Friday, November 30, 2018

For him to listen to you, your actions are

Way more important than loud words(prayer and even in his name) in room with foreign people at 3am.

Just an example.

When you feel you want to question my moral, think first of these words because I have gone through little something to be worthy of his 5 minutes...

Just another personal quote of mine used to explain those who swear on God(goes same for Allah which is not my God), but do not understand concept of the either one

All in one simple sentence...
Sentence is simple, but do you as a Christian or Muslim understand this words !!???

Poland’s armed forces have suffered from decades of under-investment and some two-thirds of their equipment dates from the Soviet era.

And what is being done so far about it !!?????? NOTHING !!!
What exactly is this $655 million investment in a state security(souverenity) and what will this secondary type of weapon do for the people of the country which were subject to the heaviest genocides in the history of human kind from neighboring Germany and Russia !!????? THE Answer again is nothing...

Secondary because you don't have a base which will guarantee you survival as last resource if needed is why...
Can it be done - is it affordable !!??? Yes it is and should have been done(easily in fact) long time ago, but its not and many Kaczynskis don't want to see the news as is seen here...

I am looking forward to mutual Polish Ukrainian strengthening(from full armaments and all the way to common politic) which will exercise(demonstrate) both system's sovereignty on their territories

I am looking forward to mutual Polish Ukrainian strengthening(from actions in motion of full armaments and all the way to common politic) which will exercise(demonstrate) both system's sovereignty on their territories. Thus giving both systems independence(demanding full respect and international norm. compliance) from Berlin and Moscow.

Crimea and Eastern part of Ukraine not a question, but instead a matter of >>>TO GETTING IT DONE<<<.

News as doesn't appeal to me in any way....compromising state security in any way is also not acceptable. When you do something, get it either done all the way or just walk away...I didn't start this news site to be pulled and pull other people for the nose. Its just a matter of "want to".


You are not only threat to Poland, but everything normal in this world.

Why is this so important to me...because you don't f*** with healthy mind and expect in return credibility from one !!!

You got it !!??? Thats all :))))

Related to

KGB boy Poroshenko is bailing Russian agent Trump(just as Putin is NOW baling HIS Kaczynski via plane crash conspiracy theory) out of crises - Roshko who never asked(actually as the president should demand and express interest in armament) NATO/US want Trump to "help"now when Trump is on verge of collapse

Not from US or NATO alone(knowing very well who Trump is), but from Trump is what Poroshenko wants when it comes to assistance...
Am I right Roshko !!?????

Trump Tower Moscow concept included idea of commander-in-chief giving his penthouse to Putin - Trump Organization planned to give $50 million penthouse to Putin amid Moscow deal

The idiot incharged for fall of the world in Western hemisphere had bizarre ideas on how to turn his Trump Towers in a KGB terrorist center. 
Just imagine what kinds of impression would Russian terrorists make on its persecuted victims either Russian or non Russian) and when pointing with fingers to the "president"'s pent house...

After exercising yet another terrorist operation against Ukraine, Russia deploys new S-400 missile system into occupied Crimea - not interested in forms of communication with anyone

Russian military erected a new S-400 anti-aircrraft missile system in Crimea, which is said could simultaneously monitor up to 300 airborne targets.

IT IS OVER FOR FORT FART: Trump's bromance with KGB is coming to an end much faster than what many anticipated case would be - FBI Raids Trump's Former Chicago Tax Attorney Who Saved the President $14 Million in Property Taxes

Some agency is looking into "president" files while he is busy decorating White House with red christmas trees.
Also news which came out today...
This individual is the most serious threat for the US constitution(and everything that stands for "normal" in this world - its why Moscow was so excited about having him as US president) so far....

You are FIRED mister :)))))

Half a day old backpack already showing KGB wear and tear signs

Buying more or repairing is a waste of money and time in this case. Not even millionaires could afford this.

Food supply stored in the backpack wettened and st

Sugar boy(the one sugar dissolves in water) is my roommate and not I.

Second backpack cut with knife last night

New food container cut with knife

Other one was inside of the toilet/shower area. Total three containers purchased yesterday.

