Thursday, October 21, 2021

MK ULTRA - FACTS: Just as "newly retired" Mike D’Andrea who ran CIA operations remotely, now "JAILED" Alexei Navalny ran Vladimir Putin's covert operations against me in the background next to Germans and Putin alone

Newly "retired" Mike D’Andrea who had me in Mauritius in his private residence(wife's house) about 30 minutes from Grand Bassin's lake.

I was for the first time on Mauritius in 1998 with ROYALS and entire Trump circus as well as Western investment delegation and then with another American government official in year 1998 for which Mike D’Andrea knew not when he met me in 2003 - US and UK Western economic circus delegation would stop going in there in meanwhile....this was a bit sturdier white American government official with whom I would already pay visitations to Mauritius about year before Mike D’Andrea finally paid me real attention. I mean while, I paid visitation on many occasions throughout years with others of which Thomson couple from Florida might have also been the case. Alexandra falls remind of Alexandra I met again in Budapest in 2017 who was on Mauritius - in MK Ultra prior to 2000...

Trump demanded from me in 1998 to lobby for him as much as possible on this tiny island infront of royals as he claimed was lagging behind with his investments in respect to good deals !!! HE BECOME HIS WHOLE TRUMPETING ON THIS ISLAND - WANTED AT LEAST TO GO LARGE, BUT HAVE NO CLUE HOW FAR HE MADE IT.

FIRST PLACE WAS THIS VERY place on what we would move to town all over city Bois Cheri and then also on other locations on way to Grand Boise where Trumpet again wanted to rule and ruled next to whatever was allowed one by royales from Londonia who purchased almost everything they saw - THEY OWNED A LOT ALREADY FROM THE PAST.

 Bellow is dude for whom I was told is Indian spy - 'The grim reaper for the enemy' as yahoo states not in real sense as deadly Iran Mike as depicted in article, but more because Mike's main specialty was to deceive spies with poster boys like myself through whom CIA engaged in Maruritius's racial tensions where and how they hoped would obtain sympathy from India for their biggest task ever - the one(global), I suppose, coming as next if somehow not next then when Anders Breivik gets released in 10 years. 

Mr. "grim reaper" was assuring me about success he had once, and how he does all remotely demonstrated me video cams conferences etc. but I am very very skeptical about one as is as soft as it gets. 

;) good morning 

Mike D’Andrea in wife's house
In vicinity of La Vallee Des Couleurs Nature Park which precise location I will not disclose. Keep your house man even that I believe you sold one in 2012 ;) if I properly remember. Guests such as Obama Busho etc....Obama planned his life on Mauritius and wouldn't surprise me as was talk that he even owns property there, but on other side of the island where with almost 100% certainty I can assure Dwayne Rock Johnson(think Mahebourg and Rivière du Rempart area for Obama and Dwayne)  has his piece of land - I was e v e r y w h e r e on this island and well, nowhere as you see.

And now second Mike....

As far as Mike D’Andrea from Toronto  - involved in MK Ultra since 1998 when he still was a small individual, but climbed up ladder fast due to royals whom he met through me. Andrew liked one. Then projects open for him one after another and last time I saw man inside of this very house in Slovenian Novo mesto was in 2010/2012 when I no longer would even recognize one next to Charles - on My question on whether he would help me to get to Toronto and establish myself since he was gonna get some big project(or got one in 2008 via Charles) , he answered with I cite, "a bit too late for that now"....

This is the best of the best men in Toronto and one of the best people I got lucky to bump into throughout MK Ultra. He wanted to help me at all costs from A to Z. 

I was  e v e r y w h e r e on this island and well, SPIT ON FOR 28 YEARS as you see.

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