Sunday, October 24, 2021

Last directed energy attack on me was part of British special ops test since 2001 a personal gig of prince Phillip who always was military enthusiast

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NOT MY PRESIDENT AND NEVER EVER WAS: George Bush who became personal assistant of Vladimir Putin in United States of America(his waiter) INSISTED for me to marry in 2004(conditioned me stay in USA) one of Fidel Castro's femle in Miami

Vladimir Putin has on pick of his power across USA guaranteed me in fact, I will marry Cuban female associated with KGB - George Bush presented under MK Ultra torture circumstances in my face entire pallet of KGB Fidel Castro associated females from Cuban underground intelligence. Either this or you will be thrown out of USA where life was already completely trashed since day 1 of my arrival - its why I wondered idiotic words of delusional George Bush(how much more could it be !!????)

Don't come here

 I told you and Kate already in 2017 there is nothing for you here left a n respect to "friendship" - there never was actually 

Saturday, October 23, 2021

To go into grave with Jaga Baba insanity follows me arround next to marrow bone cancer radiation

Clearly lunacy surrounds me - this lunacy brought individual who was hospitalized next to me inside of Ljubljana Polje and involved in my MK Ultra case into mindless crime against his own mother who was just as in my case instructed by psychiatrists and police on how to corner him to obtain for system desired results. 
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To go flash someone before his eyes to go pickup mushrooms with Yaga Baba in situation as is mine as is an insane as it gets. It goes beyond border like insanity which in this case absorbed from me 28 years of life for psychiatrists' play with sanity. THIS CASE CLEARLY IS USED TO POINT OUT PUTIN AND HIS CREW ON HOW IS SAFE AND REWARDING TO ENGAGE IN EXTERMINATION AS LONG AS ONE FOLLOWS RULES OF BIGGER DOGS.

@Slovenskemu narodu - poglejte kje se nahajamo po osaosvojitvi oziroma kaj Evropska unija nam dokazuje zavoljo Putina in zločincev kova Milana Kučana, Slavoja Žižka, Pahorja in ostalih udbovcev. Mar ne vidite da nas pobijajo kot narod v lastni državi 30 let po osamosvojitvi in to preko Evropske Unije - preko Evropskega sodišča za človeške pravice !!????

Related to US president like no other. Involved against me along Putin(for Putin's sake) for no less than 28 years.

Everything is my case that is happening have happened against me via black American community on behalf of their

 masters from London/Berlin and Washington DC who compensated them for kill based on human rights crimes and lies against me really really well. Just so you know about IMPERIAL UNCLE TOMS. This is the #1 reason for everything that have happened against me in USA and were the first to collaborate with Russians in war against Slovenia for the sake of Putin(he had USSR idea at the time) under MK Ultra. They did this and they need to pay for their crimes against humanity also in respect to WWII past as they breached all ethics world fought for during WWII. IMPERIAL UNCLE TOMS MUST PAY THE PRICE NEXT TO THEIR MASTERS !!!

ADDICTED TO TRASH/TOXIC POISON: It is SAD to observe young European people to reach out inside of the trash bins in search for their hope day after day - because this is what European Union became due to its expansion where Germans no longer need to worry about others' opinion outside of the box(outside of EU)

NEW EUROPE FUR DIE WELT - FOR BETTER AND WORSE(is there like tomorrow ?)
Its just a 24/7 German news(modified and prepared for Germany only - totally non relevant to the rest of us) delivered to us who have become in this trash bin a observers of opportunities(lies) and is becoming worse and worse by the day because of GREAT COLONIAL PLAN - idea is to push through one many of you to other continents in search for more and more trash till we all eat one another and only few selected stay around.

Got another 3 HOURS OF SLEEP attack for which I was told could be my last related to marrow cancer in form of health recovery was insisted under MK Ultra will be case for the sake of my royal title

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@Ursula von der Leyen(GERMAN TRASH NOBODY AND NOTHING) - that you who was a regular nobody and got everything in life through me would let them know in London to stop procedure in case I would bitch against you !!!????? Huh !!???? Okay okay - there is no "yes mam" in this case for one thing unlike you presented dude with whom you believe will make impression on me in 2017.

Not a single one - ZEROS

Germans, British, nor French legion(only in movies), not Soviets or Americans and all others along them have had a single battalion as those from Slovenia during WWII 

Our Slovenian people who lived homeless in freezing snowed hills to retaliate night and day for occupation during WWII, pride themselves when compared to others on never surrendering weapons in hands of the neonazi enemy. Short 10 day war for Slovenian independence in 1991 was not the first Slovenian war(and to tell you the truth, some of us wished for one to escalate far beyond regardless - you know every here and then you have remember to know). Nowhere in the world have Germans suffered losses equal to those in Slovenia. The only place worst even than eastern front where all that mattered even if loosing finger(s) in a single day due to frost temperatures is where our partisans slept was that Germans counted corpses in their lines same day - its why Germans took on Slovenian civilians(women, children elderly) were hiding behind civilian hostages.

@Black Lies Maters(imperial servants) - Just so you know from where/who !!! 

News about march of global neonazism which I insisted on throughout entire Trump's presidency appears is making its comeback with what some see as Donald Trump's 2024 elections and Joe Biden's presidency for whom I claimed prior to becoming US president what scenario will be with him

Despite my posting yesterday unique to this news site news "if not"  as brainwashed under MK Ultra, some insist on my previous news in respect to neonazi Irish terrorist which took from Donald Trump as US president in 2021.