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Poroshenko surprises - hopefully not too late - Poroshenko urges Nato to send ships

Finally(and more than just ships weapons for Ukrainian military is necessary).

I have anticipated news as seen here for a very very long time - all unavailable till now...why not earlier is now("NOW" BECAUSE I WOULD HAVE NEVER EVER ANTICIPATED ANYTHING LIKE THIS WOULD COME OUT OF POROSHENKO) a real mystery if anything positive is to ever come out for Ukraine anyways...


Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has urged Nato to send ships to the Sea of Azov following a naval confrontation with Russia off Crimea.

Kremlin denies Ukrainian charge it is restricting shipping near Ukrainian Crimea

Kremlin knows nothing about restricting shipping near by Russians occupied Ukrainian Crimea...


MOSCOW (Reuters) - The Kremlin on Thursday denied a Ukrainian allegation that Russia was restricting shipping near Crimea as part of what Kiev said was a de facto blockade of its ports on the Sea of Azov.

If only possible, Jewish neuroscience would prefer brain transplantation on non Jews which reject rape/ killings/ torture/ terrorism and other oppressive methods chosen by Israel as the way of coexistence on this world

You can consider yourself as lucky if not in one or if not neighbor of one...
State of Holocaust descendants which went from being victims of Hitler into full time Hitler state. The forbidden after WWII became fist allowed(within reach) to foreign governments on the territory of the Israel where most outrageous human experiment took place on live subjects for the sake of "science". Off course it is always in the name of the science and to "help" people(system/formula used via main stream media suggests to public a concept in which as an example three people are saved and 100.000 killed about whom, however, you will never ever get to hear).

IDIOT NEWS FROM TWITTER AND MOSCOW: The real(FAKE, BUT STILL MUCH MORE REAL THAT THE ONE WHO "FOLLOWED" ONE) fake account on Twitter created by Vladimir Putin was suspended by Twitter on behalf of Vladimir Putin

New sensation about fake and real flooded TODAY the internet by the main streammedia news.
News is related to REALITY - Related to the king of the disinformation and fakest man in the history of the human kind = the one and only Putan Putanowich|(they all follow this site - make no mistake about that).

From variety of FAKE collected from internet:

HOW IS YOUR NEW PRESIDENT AMERICA: Suicides in US hit highest level in 50 years, prompting fall in life expectancy

The suicide rate in the US is at its highest point in at least 50 years, leading to a decline in life expectancy, new research has found. 

Frau Mosbacher(long long time personal friend and likely more of Donald Trump appointed by Donald Trump as US ambassador to Poland) not happy about Polish officials over claims journalists staged neo-Nazi event

I have the feeling that so called "journalist" might have  been much much more than just an journalist...we shall see soon enough. Polish authorities don't go after people for no reason. Nazism here is a no no and Poland a model state for all other European states who have forgotten about dark WWII past.

I am somehow not impressed by Melania Trump's mentally sick taste for the style: Melania Trump defends controversial White House holiday decorations: 'I think they look fantastic'

It bothers when you know person from your own country whose father was(is) paid KGB(UDBA - YU) assassin have settled(illegally) inside of the White House(country where you gained citizenship through legal process) with idea to cause others(own people preferably) a harm. For that matter we have to thank off course to ineptitude of Donald Trump.
Know wherever you are that your wearing protective clothing(masks etc.) to hide your identities during protests is a useless thing as they use special spray(paint invisible to bare eyes, but visible to city agents who latter identify when on your way to your work and destroy you with variety of instruments) which marks your clothing...

THE DEATH(SUICIDE) OF THE RUSSIA IS HERE: Russia has blocked Ukrainian Azov Sea ports, minister says

>>Economically ruined and demolished without absolutely any future support from anyone<< is what is coming next for Russia...

I am praying for Russian people to wake up before it gets too late(most likely already is too late now - I am praying for Russian officials to act immediately with politic that would totally counter 15 years old buildup of false/deceiving self depiction/image and to even swallow/face difficult issues such as arrogance/flatulence with biggest resistance possible - mentioned task is most likely the task impossible), but "too late" is now the unstoppable.

