejo z FAŠISTIČNO NACISTIČNO VELIKOSRBIJO kjer se sovraštvo skriva za rdečo zvezdo)

Nobene razlike ni med tistimi ki so morili in morijo Slovence(sonarodnjake) za Hitlerja ali pa Vučiča(Miloševiča, Šešlja in tako naprej). Isto sranje - drugče pakovanje.

Izdajalec je izdajalec in ve se kako in kaj z njimi. Če ne verjamete GLEDE RAZLIKE pa vprašajte tiste Slovence katere so pobili(IZDALI) eni in drugi.

Even Slovenians in USA know that Janez Janša is a Belgrade agent >>>Poroshenko number TWO<<< - Celo Ameriški Slovenci vedo kdo je Janez Janša

About Andrej Šiško(another member of rotten Slovenian traitor establishment)  - I contacted him, but he never contacted me back even that he knew and knows about my MKULTRA case very very well(his movement is 14 and few extra years old if you get my point - he had me in Ptuj one time under MKULTRA and acted extremely arogant/insulting/dismissive).

Anyhow, here is what Dr.  Leo Vovk has to say in Slovenian language and here are few words of mine on him

Clinton finally regains sanity and enough courage to face murderous Kremlin's lunatic face to face: Hillary Clinton attacks Vladimir Putin as leader of 'white supremacist and xenophobic movement'

A single phone call from Kremlin would end Serbian massacre in Croatia, Bosnia, Slovenia, and on Kosovo. But not...Kremlin rather played stupid and saw/heard/knew nothing about what wen on on territory of ex Yugoslavia for NO LESS THAN 8 YEARS(its how long Serbs have massacred other nations on Balkans on what NATO finally stepped in) !!! Even with bombardment of Serbia, Serbs didn't stop...after capitulation to NATO, Serbs begun to appeal to the world via Russia as victims of NATO aggression and have even suggested law suit against NATO. And its so because red coated gestapo in Slovenia have paid Serbs even for aggression on Slovenia, on Croatia, on Bosnia, and on Kosovo(over 40 billion USD were stolen from Slovenian taxpayers and transferred to Serbia via Slovenian parliament) and because Russia didn't admit its fold in Balkan's is easier to blame for others than to admit own I right !!??????
Clintons seems to have learned via my own case just how dangerous Putin and his Kremlin are....because it doesn't matter what they got from you through to you - what matters is that one they deal with must be screwed in the end(I should say all the way to the end as this was case of my own). Clintons are on that same list with me and they know it....

You Janez Ogulin are going into jail for life time

That I guarantee you personally. The daylight you will see will be from jail cell only.

Regarding Slovenian(NOVO MESTO) police harassment under MKULTRA which suspected on how I will go out with fliers to meet people

2005/2006 - Locations were in  Novo mesto city center(they would have individual who handed people fliers and next to whom I was forced to stand stalk by park-meter employee).
Qlandia shopping center - police organized total humiliation - have presented me to locals as mentally incapacitated and have handed local fliers with nazi propaganda which they created to ridicule me.

Ljubljana - Zmajski most...memory kicked in and I clearly remember that Borut Pahor insisted as well on Ljubljana and continually asked me where is a lots of people that passes bye each day in Ljubljana, on what he asserted answer, "Zmajski most"(dragon bridge) - so they had me stand next to another individual also there for hours(WE ARE TALKING ABOUT SUPER EXTENSIVE GUANATANAMO ALIKE TORTURE UNDER MKULTRA)...

Whatever was written on thios papers was enough provocative to push people into political schizophrenia - lies that made people explode(anger them) and turn almost into assoultive situations. Assoults never happened as police ensured that always was police officer or two present during such MKULTRA procedures.

Do you see the flag in the middle !!??? It is in my room next to Ukrainian, Polish, American...

RED GESTAPO WAS ANGRY WITH THIS FLAG UNDER MKULTRA - Everyone brought own flag, so Swedes brought along with them their own...I happened to liked Swedish flag and red coated gestapo which equaled one with nazi German flag acted immediately by yelling/screaming at me and Swedish guy who delayed flag in my thing, they involved my father and local Nov mesto police  - they threatened me on how I will be thrown out in the future if I would ever dare to have one in the room...
So come and get it :)))))

Instead of much wanted Kremlin's "pardon procedure", Putan Putanwich gets middle finger in his face from abducted Ukrainian prisoner who prefers death over murderous regime that have murdered already tens of millions of Ukrainians in most horrific ways imaginable

Ukrainian film director Oleg Sentsov's kidneys and heart are failing, but spirit (mind) not.
Economic sanctions against Russia must be intensified, so Crimea and Donetsk are returned back under Ukrainian state. No place for fascism/nazism(HIDING BEHIND RED STAR - RED COATED KREMLIN'S GESTAPO) from which Russian state is suffering today because of Kremlin. Europe must not give in the new Soviet past. Those in Western Europe and USA who support current Russian regime, should be charged with espionage and jailed(IT DOESN'T MATTER IF YOUR LAST NAME IS TRUMP, BUSH. OR MCCAIN - TRAITOR IS A TRAITOR).

Friday, June 22, 2018

I will flood streets with truth and courts with legal claims

No such thing as Serboslavia again.
Serbia is today what neonazi Germany was. 
Lets meet some people in person...will go to Ljubljana and Zagreb....Slovenian Serbochetniks have under MKultra orchestrated total lunacy in Novo mesto, but not in here mentioned towns.
They(together NOVO MESTO POLICE) dragged me to Qlandia under MKULTRA and were depicting me to local people as NEONAZI - warning whoever passed bye about me - more to terrorize me in respect to what you see here will take that to make any real difference.

My bank account is now changed

Bank deposit(proffered method):
  Bank name(ime banke): Banka Intesa Sanpaolo d. d.
 IBAN(številka računa): si56 101000056874393
                 SWIFT: BAKOSI2X
               My name: Boštjan Avsec
My Address(moj naslov): Krka 1
                                                   8000 Novo mesto
                                                   Tel. +38669681340

Yugo fuhrer Borut Pahor promised me in advance  to block all bank transactions in you see youtube video counters just as dailymotions and rutube are also blocked big time...not easy situation, but lets hope one will change.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

CHILDREN AND ADULTS CAGED ON SOUTHERN US BORDER IS A NEW NORMAL(Canadian north, however, suffers from shoe smuggling): Trump continues to mislead over border crisis, says facilities are 'the nicest'

There is something else Trump does....

He also keeps attention away from Ukraine and has done so far with his Russian buddy Poroshenko less than nothing to assist one(individual is a traitor to American and Ukrainian people).

UKRAINIAN "PRISONERS" OF CHOICE(basically regular people hijacked by Putan Putanowich that are used to swap real Moscow terrorists cought in Ukraine) SENT TO SIBERIAN GULAGS FOR OVER 100 YEARS ALREADY

I understand Stalin was mean, but uncle Putin is a little beat iller, "you will freeze working in Siberian gulag while we will watch soccer games".
Little hope for hijacked Ukrainian journalist who found himself in occupied portion of Ukraine across the night...bears and freezing temperatures are his regular company now(he became a citizen of Sybifreezia)...
His only friend are now warm hearts of Russian people(they are good people - they really are) who find themselves often beaten up if demonstrating against Kremlin.