NEW/NEU: 100 x times worse than a nazism is all new AmeroBritish German uncle Tom's imperialism - to murder/plunder through human rights / black race alone

 Yes !!???? Yes yes....feminism Angela Merkel's way and black rights matters and gay right matters etc. and universal declaration of human rights under act I see/hear whatever I want to see/hear and murder(let rotten in pain and in vain) whatever/WHEREVER WHENEVER I feel needs to be murdered so I can progress my agenda - well, lets see how that will go.

I absolutely have nothing against above mentioned groups, but I pledge to destroy their corrupt ethics along masters they serve to against core principles of human beings - society.

It was three hours of sleep inside of my room today and my falling on floor three times before being capable to go on about the day

 Sharp as if with laser cut through bones pain surrounded with spasms - body sweat - took me 20 minutes to gather enough strength to go on about day today. And just as was promised case will be. Mother and father discussed as I finally managed to approach(all recorded) the deaths of my family members -  I never ever mentioned to any of the two(incl. today) anything about what goes on in respect to my health because the two demonstrated all along nothing but problems fro  MK Ultra scenarios. 

@Norwegian crown - what did you start to fantasize in 2015 that I caused you harm and deserve to die AND EVEN DEMANDED FROM ME TO BETRAY MY OWN PEOPLE AFTER BLAMING ME I BETRAYED YOU

 for my wrongdoings/damage to you personally !!????

Never understood why they referred to them as vaulters, comedores de carroña , carroñeros, scavengers

Google appears translates "scavengers/ vaulters" according to its own views as it appears they knew this issue will arise in my case. I had to enter word in foreign language to get wanted result as seen above in English language - its real appears on my desktop as you see on here...

TO SET RECORD STRAIGHT: Conor McGregor kept bringing(flying) me to Rome with sole disco dancing purpose - its where he shined and have next to some chick banged also some Italian or two on his noses without having to respond to police for a single scratch since he had me next to him

But main idea of Conor McGregor's clashes with otherwise very gutsy Italians who had a lot to tell also with fists in face of drugged up myself was concentrated on obtaining special favors from them in return for stated here - favors in return for his precious delivery to Rome from Italians and future myself  as he insisted me have banged this one and that one on nose for me his whereabouts to Rome's night life went on since 2010, but since 2012 he shifted to fifth gear in respect to Rome/Napoli's night life disco dancing scene....went on till one was stopped by top Italian government which no longer could handle 

Friday, October 22, 2021

Phone pouch is chopped inside too

Last night's stay(overnight sleep) inside of the room next door DUE TO DIRECTED ENERGY ATTACKS resulted in my father's chopping me last set of original Wiko Y60 headphones(the third headset)

My father was known as mentally ill men among his coworkers throughout entire stay at Krka pharmaceutical where he claimed others caused him damage. Known for stressing his issues in form of violence against me and my mother for whom I can say is guilty for my problems just as much as he is, people such as police and psychiatrists have instead of assisting one with proper guidance used his illness for advantage in crime against me. So not his fold all in all. I just realized have left telephone pouch in other room and thats that. 10 Euros gone. NOT HIS FOLD. Related to
Clearly pilled off wire....

As far as Afterlife people - people officially gone with newly issued gov. ids

 Once pronounced as dead, DO NEVER EVER approach to me anywhere near as if you do I will consider you as direct life threat of highest possible degree. There is none and there never ever will be an exception to this rule. 

German government invested in Cuba through me into real estate worth probably in billions - through me and that includes top German officials(likely Angela Merkel's worth $500.000 residence) purchased in 2005

Canadian translates also London royals and Trump and so know $$$$ Best kept secret till well - tonight ;) 

If I take my time, I can demonstrate you where Angela's residence in Havana is - know what one looks like(white modern building). That much for MK Ultra on Cuba....

ABOUT ME, FIDEL CASTRO, AND HIS BROTHER OR HOW I WAS BROUGHT TO CUBA THEN CALLED TRAITOR BY CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY: When in Miami, job corps head begun to wave me in my face UDBA KGB file in Miami after I disagreed being discriminated against my nationality religion race in 1996

Video can be also seen at 

Perhaps Canadians can elaborate on this very information as they had me on board when travelling to Cuba to Havana as one of the first from West....

Weather modification and paranoia life patters play what effect on you

Video can be also seen at 

PUTIN IS RIGHT, BUT: Putin says Western military backing of Ukraine threatens Russia

But Russia's backing of Putin for me to finish above line is a threat to the world and Russia must understand stated here. 

@Ukraine - US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin who participated in MK Ultra(met Russians and myself in this house) was and is very elegant individual who, however, is a multimillionaire republican and problem with one could be that first part of the sentence - very elegant man with title "US Defense Secretary". I am saying this because he made a very good impression on me as far as paying visits to Ukraine accenting how one is in need of military assistance(I couldn't agree more with one and I thank him for it), but sometimes elegant men are placed on positions to distract with reality. All am saying is don't get too cozy with it and keep alert despite his presence on the stage. Finally keep in mind, US president in the moment is American democrat(compare this to 2014 Crimean Barack Obama as president and republican Chuck Hagel as acting defense secretary) and that makes possible screw-up situation 50/50 as per whose fold.

ps. he told me has daughters and took me to his place Thomasville in Georgia too and told me has a two daughters. The thing is, I haven't seen a single info on internet about his daughters.