Evil idiot who is hiding behind issue known as "Russia"(he thinks Russian people will take his side as Russia and Dollar are mentioned as if one is doing favor to Russian people) gestures publicly how Russia will ditch US Dollar

I am 100% certain that Russian people who now know the truth about how real technology(not the one that produced suffering/depression in Russian people for decades in USSR - not the total economical technological failure which left bankrupt Russia abandoning Eastern part of Germany for few Dollars upon fall of the iron curtain, but the real technology obtained after 1997) entered into Russia, will soon ditch his and his buddies asses from Kremlin...I know so not only because West pulled Russia from total failure(was 70 years behind West technologically at least), but because politic as is in Russia today doesn't have any future(is the worst/divisive Russian politic ever - death for Slavic community/relations and suicidal when it comes to international relations - politic which is sponsoring globally the worst of the human kind - from terrorism, human slavery, wars, and even nazism/fascism - total hatred)

Primitive conduct in the kitchen area is important part of violent human degradation for the sake of the Moscow

And then the same scenario followed as with destroyed socks..."eat(try) our food with us".

Note that not all families are this way.

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

My second audio recorder was destroyed last night

I  now abreporter without audio recorder just as farmer without land ;)))

I will press court charges against Polish state for the sake of the Polish state

You have no right to use directed energy weapons and even sleep deprivation methods against individual who applied for your protection on your territory(eagerness in one to learn Polish language and become part of the society is not a crime).
And you DO have THE responsibility to govern your own affairs(nobody has the right to govern them over you for you - not even Moscow).

For the money not, but for your sake I do have the right to press charges against you on Polish court first and then even on international if one would have second thoughts about trial outcome.

Will Poland get as a result of this MKultra case Fort Fart and Elon Musk's factory , I do not know

But I do know that one deserves way more than what was done for one so far(less than nothing) and what is mentioned above. Anybody deserves better than Kaczynskis, Pahor, Zemans,. etc...

When I only do think of main stream media gesturing to public issue if Trump and Putin met before

it almost makes me business guy who participated on all busenes meetings for over decade in Eastern Europe and who have large personal investments(also in China) in one was used by main stream media as a manipulation tool of public by someone who should deliver at least 25% to people about what goes on in the world...

News as released this morning is used by politicians to get their CHEAP politic going, but hopefully Ukraine and Poland along with the rest o the world DID learned by now that politic like this claimed already numerous lives in Ukraine and is taking whole situation on even larger scale conflict known as wars(entire planet demented by Russian terrorism, racism, and disinformation) is time to END this type of politic and begun to work for people's interests.

One of the filthiest people I have seen when subjected his publuc image to MKultra just happened so to be

Elon Musk...his main stream media's public image is a sham.

Putan Putanowich and his Kaczybsky servants knew well how to take advantage of such super minds and world in not screwed up for no is ran by total f**ups which don't discern between their own heads and their own asses.

Drugs and sex

Sometimes over drugged and multi raped females....anger and depression...many females were ruined(some gained weight, some on anti depessants, and some ended even checking other selves inside of the mental asylums).

I have seen what went on here for no less than 8 years and what happened afterwards.

Politicians in Poland(was same in Slovakia and so on) have had a broad range of females to choose from

Same was the case with buisenes people(am I correct ELON MUSK) while staff perhaps got only lucky here and then(neighbor Dane Kolenc got lucky thanks to Pahor for example)...

How much do I remember !!????

Enough to start blackmailing top politicians and buisenes people about it all...

Blackmailing, however, is a primitive word as I am used to claim whatever is mine without negotiating with anyone/anything. I may just dedicate video on this subject. Trumpy produced kid in Poland(may be more than one, but I do know for one as he whored with many females) and who knows what case was with others...

At 0545 Islamic prayer starts by new neighbor walking inside the room ad well

Its already 7am is what am told(you can see its not even 0630 yet in Poland).

Vladimir Putin hates Muslim religion is also what I can tell you from knowing him personally...this people are Muslims per conviniance and not real Muslims. One dude even borrowed his wife ocassionally to ex Slovenian president Borut Pahor and Pahor teacher a little of his psychology.

