Friday, October 15, 2021

The one who encouraged human slaughter in Bosnia and Croatia was Slovenian government which repeatedly brought me to Serbia and Serbian part of Bosnia for torture

 Here is Slovenian guy look - do as pleased with him. So how not if they can do stuff as pleased with individual who is Slovenian citizen(EU) and with US citizenship....why not with Croats and Bosnians. 

@Dnevnjak who had me next to many videos if not all - you knew absolutely everything 

done to me in respect to stated above and its why your "funny" program was used to camouflage heavy duty chetnik crime  - its what makes your jokes a bit more bitter(creepy) in my mouths psychiatric hospital Ljubljana Polje knew all about Dnevnjak and chetniks. They referred to Dnevnjak as young progressive liberal society with bright future "we want to encourage" - when meeting chetniks do, I had to listen their war stories and Slovenian yawks....these people in my eyes clearly attempted Coup d'état on Slovenia in my eyes. 

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