NIH Admits to Funding Gain-of-Function Research in Wuhan, Says EcoHealth Violated Reporting Requirements

I told you(and pointed out few proves) I was brought under MK Ultra to Wuhan by US Government - Donald Trump in fact. 


Serbian chetnik Milorad Dodik insists on new war in Bosnia - demands termination of Bosnian state for the sake of great Serbia

Serbian chetniks and their UDBA associates used to call us Slovenes, Croats and finally Bosnians as those wouldn't agree to complete wipe-out behind barbwire(Bosnia was the last one Serbian tanks roamed over with Balkan war which they declared against 4 "brotherly" nations) a "separatists" and "nationalists" - after committing most horrendous crimes against humanity, they now plan on yet another act of separatism for the sake of greater Serbia. Dodik's calls for new Balkan war were preceded by remaining fraction of UDBA from Slovenia
Related also to - Serbian play with refugees on Croatian and Bosnian territories.

Michaela ;p Jackson was involved in MK Ultra with also her brother Prince and rebel Blaaannnkkkit;p=)

Rate her horror story as positive.

Ohhh no !!! 

Heavily abused and lost innocence under the shower and now I will tell the truth to the world and everybody will listen to me...

Hutchins, 42 and Souza, 48 whom Baldwin(involved in MK Ultra since 1995) apparently shot on movie set were ultra violent thugs

They harassed, intimidated me next to Baldwin on multitude of occasions. And so I am not too much surprised Western style end took place on a magic ranch - if it did happen in reality and not in main stream media only that is 

Got 8 hours of quality sleep outside of my room

Sleeping in another room is what again resulted in. With zero pain in legs.

My niece bagged in Slovenia on knees Ursula von der Leyen on multitude of occasions for causing me problems

 Whenever she was present on her knees literately. Niece knees sorts of rhymes together. Her name is also Ursula if translated from Slovenian. Ursula Pigeon and also Veber since marriage. Two happy Ursulas.

"IF NOTHING": Direct recolonization plan of African continent accordion to BritoAmeroGermanRussoChinese pact now POSTPONED ONLY

If "nothing"(they got from my side beyond their wildest dreams, but for them who know price of everything and value of nothing, everything is  nothing - I cite Serbian Aleksandar Vućič, "you gave them whole world on the plate and they treat you this way imagine we...." - Vućič in this case was 100% correct) then will "defend" Taiwan - Joe Biden's personal words to me.

I did this by exposing REAL DEAL BEHIND TAIWAN (Hong Kong and Taiwan was a precondition from Chinese side for colonization agenda with West just as Russian Crimea and Donetsk from Russian side) as main sentence is listed at I cite:

As far as Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos only that two in 2018 didn't feed me with ice cream only, but that they had me inside of some meeting room at probably Musk's residence where I was demonstrated South Africa with country with over 200 million people already - extorted me to either run racial war against blacks or let title fall in hands of Donald Trump with on their mind how I should have advantage since I have seniority in war against blacks due to cause which I ran for the sake of white minority in South Africa where exposing genocide against one... 

Thursday, October 21, 2021

US Government commenced with nazi brainwash already in 1995(after two visits to Europe) by involving top American nazis in one and top German government took me in 1995 across the border even to Denmark

 where Gauck was. For a visit to neonazi Gerhard Lauck with whom as well as with others I never ever wanted to have anything to do with in real time. Not 1996 as I initially thought, but already even in 1995 therefore. German and American governments along Buckingham palace DEMANDED from me a nazism as the one and only acceptable option. I did stopped at local employment office in Miami already in 1995 - not 1996. Not to work as was told yet, but to get information about work on what first job in early 1996 at Publix along America Job Corps commenced which was everything except job - head of the group held according to him my entire dossier from Slovenia previously known Yugoslavia and waved me in face with one(bullied me) - it was first moment of real insanity I experienced in USA alone. UDBA UDBA and Ruskies AND IMMEDIATE WAR RESPONSE(I told them in the face on a second or third day of work, they are over with even with assistance of Americans on US soil) TO ALL OF THEM FROM MY SIDE IN SUNNY MIAMI, FLORIDA USA.

Got another three hours of sleep on what I barely got up(pick myself up on feet) with spasms in fit which reminded me of thesis under MK Ultra how muscles can tear apart

 and I could die. Hear some machines outside for which I was told will remind me of "die" - farmer next door involved in MK Ultra, so its not a secret about what goes on with Mr. Aleško Hojs, Slovenian police and others from ministry for interior. I was told case will be with me.

Its different than in Poland where Pollack from Canada whose friend was even Canadian PM(and royals), have used on me as roommate weapon which made veins twist all over legs - extremely painful procedure, but this is just as Ursula von der Leyen stated me will be -  unbearable.

Finally the probability my WANTING TO BECOME MK ULTRA PIGLET used to earn billions through proving case as real in minds of those(WASHINGTON, LONDON AND BERLIN) who created Musk/ Bezos/ Trumps and others

 as is as big as Jews and others(Slovenians were there too just for me to remind you as Germans had them displaced all over German and also inside of Polish concentration camps - nazis murdered 6.5% of Slovenian population during WWII) wanting to become humans on whom Joseph Mengele experimented on during WWII ;) 

@Black LIES matter - In post WWII legacy when other nations and races built their well being for the sake of better world through work and solidarity, you have instead relied again more and more on those who attempted to wipe us all out. And as your poverty exploded throughout African continent and similar followed your path to wherever you found yourself at, your masters found even the way to expand through you to otherwise unlikely countries and continents - in this case as you both hoped for through an individual like myself in the name of human rights you both praise so much. You are disgrace for human race next to your masters. 

