Tuesday, October 26, 2021

YES I DID: Donald Trump upon good night rest in our Novo mesto house accused me of being nasty to one after IDIOT CONSUMED ROTTEN POMEGRANATE APPLE

 Italians brought in 1998 fruit to Slovenia which never existed here before - pomegranate apples(Berlusconi did). Donald Trump, however, did not observed after consuming already for a while while preparing himself one the difference between rotten and normal fruit on what one got as he claimed, "terribly sick". It looked as someone poisoned poor guy on what I addressed(guy to whom I gave Melania's hand - he asked me if he can is why I say so) as idiot in the face infront of everybody. Yes neighbors did as they promised would and tried to plant me one as well and even I never consumed before any in my life in real life, it was evident what normal and what rotten was.Idiot is idiot and as they say in my country, "lošem kurcu svaka dlaka smeta"

He promised me retaliation for stated above and have instead searched just as others did for excuse concerning MK Ultra crimes against me. I was drugged up at the time of incident, but TIRED OF IDIOTS AND THEIR UNACCOUNTABLE CRIMES FOR WHICH EVERYBODY WAS GUILTY FOR - SAME SHIT AS WAS CASE WITH MY FATHER WHO CLAIMED HIS ENTIRE LIFE THAT MOTHER AND I ALONG COWORKERS WERE POISONING HIM AND HIDING HIM HIS THINGS....

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