Saturday, October 23, 2021

It was three hours of sleep inside of my room today and my falling on floor three times before being capable to go on about the day

 Sharp as if with laser cut through bones pain surrounded with spasms - body sweat - took me 20 minutes to gather enough strength to go on about day today. And just as was promised case will be. Mother and father discussed as I finally managed to approach(all recorded) the deaths of my family members -  I never ever mentioned to any of the two(incl. today) anything about what goes on in respect to my health because the two demonstrated all along nothing but problems fro  MK Ultra scenarios. 

For this part, uncle billionaire Toms(colonial communist Rock Dwayne Johnson and Barack Obama - regular unconstitutional servants of imperialism under disguise of uncle Tom - just errand boys next to errand gals, sent by grocery clerks, to collect a bill under terms of different skin colors in the name of human rights their MAIN STREAM media praises so much) both promised me would be end dead if one would repeat again - in fact that this would serve as the last warning :)))) will have video for you

I also tend to keep my human face by pointing out whatever pertains to me - not assassination conspiracy theories pertaining to JF Kennedy with which Biden is trying to wash lie on behalf of West against me - fog me(involve me) into world of conspiracies next to lies one build against me for no less than 28 years to have case of their own 

I have in common with Lee Harvey Oswald just as with last year's snow - dude was a regular psychopath/terrorist in my eyes.

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