This whole thing was financed against me by London and German state via Washington DC

They earned lots of "bloody money" for which I paid for with my own pain. Pain which went on sale once money was earned in a form of payback to black civil rights groups and/if/or better than black civil rights option, portion of bloody money would become open as an option to those willing to recolonize next to Aryans a black African continent. It could be like this or it could be like that system.

After "war with Russia", Germany commenced through me war with blacks(HELTER SKELTER TIME) inside of this very residence in Novo mesto

Some blacks(world of celebrities) Obama Tyson etc. alike were filthy corrupt and other side mentally ill - both groups of blacks, however, a necessary part of German exit politics for which sake Ursula Von Der Layen hoped for I would end as extremist again.

It was Ursula von der Leyen for whom I was told from Slovenian side is mentally ill and if not acknowledging one as such, I will be the one who will bare problems for everything done to me. I agree

Through wars West played against Russians through to me to fully racial war - pathos they created in both groups(Russians and blacks).

As far as Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos only that two in 2018 didn't feed me with ice cream only, but that they had me inside of some meeting room at probably Musk's residence where I was demonstrated South Africa with country with over 200 million people already - extorted me to either run racial war against blacks or let title fall in hands of Donald Trump with on their mind how I should have advantage since I have seniority in war against blacks due to cause which I ran for the sake of white minority in South Africa where exposing genocide against one...

This is why Ursula von der Leyen had on her mind all the time "they will...they" and a warm German advises for me in respect to issues which German government and London have empowered those with with whom one wage through me war respect to above stated, I add word "CRIMINALLY" to insane. Done in real time under MK Ultra participant now US Democratic president Joe Biden hahaha - more like a nazi demon who also loos like one. 

Was told under MK Ultra when subjected to radiation in the his very room that

 One can have muscles torn appart - American psych.  Daniel Smith Rex. This is how painful this is. This individual was also up to no good - on opportunity I told American filth(all of them) to no longer come to Slovenia. This individual shares fold for 2012 psychiatric hospitalisation in a great way. Torture in which Americans engaged in this house  at times  in respect to pain, exceeded one in Guantanamo. Bush claimed it's easy related to natural cause can't be proven as such in case of death would be hospitalised prior to death etc...that much about bad luck follow one around. They did this for Russia blacks involved in it raged in anger and sworn done in the name of their rights, butm initiators were are from Berlin and London - those purchased blacks and stimulated Russians in crime for the sake of $$$$$ used them as an excuse for old German lie 

Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Torture at partisan memorials was commenced in Slovenia when brought for the first time from USA under MK Ultra on the first day by local state owned employment agency

 On first day which I remember clearly when brought to Novo mesto city, I was assaulted physically already by local employment agency staff which insisted me years ahead of this event to marry daughter of local private company owner Jože Črtalič affiliated to Serbia via his wife - head of this employment office gang was Matjaž Verbič whose violence consequently led to torture at partisans' memorials either as an excuse or what most likely was man task of the group - war against Slovenian independence for the sake of second Yugoslavia. This is how issue with nazism commenced in my case Once violence against me exploded in Slovenia, Slovenians involved in violence against me begun to bag American side and insist on how it will not work if only they will perform violence against me - Slovenes bagged for violence American side till 1997. My neighbor Berger can confirm just stated here. Appears for Slovenian side to suffer from real nazi issues in my case far more than American which had to catch step with one per agreement with Russia despite my officially not being here since 1995.

There is only one thing I learned from Bush and other elite involved in this case

Thats how to see a terrorists through eyes of a human being. Something I knew nothing about prior meeting you guys through worst nightmares in which I lost 28 years of life. Please in respect to Mauritius etc. - wonder not about me as per how I see you as - what I want to do with you all.


MK ULTRA - FACTS: Just as "newly retired" Mike D’Andrea who ran CIA operations remotely, now "JAILED" Alexei Navalny ran Vladimir Putin's covert operations against me in the background next to Germans and Putin alone

Newly "retired" Mike D’Andrea who had me in Mauritius in his private residence(wife's house) about 30 minutes from Grand Bassin's lake.

I was for the first time on Mauritius in 1998 with ROYALS and entire Trump circus as well as Western investment delegation and then with another American government official in year 1998 for which Mike D’Andrea knew not when he met me in 2003 - US and UK Western economic circus delegation would stop going in there in meanwhile....this was a bit sturdier white American government official with whom I would already pay visitations to Mauritius about year before Mike D’Andrea finally paid me real attention. I mean while, I paid visitation on many occasions throughout years with others of which Thomson couple from Florida might have also been the case. Alexandra falls remind of Alexandra I met again in Budapest in 2017 who was on Mauritius - in MK Ultra prior to 2000...

Trump demanded from me in 1998 to lobby for him as much as possible on this tiny island infront of royals as he claimed was lagging behind with his investments in respect to good deals !!! HE BECOME HIS WHOLE TRUMPETING ON THIS ISLAND - WANTED AT LEAST TO GO LARGE, BUT HAVE NO CLUE HOW FAR HE MADE IT.

