Sunday, October 31, 2021

CASE OF PRO SLOVENIAN INDEPENDENCE POLITICIAN ANDREJ VIZJAK INVOLVED IN THIS CASE SINCE 1995: For 70 grand(70.000 Euros) and silence in respect to my case/Slovenia

Minister Andrej Vizjak not the only or first PRO SLOVENIAN INDEPENDENCE politician who exited through somewhat naive public self incrementing statements a world of politics - Vizjak indicted himself utterly just after my calling one

out (published on October 26th, 20121) due to his involvement in my MK Ultra case since 1995 - one in fact even participated in Polish hunger games in Lož/Zgierz area. Vizjak indicted himself in similar fashion to prior 
Slovenian PRO INDEPENDENCE politician Zoran Thaler who exited world of political affairs via British IMPERIAL

  scenario during year 2011 - not before one molested me severely with issues I had nothing to do with, but at the same time have omitted truth about my torture infront of the world for no less than 16 years(who sane would go otherwise to discuss issues as such in public if one had real intentions for wrongdoings - the answer in Vizjak's case, Mr. Vizjak)

However, AND WHAT MAKES ISTRABENZ CASES IN RESPECT TO PRO INDEPENDENCE POLITICIANS EVEN STRANGER is that Milan Kučan/Borut Pahor's  Istrabenz company managed in the past to bring at bay also Slovenian PRO INDEPENDENCE politician Igor Bavčar who for the difference of two previous individuals appears de facto have engaged in illegal criminal deals rather than exercising his primary obligation to Slovenian nation as he enlisted himself for during Slovenian independence war in 1990.

Igor Bavčar too was involved in my MK Ultra case since 1995. And what makes three cases top insane is fact that all three individuals were not charged physically yet(two paid financial fines, but none ever served imprisonment sentences - Bavčar was brought in jail, but let out on health reasons) or possibly ever will be - with three used apparently only as a TEMPORARY cover-up EXCUSE operation for my case from Slovenian pro independence side till one ends - in my eyes seizes to exist is what sides hope for on what whole thing most likely for the three(and others - lets not forget Janez Janša also brought to jail on corruption charges and let go) will become a vanished case as if nothing ever happened. Istrabenz appears to be Slovenian GROUND ZERO COMPANY for both sides(PRO INDEPENDENCE IF ONE EVER EXISTED AND UDBA).

@Zoran Thaler and your case - for the British imperials AGAINST ME you did pointed CONSCIOUS GUILT finger at me and have incremented yourself publicly to make myself clear about your 2011 crime.

Slovenian Istrabenz and Petrol(OIL/GAS BUSINESS) is the same with strong international currents involved.


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