Tuesday, October 26, 2021

ITS A MALICIOUS LIE: Angela Merkel insisted that I brainwashed under MK Ultra(when they subjected me to MK Ultra) a now European Commissioner Ursula Von Der Leyen and her family into eating fried bones

That German government therefore let her handle the case on behalf of Germany is what Angela claimed me. Blamed me for her family members(even kids) that had to attend dentist to fix teeth because of my instructions.

That I told them how eating fried bones is healthy due to minerals and calcium in there.

There are different bones - bones from chicken and what I claimed eating entire fish with bone together as healthy. Between these two, they insisted on fried chicken bones that I told them to eat which I have nothing to do with it(told them 100 times yes to fried fish, but not chicken bones, yet they placed words they wanted in my mouths according to their taste).

I never ever told Ursula and her family to eat fried chicken bones - it could be funny, but when considering amount of lies these people combine invented against me due to their rotten conscious and with idea to play me down - it is not funny.

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