EUROPEAN UNION CULMINATED INTO COMPLETIONS OF GENOCIDE COMPLAINS AGAINST OWN CITIZENS INSIDE OF THE MICROWAVE OWENS THANKS TO GERMAN GREATNESS: Sleep deprived waking up in unbearable pain consuming loads of food to get going somehow spine broken cancer blown and reset reset reset over and over from beginning

 with thoughts on 28 years of torture in respect to complain and writing one over and over again because each time like this you need to vent take time away from complain or go mad and then rturn to read one over and again - since 2007 when I was accused in the face to be even traitor before I landed with car almost dead in place called Hell if translated from Slovenian with brand new tires replaced with old warn out tires etc...Its a process that can go one for years before can be completed if ever at all. 

@Bundestag and London

I am certain(and finally) that as civilized as you are as leaders of your nations, this complain of mine which you craved for all these years as you repeatedly accented me for over two and half decades is not pleasant task for me to complete and would like to do so as fast as possible(nobody wants as you insist through murderous even sleep deprivation methods to go over one again and again) according to my own standards despite you accented through MK Ultra rage yours.

I was asked repeatedly when in US and whenever brought back to Slovenia as per why I didn't want to stay here

 Its because life was and remains as a road to nowhere - regardless.

CASE OF GERMAN MONEY: Money settlement in respect to this case will stay on the West till Slovenian nation the least proves to be nation for criminals on the West get trialed respectively to laws there

Video can be also seen at

As far as myself, this is the case clearly about discrimination(racism) and not as American psychologist Daniel Smith gestured "biggest disparity ever"(shit wrapped in cellophane paper words). Till justice is served through law enforcement to parties involved foremost on the West, I do not want any financial settlements - will not accept one(will commit suicide before accepting one for you to understand I wrote this)


Painful in particular radiation day not sleep - German Ursula von der Leyen told me to buy anti radiation fabric for good night sleep next to threats on how I will not be capable to sleep due to overwhelming pain in lower legs area

Video can be also seen at 
Aleš Hojs, however, is with his criminal conduct a poster boy for Serbian UDBA make no mistake about it - using same concept of arrogance with idea to have Slovenia destroyed as Janez Janša - is murdering native Slovenian and using so called leftists(its how UDBA human flash melting machine solicits people in their lines - on one side using open violence through own individual who supposedly represents opposite interests and other openly protesting one but for other reasons) as the only option who is openly opposing one. This also explains that entire Slovenian politic beginning with so called conservatives or pro Slovenian independence politicians is as hollow as it gets - based on lies(leftists are not leftists either, but chetniks hiding behind communist signs). Indifferent from situation in Yugoslavia.

There was no problem for Ursula von der Leyen(creating problems that is as its what whole thing ever was from German side) since American side was also involved in it. Attack are done on me through Slovenian police. 

I got today three hours of sleep during complain writing procedure.

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

War with Iran coming as next

Mike D’Andrea will run one(nah, going nowhere - will have instead free hands in respect to total privacy is why), make no mistake about it, from rear 

How was it when I US citizen was brought to Slovenia from USA for 13 years on the row for MK Ultra torture and where Western Eastern politicians met(inside of our house literately) and how was it once I immigrated from USA due to complete denial of the right to work as part of agreement they reached with one another, back to Europe and was then for 14 years instead brought from Europe into homes of closest Putin's KGB criminals for torture on USA soil who in mean while purchased private properties in United States of America

 you can imagine yourself. Photo of Deripaska(KGB assassin) tells all. Next too, you can also imagine the type of the country United States of America was/is and will remain - not KGB's fault. If someone would say to me as "unethical", I would laugh at one just as Vladimir Putin did at me. Used for 28 years of torture primarily on behalf of West(100% USA) and on recommendation/plea from Russia, however, I did managed to prove that two systems collaborated with one another FROM THE TOP closer than what anyone would dare to give credit for in his/her wildest dreams and have both signed mutual contracts in red ink on US as well as UK soils(and in Germany, Canada etc.) to which  specially graves of Russian defectors witnesses ,)

Belgian throne and my MK Ultra taste for one according to psychiatric clinic Ljubljana Polje

Video can be also seen at 

This also was the news that horrified Norwegian royals and scared away from me much of them for the most part as was told....

@Ursula von der Leyen - lets set record straight on HISTORY REPEATS ITSELLF


Because of your very special German historical status(DEGENERATED PORTION OF SOCIETY IN ONE THAT RESULTED IN FLAMES AND SMOKE ALL OVER THE EUROPE TIME AND AGAIN), European nations should have choice to free European Union from one. 

When it comes to European Union, Its not about Poland not Czech republic or Italy or France or whomever where you lobby today to hide crime against me personally - its about your neonazi appetites which Western Europe managed to push somehow under the rug(hide shame and pain that you caused as a nation to entire world not only to Europe) upon end of the WWII with creation of economic union known as European Union. Union which once expanded enough toward east, you have again begun to OPENLY abuse for your pre WWII neonazi interests - thus pushing apart from goodwill of European nations which pressed after WWII for your disgrace sake into one.