Was like this deprived if morning exercise and studying

I am not exactly happy at 0400am

Two roommates create noise at 0300 am - wake me up

Turn lights on in the room and make noise just as it would be time in the morning to go at work at 06/07am, and then both go back sleep as if nothing happened.

According to the three(another individual arrived from another room as well) its called LOUD Islamic prayer(I think more likely Moscowsky).

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Original picture which was posted at the entrance to the building was also replaced I see

Probably(I estimate about 10 or so years ago).

However, on original photo(picture) which welcomed to Ustronie hedgehog as seen here was...

That too I remember ;))))

Even people involved in MKultra or locals alone no longer remember this very detail...but I do.

This was a beautiful picture bye the way.

As far as I can go back into MKultra

Is my memory and ability to sequence events from scenarios in perfect timing order(parallel to circumstances that would benefit one strategically to max) by far the strongest one ever...don't get me wrong please, but I have never ever heard for anything like this before...

New roomate from Tadjikistan is daydreaming about USSR

Is missing one big time according to his confession...

Then why Poland and not Russia or Belarus !!?!!

I am MOST LIKELY correct even about possibility if Shoigu's relatives from Kazakhstan in this very center

Sounds crazy...not so much !!! Chadan is about 300 kilometers from Kazakhstan far as I remember MKultra staff people, this very family is from vicinity of direction(Russian border) to one...

Why this girl matters to me so much

She is a Polish girls who lost 10 years of her life for participating in MKultra case. During which she spit her soul out for my sake(wanted to help with anything she could) and for what she also dearly paid. Its nothing in this world I wouldn't do for her.

Private rental option or what is about to follow

@to the one I still want...above facts change nothing. For you, I would go to the end of the world time and again because you are worth world to me.

It's not that there is not another one, the biggest problem is that there always is. You is whom I want in case you will feel the same(please)...

FILTHY IS A NEW NORMAL: I wash pants to wear them afterwards filthy - how about you !!????

Who this people are(they all are Russian citizens) is a serious question....
All is "normal"as they say in Russia and in Poland where they have made Russia out of one(at least this is an impression they are trying to make on me).

Must be some 30 Russian families here and perhaps 5 of us individuals who are non Russian...

We really need police which will firmly oversee(POLICE) heads of the Russian "police"(common thugs and not police) and not Russian police(a common terrorist) as the head of the Interpol

In Putin's deluded bet to appoint his terrorist as the head of the Interpol, world becomes alarmed(rattled). Consequently South Korean is elected to save honor of this international police organization which should veto Russia from its membership till one appoints legitimate Russian government representatives. Either this or to settle for lowest of the low uncivilised(barbaric) practices which have already demented world to the level as seen on this news site. I rank Russia as the most primitive(anti judiciary/criminal and a total disgrace) of all white societies this world deals with. 

KNOW that future(existence) of the world is very very questionable if things don't change fast in Moscow and the only one who can change things in Moscow for "NORMAL" are Russian people. 

NOT ALLOWED TO POST ON FACEBOOK PERIOD. Nobody is allowed to share links from my Auser Times news site on Facebook for months already...why do they fear one so much if they have nothing to hide !!????

It really is my is because
because I still didn't provide owners of Facebook with court subpoena...but then again, its was a bit hard due to circumstances in which I was compelled.

Facebook should be banned from Europe and Norther America till basic conditions of free expression are met.

No place for ZIO NAZISM here !!! As you see, Jewish owners don't even state why I am not allowed to post links other than those from my news site on Facebook...

Polish police "mistakenly"(I think they have most likely send proper signal to public as docket is now open in respect to nazi Issue in Poland which will not be tolerated;however, there may be stuff we don't know about but Polish authorities do) gets journalist who exposed(went undercover) private Hitler's party held in forest

One thing I will make myself clear about, there shouldn't be NO place for neo nazi hatred in Poland and those who tend to push one forward, should have their passports taken away, brought to nearest state border crossing, and let go wherever grass is greener for them.
What truly took place(was perhaps he uncovered and have released "uncovered" clips as preemptive safety mechanism) leaves me sceptical in this case as Poland is the state as one should be. Polish police most likely would not go against someone who did a favor to public. Poland strives toward higher that European union standards and is against hatred of any kind. Poland remembers its WWII past and is committed to its future through commemoration of one. 

