Saturday, October 30, 2021

Day after Novo mesto/Sevica trail started with mother's yelling at me in the morning as per why

 do I change rooms(it was a good sleep by the way and its why I do it), explaining me that no bananas will be purchased any more(1.3 Eur per KG) as only I eat them and since I no longer am a baby, car not allowed for chestnut pickup, my spine not broken - had specific route to Bela Krajina region that I had to take where there was no store along the road only as was told will be a specific bakery shop where they rated food as junk(main thing that sends people on obesity trail is depression not food as is food mistake done accordingly with depression issues - and this instrument was used against me at large by parents - the worst player in depression play was my mother who was explained by psychiatrists in super details on how to do it/how it works), individual involved in MK Ultra aggressively 

approached while I was eating to bang on car window for me to move car at the bakery shop where tractor trailer vehicle could turn(he parked behind me and it was my first non MK Ultra visit to this shop ever - was brought there under MK Ultra only), wasn't allowed to replace light bulb on the car which was turned in wrong direction most likely on technical examination by technician inspector without being repeatedly disturbed over and over by both(father and mother), word "gypsies" was used today on at least dozen occasions(since return from Poland on over 100 times with taste of most severe prejudice against Roma group - from Krka pharmaceutical locations to game wards to numerous other individuals that would met me along the way since my return per greater Yugo chetnik agenda and its all audio recorded Mr. Milan Kučan/Borut Pahor) till I shut their mouths off by asking them who they think they are, and much more...the day after long trail hiking designed by psychiatrists.

Nurse Andrea became close with Roma people in this particular Bela Krajina location and like her also for that matter ;)

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