Related to 

Monday, October 18, 2021

REAL WHY: How royals apologized to me in end of 1999 for Harry William unruly behavior and such

I do like to know how much did Angela Merkel pocket from this case - not only about Ursula von der Leyen. Didn't know that "you want Russian money, but not Russian people" would become used as an payment option - excuse given to me in the face even in this very room years latter after mobsters pocketed money - basically feed Russian mafia with it according to royals from London.
Video can be also seen at
Mogoče pa hočem Ruski denar toliko da sem pripravljen danes zdesetkat Slovensko prebivalstvo in si s tem pridobiti ljubezen Ruskega naroda heh !!????? Kaj so hoteli povedat Londonski "prijatelji" doma na zahodu in celo v Sloveniji med svojimi obiskovanji z svojimi zahodnimi predvsem Ameriškimi in nemškimi kolegi !!????? 


To clarify death of Mr. David Amess

He stood up for me by repeatedly reminding me when subjected to MK Ultra of financial oaths royals have made to me - did so behind their back till caught. Then he had to perform under MK Ultra on their behalf to me "this and that", but he will remain top honorable man in my eyes because he loved me. 

Sunday, October 17, 2021

Western main stream media royalism and criminal degeneration of one because of which I lost 28 years of life

Video can be also seen at

LOSS ALWAYS WAS THE VICTORY TILL: The more painful the loss was to them throughout the process, the more acid response prepared in advance for brainwashed public(I bet) followed via their delicious main stream media reality

As I stated - they target button of the bottom of society. 

Black LIES MATTER and decapitation of American bill of rights - murder of constitutional republic

Video can be also seen at

YES: Meghan Merkle was a lovely girl in 1999 at university campus in Illinois

Video can be also seen at
Harry and Meghan Merkle knew each other since 1997 - not as Katie Couric claimed 2016 

Saturday, October 16, 2021

Timothy Trespas and lonely troubled Dubliner Fred also involved in MK Ultra

Another poisonous EMF radiation smart watch arrives from Ali-express

Video can be also seen at 
"My boy are you alright"(2003) was followed soon by "they will destroy you"(2004) on what "you will get help from Belarus"(2005) and finally "you failed we had to make deal with them to help you out"(2015) 


Kdor komu jamo koplje sam vanjo pade. 
Do you see now how far love for Putinism brought you !!???? I was a bad evil man Putin needed for assault on nation which personally cheered one till 2014(Ukraine) and as you see yourself Russians alone 

Russia exceeds 1,000 daily COVID deaths for first time 

WHEN LEFT WITH NO FURTHER LIES, ITS A MURDER: Assassination of David Amess(R. I. P. - GB's best of the best)

After Cox's murder, parliamentary spending on MPs' personal security rose from under £200,000 to £4.5 million in two years.[4]

Compared to

Many have speculated on the total security costs for Harry and his family, ranging from as low as $1.7 million to as high as $30 million. 

Friday, October 15, 2021

To turn my room into lab - microwave and play God / save me as was told under MK Ultra(job at US company) is a no no and I explained concept to S. Kurz and Ursula already in 2010 when they gestured would take care my money

both refused to take polite "no" as an no answer from me.

I am somehow not excited to serve Germans state/ London and US as an EXPERIMENT ANIMAL ANY LONGER

Its understandable to me now what goes on

Related to

Need to know financial status in detail of Ursula von der Leyen as there is no such thing as "us working together" as was told in 2015 when economic war on Croatia started

Related to 

I know I am, but there is no such thing as "us", so I need to know how she is worth - London jump started her(she was nothing and nobody till got in this case on what they all got idea perhaps would get instead of me as it appears to me) as was told by Buckingham palace "to help me"

Something little about her husband from Wikipedia who is Medical Director of the USA biotech company Orgenesis which is specialized in cell and gene therapies - who in 1998 became Adjunct Professor of Internal Medicine and Experimental Cardiology(this explains a lot what I am dealing with and why sleep deprivation radiation food poisoning etc. no !!???)...

@Psychiatric Hospital Ljubljana Polje

Why was I compelled to meet these people in person next to your psychiatric staff members and visit Kosovo !!????? AND PARTICIPATE FILMING OF SEEN HERE DOCUMENTARY. WHY !!???? 

What was your real objective(goal you hoped will accomplish) in MK Ultra involvement !!?????
Many of parts in documentary were filmed already in 2013 not as date suggests(unless rehearsed).

The one who encouraged human slaughter in Bosnia and Croatia was Slovenian government which repeatedly brought me to Serbia and Serbian part of Bosnia for torture

 Here is Slovenian guy look - do as pleased with him. So how not if they can do stuff as pleased with individual who is Slovenian citizen(EU) and with US citizenship....why not with Croats and Bosnians. 

@Dnevnjak who had me next to many videos if not all - you knew absolutely everything 

UDBA boy Janez Janša became in his war efforts against Slovenia now even openly Anti Semite - did nothing but shadowed me persecution wise as was used for by Milan Kučan/Borut Pahor's team and instigated in(depicted tiny Slovenian natives with arrogant discriminatory view toward those whom we Slovenes in actuality suffer genocide from even in independent Slovenia - Serbs and Russians) false idea about Slovenia

@Janez Janša - and where your sense for Israeli friendship now Mr. Janša !!???? You spoke different when in Israel meeting Netanyahu, so what changed so much ever-since !!???? 