Czech drunk arrives to his second homeland to celebrate his "Cultural Center" in Jerusalem amid massacre of Palestinian people - CZECH PRESIDENT MEETS RIVLIN, SAYS ISRAEL IS HIS SECOND HOME


"In the current situation our friendship is more important than ever," President Rivlin told his counterpart.

Milos Zeman is expected to reiterate his pledge to move his country's embassy to Jerusalem, but the authority to green-light such a move is in the hands of the Czech government, which has supported the opening of the center as a compromise

WE REMEMBER WHO DID IT: Big war which will destroy Slavic world yet again is coming and question is not who will profit from one(West already is guilty), but because of whom(why) !!! Russian Ship Rams Ukrainian Navy Tugboat Off Crimea



@mentioned here criminals...I known as PURE EVIL when brought from US to Poland and other parts of Eastern Europe back in 1998 to 2006(for no less than 8 years straight when subjected to horrific MKultra torture, I was presented to locals as Hitler - ultimate evil by this very actors), but world will be reminded on what you have created(WHAT WE HAVE TODAY AND WHAT WAS FOR THE LAST 6 YEARS) back then behind people's backs !!!

IF you concentrate on what is happening only and forget who did it, you will continue to repeat mistakes from the past.

Milan Kucan, Milos Zeman, BORUT PAHOR(criminal who worked hard to convince for Moscow and Belgrade people mentioned here and others to give in), Kaczynski brothers and other elite from the past who gave green light(AT THE END OF 2000, YOU HAVE GIVEN ENTIRE HELP PACKAGE FROM THE WEST DEDICATED TO EASTERN EUROPE TO RUSSIA AND SERBIA AND HAVE EVEN PUSHED OWN NATIONS IN ECONOMIC DEBT FOR THE SAKE OF THE AGGRESSORS BY TAKING FOREIGN CREDITS WHICH YOU HAVE GIVEN TO THE TWO FOR THE SAKE PAST AND PRESENT CRISES/WARS) to evil seen bellow for what is happening today and what will grow into even greater and greater nightmare.

I cite Milan Kucan, "I gave money to Serbia and support to Russia because they are bigger than Slovenia and can't loose therefore, but you will do exactly the opposite about 15 years from now when trying to rebuild whatever will be left out of economy...I will be remembered by big nations, and yours is condemned to repeat mistake again as another I will rise to power in the future"...
Mentor of Borut Pahor, Mr Milan Kucan had his parents in Serbia during WWII(were thrown out of the coubntry by neonazi Germany which settled in Slovenian homes of expelled Slovenian people Germans instead) and I can understand his view on Serbian nation in respect to his WWII gratitude to one just as in respect to Slavic bond which should exist between us, but somehow can't accept fact that in his eyes his own small Slovenian nation was/is worth less than those who dropped bombs on one(even came out with tanks on streets of Slovenia and have attacked with planes) in 1991 and tend today(for what he also knew the sacse will be) to escalate situation into full scale war(beyond psychiatry and other forms of assassinations that artificially keep public perception about country on safe distance from what should be recognized internationally as civil underground war - same as is in Ukraine)
I am not fascinated with NEWS about what is happening today in Ukraine and on borders of Bosnia/ Croatia/ Kosovo, but instead what(what type of mentality) brought us into this situation. I will not forget fear of George W. Bush in respect to my suffered heavy insomnia because of one(was under most severe stress whenever asked about my case) and would give just about anything in this world 

Day commences with early stupidity here

At 0720(earlier), I am told that clothing can't be taken from room where one dries because am 20 minutes late.
Posted at 0729 - enough to go to gym and back to security to take photo and to type this

Will have to come back at 10 am is what I was told by maintenance/security guy. Very practical/humane and not same for all. It is "normal"😁

One more time on how virus operates

One more time since they try so hard...
How you get virus ? You go to AliExpress, eBay, allegro, and major main stream media news sites.....good luck to you all in all new "brave" world(weird) designed by Rusky KGB.

