Saturday, October 23, 2021

To go into grave with Jaga Baba insanity follows me arround next to marrow bone cancer radiation

Clearly lunacy surrounds me - this lunacy brought individual who was hospitalized next to me inside of Ljubljana Polje and involved in my MK Ultra case into mindless crime against his own mother who was just as in my case instructed by psychiatrists and police on how to corner him to obtain for system desired results. 
Video can be also seen at

To go flash someone before his eyes to go pickup mushrooms with Yaga Baba in situation as is mine as is an insane as it gets. It goes beyond border like insanity which in this case absorbed from me 28 years of life for psychiatrists' play with sanity. THIS CASE CLEARLY IS USED TO POINT OUT PUTIN AND HIS CREW ON HOW IS SAFE AND REWARDING TO ENGAGE IN EXTERMINATION AS LONG AS ONE FOLLOWS RULES OF BIGGER DOGS.

@Slovenskemu narodu - poglejte kje se nahajamo po osaosvojitvi oziroma kaj Evropska unija nam dokazuje zavoljo Putina in zločincev kova Milana Kučana, Slavoja Žižka, Pahorja in ostalih udbovcev. Mar ne vidite da nas pobijajo kot narod v lastni državi 30 let po osamosvojitvi in to preko Evropske Unije - preko Evropskega sodišča za človeške pravice !!????

Related to US president like no other. Involved against me along Putin(for Putin's sake) for no less than 28 years.

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