I demand from German government to arrest Ursula von der Leyen

 I explained well - she has ownership in those companies located in Serbia as she stated in 2017 at least in two

Ursula von der Leyen who had me in Serbia where Germans(I understand she has fingers already personally in some of these companies - shares ownership) opened companies as well beginning 2013, referred to this very torture procedure as TO TEACH ME WHAT TO EAT, WHEN TO SHIT, AND WHEN TO SLEEP

It will be either pomegranate apples or death according to her hehehehe.

Here is where they have me - inside on here(its what my room is)


@Aleš Hojs - what happened again last night !!????

 You appears have failed again sir - . Super powerful directed energy attacks appear to have less and less effect on me despite your insane attitude to follow authorizations of your Western masters - basically everything they demanded to be implemented against me on behalf of Moscow and Belgrade. you are a filthy rotten traitor - disgrace to word Slovenian. 

Borut Pahor failed YET AGAIN - this time with ultra violent car parts shop almost next door(Bartog d.o.o. PE Novo mesto) - must note than Harald V of Norway INVESTED MONEY IN THIS VERY COMPANY IN 2003 OR SO - These people, however, were involved in torture longer even prior with old store there

 King Harald V of Norway who knew all about torture inside of this very store have a lots of

questions to answer, but today's technical car examination, didn't go through as many anticipated - with street fight. Store so violent that shift supervisor involved in MK Ultra since 1998 gestured would probably have to close store down, but thats all according to him. Mitja - local mechanic who was selected by police to take care father's car(have 

Thursday, October 14, 2021

@Billie Eilish - they are extremely "normal" as you know since 2015(they had you along lobby for them)

 In 1998 William and Harry were stunned when Grandma and father discussed in front of them 50 billion Dollars(I suppose not Euros or Pounds - most certainly not Pounds) which would pure into my fund from Great Britain alone. Then kids in 1999 begun to severally harass all 

Norwegian King Harald V of Norway comes every year to Slovenia for chestnut

 Claimed me one is full of worms in Scandinavia, but I think he is just full of s****. Loves to travel and eat one in nature, drink good wine next to friends and do business along the way. Doesn't come to Novo mesto any more, but instead has great friends in Slovenian Celje.  

MK Ultra chestnut the nut way the cancer way and its how THEY eat - TEST ANIMAL STUFF I TALKED TO YOU ABOUT IN 2010 WAS FACTUAL WITH EXACTLY ZERO ERROR(or slightest lie in it) ON MY PART

Video can be also seen at 
Norwegian king is not comparable according to my standards with Trump not Buckingham palace royals and well - remains my favorite Western royalty due to past(he had trouble with getting me in trouble which Buckingham palace dictated - refused as was told to do bad stuff to me which he did anyhow, and have insisted to rescue me is also what I was told)

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Shannen Doherty threatened me under MK Ultra with chemotherapy - your favorite Hollywood starts seems to have deeper than Hollywood mindset(do favors to politicians and royalties on the side and promote whatever views per US Government)

Appears to me were used just as another layer of firewall in this case counting on their supporters - counted on audience to see themselves in them rather than taking side with truth. Dwayne Johnson threatened with Instagram likes other with Facebook etc...hmmmm 

Ursula von der Leyen - President of the European Commission

What about your cancer instructions on how I have to seek cancer cure systematically based on whatever I feel is good and bad for me - likewise exercise in rain etc. !!???

@Police - my address is Krka 1 in Novo mesto, Slovenia and Boštjan Avsec is my name and this lady next to others poisoned with cancer per cancer and played under MK Ultra doctor good and evil. I am not aware that next to hijacking of American and Slovenian(EU) citizen for the sake of harrowing is legal.

Monday, October 11, 2021

@Ursula von der Leyen


REPEATED FROM THE OLD WORN-OUT HOOKER: Prince Williams scar of 2011 was caused by accident due my being frustrated with ongoing torture abuse just prior to departure


I cite Prince William upon return from whatever city, "I told you guys not to torture when I am near...I warned them to no longer torture that we stopped"...
Video can be also seen at 

City we were in 2011 was somewhere in US - Northeastern part of US / Boston, Philadelphia or whatever

REAPEATED @KATIE COURIC: Prince Harry was no addict but instead pro-calculated assassin killer cheapskate who enjoyed inflicting pain suffering just as his brother William


Video can be also seen at 

IMPERIAL PLAN(colonization era) MARCHES ON: USA also helped China trigger military for the sake of Taiwan occupation next to HMS Queen Elizabeth's carrier etc. - something every smaller nation should know about so called Western FREE world

Very helpful country this United States of America - no !!???? Its a knife in the back state just as United Kingdom, Germany etc. are. They need your obligation for trade with your enemies who are bigger is how it goes as everything and everyone is for sale on the West. Even you who is not in US or your country as not part of US....everything. Yah, Joe biden in making(saving the world).

We are now just waiting for US handing(called technically as "withdrawal") safely Taiwan to China basically and then Western "interventions" will follow somewhere in Africa. 

You know, Crimea/ Donetsk/ Hong Kong/ Taiwan/ free technology investments and then once all is fulfilled global imperial kaboom - hello new era of human slavery.

To be dead cancer wise is somewhat even acceptable(killed in this case, but still)

 to be anywhere these creatures is not.

MANIPULATOR Prince Harry FAKED incident in Nepal which supposedly left me one with bump on head BECAUSE of me

Have repeated and repeated incident to film one right under MK Ultra procedure over and over again and get me blamed for it KNOWING this very case will come out wanted to make look his brother William and himself as dignifying honorable noble even generous(F**** PARASITES) etc as much as possible at my expense. 