Monday, November 26, 2018

New android virus forces me to delete programs and is demanding from me to erase all programs to make enough space for whatever application from google store I would like to reinstal

I am always well entertained at this place....
What's not to love about one ;)

Roomate now breaks glass from watch which I had for 10 years

Not only nylon belt was contaminated with chemicals(also possibility exists that chemicals were added to wrist area during my night sleep), but I found glass from the watch broken as of today as well(yet another criminal pattern)...
First you burn wrist to an individual so he takes watch from his hand and then whack his watch too. Well done, but whose fold is this...
Watch was purchased sometimes in 2008/2009 and off course can be repaired...but i$$n't this exactly the very core idea !!???? Things don't get destroyed completelly here as you see...they can be repaired by investing time(is it easier to cut backpacks etc. or saw them back together !!???) and money in them....

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Also electricity recorded in the room but on other side under my bed

Why video is sideways like this ? Because it's fun to f***(destroy - steal) with other people's private property ...and I know so because my God from Kremlin and Allah(both) have told me so ;)

Russians and Al-Qaeda seems are heaven made couple for Europe

Its actually fun to see on how the two have found common interest on grounds of Europe. And why not...f*** civilisation !!! What do we need one for anyways ;)))I agree !!!

Electricity is modified at this place

Electricity like this while designed to depict as if telephone us charging will actually drain and kill the battery. Question is why everywhere at thus place is the same however...when I started charging downstairs, it was normal but soon situation just as the case is with one upstairs begun to develop...

Why the video is upside down ? Because Russo Chechen terrorists installed themselves on my android whatever this is...

Saturday, November 24, 2018

Kremlin gives green light to pawn Kaczynski for plane crash politic that killed 100 Polish patriots in 2010

Poland presents itself as well as unstable state - open for all sorts of external manipulations.

It is crucial for Poland to run own agenda.

Friday, November 23, 2018

Burning of wrist via watch belt and complete food poisoning explained

  Part 1
What type of poisoning was used and exactly how one was introduced.

  Part 2
Why physician delayed examinations, why you should reject TRUMP and other criminals positioned on top who work against civilisation....

Friday, November 16, 2018

Email which was also sent to Departament Pomocy Socjalnej, but somehow never got there already from second email address

I have reported a list of severe crimes(proven with audio/video
 recordings) endured since my entry into Polish immigration 
system from|(or on behalf) of Russian KGB(now known as FSB)
Regretfully I have to state that my present situation(not allowed
 to rent place of my own, but being instead compelled into stay
 with either Russians/Belarussians  or Russian citizens from 
Chechnya which Russia is using for own terrorist purposes in 
Poland against those who were persecuted in their homelands 
for the sake of new Yugoslavia or USSR - in my case, I was
 tormented in Slovenia) still didn't obtain proper response from
 your side.

Was in Warszaw(met with immigration/social assistance for private place) yesterday

Left at 0400am and returned at 1700 hours. It was a beautiful day that I spent...

Strange issues to discuss in video which is coming on this subject are: nobody knew what directed energy weapons are, nobody knew what MKultra is, and I was even asked despite explaining what is going on at present location where I received death threats from roomate if am certain safety wise about gentleman who will rent me a place(geeee, you are pushing me out of the center with here mentioned issues and asking me if new landlord is a safe option)...there is much more(will get answer on private rental option available to all and used by numerous nobodies in Poland on 19th, but no money till December 1st - Russian disinformation in Debak immigration center was enormous - will explain in video).

If I wouldn't take part time job, I couldn't afford myself to even arrive on meeting with them yesterday(cost of meeting was 100 Zloty). I am not ashamed to tell the truth.

Roommate have stolen 5 Zloty(same as if I would take 150 from you due to situation) from me the day before yesterday and destroyed bunch if other things etc etc....