Not drug addict not alcoholic nor cigaretter nor does he had bump because of me - a manipulator yes, psychopathic liar yes, cheapskate is what motivated both kids(Harry and William) against me per prince Charles and Andrew who didn't feel should pay bills, and people who do stuff as seen on this news site are assassins - only serial killers enjoy torture in a way these people did. 

@Harry/William - Both of you are not even quarter man I was and am and you will never ever be for above matter. Regular entitled trash. That much for also "evaluation" you dreamed about along German Urser Leula von dyen I would see torture in Poland and upon return in Slovenia as(you trash remember what you dreamed about on how I should see future crime against me ? - well, here is a reminder and a thank you note)

It was expected of fellow soldiers, home-maid/home-staff/ babysitters and bodyguards for all to take guilt upon themselves for every fuckup two of you committed - well, I am not one of them. Grow the fuck up already both of you.

@KATIE COURIC: Prince Harry was no addict but instead pro-calculated assassin killer cheapskate who enjoyed inflicting pain suffering just as his brother William

Video can be also seen at 

FROM THE OLD WORN-OUT HOOKER: Prince Williams scar of 2011 was caused by accident due my being frustrated with ongoing torture abuse just prior to departure

I cite Prince William upon return from whatever city, "I told you guys not to torture when I am near...I warned them to no longer torture that we stopped"...
Video can be also seen at 

City we were in 2011 was somewhere in US - Northeastern part of US / Boston, Philadelphia or whatever

Sunday, October 10, 2021

Angela Merkel claimed me in 1997 and since that Germans love to play with sanity

 @Angela Merkel - you are no familiar, but instead pervert just as the rest of you in Bundestag. Sickos

I know so because I proudly say am feminist and feminism is in a need of support from real men. 

GERMAN PERVERSION: watered and rotten spinach, watered molded bred, molded watered cheese

And local psychiatrist Peter Laps who according to his words will have this and that to evaluate, but was making his own sickening shit in his head on what he presented one to Russian Western partners for the sake of $$$$$$ used clearly to murder anyone willing to interfere with "human rights issues" in respect to one

Saturday, October 9, 2021

First deputy head of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people in occupied by Russia portion of Ukraine, deemed by gangster Putan Putanowich as insane and had to visit psychiatrists for mental health evaluation

When Serbian serial killer chetnik Radovan Karadžić rated me as an insane under MK Ultra procedure, I

was a bit worried(specially after he reiterated is certified psychiatrist) till American psychologist told me its actually a really compliment every sane individual in this world would want...but when I consider prospects of help I got once actually institutionalized through Buckingham palace and Berlin(Washington DC)'s assistance as the only REAL help I ever got from them, I feel Mr. Nariman Dzhelyal should worry about. Killing of Ukrainian Tatars should worry international human rights trubunals, but it doesn't and dont ask why.



GERMANY ON hysterical(NOT HISTORICAL AS BRAINWASHED) INTERSECTION HAHAHAHA: Imperial 1999 global nazi deal goes on and they wanted me to see myself in at lest a bit more temporary hahahaha

Video can be also seen at

JOE BIDEN KNOWS: Another super strong directed energy attack on me October 10th 2021

Video can be also seen at 

From what I was told under MK Ultra, after attack I endured tonight - it should pass 5 days before my organism normalizes again for you to know what this looks like. Related to when ongoing pain(gone since Sept 23rd) went on in Slovenia for a year.

I was 16 days free from Achilles area pain and repeated same mistake from the past last night. Went from zero cancer issues to state of the impossible within 4 hours of "sleep"

Friday, October 8, 2021

For 27 years, Buckingham palace did nothing other than build through crime against me

 @USA - you borrowed me to very very wrong fellows is not okay. I know I have tremendous problem, but I at least understand one now as whole.

All the crime against me from West was directed at me by Buckingham palace and goes to 1995 - year when it all started

They build relations through backstabbing - betrayal. And murders/wars as final acts. 

I had no problem with other royals politicians other than that. No problems till shadow of the death(Windsors) positioned itself in between myself and entire world around me. Russian would have never ever acted as violent if it wasn't for Buckingham palace - they let all happen 

Sarah Ferguson compared herself with Tatiana(involved since 1995 and ended up dating her in real time - was Putin is team member) from Belarus - London criminals demanded for me to see myself in Andrew and Tatiana in Sarah Ferguson

 This is how far London clan came in respect to crime connecting Russia and myself. They acted like a

bridge using Russia and Poland for violence against  me while acting awkward stupid as if not knowing what went on and were just polishing relations between myself and Russian abuse(UDBA crime on behalf of Serbia) against me. As far as Poland, Andrew took Norwegian contract and awarded one to Poland despite my protests in 1995/ 1996. Londoners blocked Saudis and other billionaires willing to invest through me in industry - exhorted/dared them. Its a clan of assassins and its why I know that death in UK trace nowhere other than straight into Buckingham palace. My spine according to quite a few sources under MK Ultra had to be broken so I wold never made to trail Novo mesto - Sevnica. The one who financed crime was a Buckingham palace and Poland had no problem whatsoever to act as Guantanamo state withing EU as long as United Kingdom pays its all that matters is what I was even told. You see UDBA assassin next to Queen with your own eyes.