Thank you to Polish people who help me everywhere :)))) better home than Poland I do not want to imagine and its why I want one stronger than strong. I want my children to play worry free from the past.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

3 of 3 Left second phone overnight to charge and got one back this morning as seen with most likely even keylogger

I know its remotely operated with keyloggers on one because of the text which I have not written - I have never ever used in my life time word "ho" !!! Such word is extremely disrespectful and very very tasteless(LOW - PRIMITIVE AND EVEN CRIMINAL) !!! 
I respect(love) women.
Part 1 of 3
Video can be also seen at

Part 2 of 3
Video can be also seen at

Part 3 of 3
Video can be also seen at

Left this telephone to charge overnight last night and one is now even remotely operated

Video on this subject coming next...with neighbors and roommates like this, one doesn't need enemies.

Presidents of the Baltic states "traumatized" with a meeting with Trump.

Presidents of the Baltic states "traumatized" with a meeting with Trump. He confused the Baltic with the Balkans
During a meeting in the White House, and accused the leaders of the Baltic states of responsibility for the war in Yugoslavia. He also advised them to get along better with their aggressive Russian neighbor.
Poland, Ukraine, Baltic states, Czech rep. Slovakia, Romania, Hungary and others should form own military defense pact before it gets all too late. Europe is at stake because of what we see have happened is happening on world's stage.

Translated via google

Donald Trump's America very different from the one that played main role in WWII. ITS NOT NATIONALISM(white nationalism which main stream media is using doesn't even exists - as nationalist you are either a protective member of your nation which embraces entire community or someone who is attempting to exterminate good portion of one for the sake of other interests known as border-less neonazi interests) ; ITS NAZISM !!!

The question we overseas must ask our-self is if are playing our role just as Americans have(did) for us in WWII.

What real America looked like just 73 years ago and what scares Emanuel Macron today.

Where is Slavic unity now - Putin and those who support him will burn in hell nfor what you see here

I didn't know I will live to see such news in my life time, but its not their fold. If 150 million nation doesn't know any better than to produce what you see here just 73 years after WWII in which one alone suffered enormously, then to the hell with it.

USA doesn't treat its children states like this, but exactly the opposite(how stupid - US could but refused to occupy Western Europe after WWII - instead attitude on how to rebuild one as fast as possible was used).


KIEV, Ukraine (AP) — The campers, some clad in combat fatigues, carefully aim their assault rifles. Their instructor offers advice: Don’t think of your target as a human being.

Allow enough Russians in your country and you will have this - Western Countries Condemning Separatist Vote In Eastern Ukraine

Being nice to them translates to them as your being stupid of whom advantage can and should be taken.

Warning to Russia: If you have not realized, I more and more use word Russian and KGB - no longer Putin/ Lavrov/ doesn't take genius to understand why. Crimea and Eastern part of Ukraine and not yours and will never ever be. Its time for you to take action against Kremlin or become totally isolated from fellow Slavic nations whom you treat as unequal(inferior) in case you even consider yourself as Slavic. World can observe and did you complete disregard for law and justice as well(both substituted with international terrorism to which not even women and children are immune). YOU ARE COUNTER PRODUCTIVE FOR YOURSELF AND OTHERS AND ITS MY JOB(duty) TO TELL YOU THIS STRAIGHT IN YOUR FACE,
West should block Russia and Belarus totally(seal border with the two entirely) till  present apparatchiks are sentenced to prison terms. China should be aware of uncivilized Russian practices(Russian incitement in hatred known as "Russo-phobia" in targeted population via genocides, so a Russian blame and shame lie can be used for more aggression against other Eastern Europeans and even against Asiatic people of which part people of China are).

What you see here is because it can be done and not because of right/wrong...this type of mentality is uncivilized.

KYIV -- The United States, France, and Germany have condemned elections by Russia-backed separatists in eastern Ukraine as a "sham" and “illegal."

After seeing crippled gentleman with his dig the day before yesterday

Seeing and reminding myself of what girl who still teaches Russian at this center have gone thru,  I am determined to stay in Poland for better or worse <3

It's bad today(its ringing in my head even more), but I am happy because I am at peace(I know that whole thing was not for nothing, but instead best that possibly could develop from ordeal).

Android 7 deleted from telephone and Android 5 installed on one instead

Charging phone last night came with price of having files deleted and even operating system changed. The worst was again radiation that left me all beaten up...
Video can be also seen at

Telephone erased and even changed to Android 5 from Android 7 after leaving one to charge for an hour

I also explained exactly how KGB murdered Polish people in Poland between 1998 and 2006(and still does) for the pleasure of it. 

Polish people the best people in the world. Not even Slovenian people whose native I am and who had Serbian tanks(planes dropping bombs) on streets just few years earlier before I was publicly tortured in city of Novo mesto - own town, have stood up for me like Polish did(and paid with ultimate price for it)...glad to be here and proud of Polish humanity !!!

Thank you <3 Poland

I love you !!!

Charging of second telephone ruined and I am radiated like a mouse every day

This was recorded last night - today my situation is even worse(my head is ready to explode). It's a public lynching of me performed by Polish state on behalf of Donald Trump and Russia.
Video can be also seen at 

I am happy about it do because there was so many Polish people murdered(ambushed inside if their homes and either raped or paralysed/crippled) by Russians in Poland(between 1998 and 2006) that I am proud to be their voice at this point.

Android 7 deleted from telephone and Android 5 installed on one instead

Charging phone last night came with price of having files deleted and even operating system changed. The worst was again radiation that left me all beaten up...
Video can be also seen at

Telephone erased and even changed to Android 5 from Android 7 after leaving one to charge for an hour

I also explained exactly how KGB murdered Polish people in Poland between 1998 and 2006(and still does) for the pleasure of it. 

Polish people the best people in the world. Not even Slovenian people whose native I am and who had Serbian tanks(planes dropping bombs) on streets just few years earlier before I was publicly tortured in city of Novo mesto - own town, have stood up for me like Polish did...glad to be here and proud of Polish humanity !!!

Thank you <3 Poland

I love you !!!

Monday, November 12, 2018

10 pairs if socks destroyed within last week + two pairs already thrown away

My Chechen Russian roommate is one busy man is all I can say...part 1 of 2
Sleeps in a day time and parties(with others) at night...
Video can be also seen at

Part 2 of 2(was deleted from second telephone because I didn't protect one today). Another 3 pairs of destroyed socks is what I demonstrate in one - will repeat one.
Video can be also seen at 

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Unfortunately Poland was much much more than just an nightmare

"If you don't touch it, it will go away"...

I didn't and now I will also stay. My life belongs to people of Poland for better or worse...

My freshly cleaned jeans greazed with engine oil

Security officer suggested there are no cameras anywhere(I hanged clothing right outside)..
No cameras anywhere, but Russians everywhere - watch video on destroyed socks in continuation...

MK ULTRA - Recognized two more people that Russian crippled for life

Recognized two more people(teacher of Polish in center and neighbor) that Russian crippled for life...I realized that my life belongs to Poland much more than what I initially thought case is...
"Refugees" here are for the most part fake KADIROVS.
Video can be also seen at or or

Putin a ruthless murderer/assassin who cripples(kills) even females.

About 10 more pairs of socks(not even 4 months old and not much used at all) destroyed this week and a beautiful oil from car stain on freshly cleaned pants which I have left outside to dry

Will post video, but this is beyond idiotic. Nowhere can even charge destroyed/broken telephone.

That I would go to Italy...

Doesn't even cross mind(NEVER). I have reached my final destination and name is Poland. There is no tragedy in self determination(I am very proud of myself).

Burry(if it comes to that) me away from others(preferably in the beautiful Polish forest) because I deserved it(I earned it).

I am not complaining. I am very very pleased with situation(my state of mind) and plan on staying this way for as long as am around.

Exercise and studying Polish will be rewarded with directed energy attacks is what Valerio have told me. Exercise will be blamed for what they do...

Thank you to ICC for doing nothing about's great to be under your jurisdiction.

Friday, November 9, 2018

Russian terrorism in Poland became rampant thanks to Vladimir Putin's servant known as Kaczyński

To Polish police(will update this very video next):
Yesterday on November 8th, 2018 at approximately 1230 hours a directed energy weapon which matched specification of military class weapons was used kagainst me when on my way to Meri hospital in Zgierz.

Video can be also seen at