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MK Ultra - Polish Pope Pope John Paul II and Kaczynski's role in his life

1 of 2 Video can be also seen at https://youtu.be/AxEb1SquuFQ

2 of 2 Video can be also seen at https://youtu.be/IqeZDWrZtN4

American police forces get away with killing more than 1,000 Americans a year

Police brutality must end.

There is no doubt something has to be done about it. Problem is the one who controls the crime as one can be encouraged or discouraged - problem is the ability OF SOMEONE who has the ability to either decrease armed police involvement in world of community affairs or even increase one with idea to abuse its powers for personal agenda as is the case of today - Donald Trump.

1 of 2 In support to Andzej Duda as reelected president to Poland

During MK Ultra, Kaczynski has gone as far as temporary stealing bulawa of Polish nobilities from Polish museum to impress(entertain) politicians in private circles. Had his people do job for him. While I never ever believed for a single second for something like this to actually play importance in my life since I have always rejected idea of my becoming nobility for the cost of my own wealth, he did go ahead to use MK Ultra manipulation with idea to interpretate his lie to SEJM officials with aid of Swedish and British and other European nobelties fr the cost of "see nothing, heard nothing, know nothing" which pledged to invest money in Poland through my case if I would ever manage to produce sufficient amount of proofs via post MK Ultra period. These European nobelties, however, have assured themselves for me not to see it their way via numerous insults which took place prior to 2018 - since 1997/1998(and wasting 25 years on forced unemployment - psychiatric torture) and have even insisted on my ending up at old age as seen with broken spine via what they referred to as test. EVERYTHING WITH SEJM REPRESENTATIVES KNEW ABOUT FROM A TO Z(from beginning to he end) !!!

THE INITIAL GERMAN 1996 MK ULTRA AGREEMENT TO WHICH I WAS COMPELLED TO AGREE WHEN DRUGGED UP STATED "IF I CAN PROVE" ON WHAT POSSIBILITY OF ROYALTY STATUS WAS ADDED TO ONE SOMETIMES IN 2002/2003(never ever did initial agreement state that I will do anything for more than myself - it was in fact Kaczynski who went ahead and have broken initial agreement with West and begun to force down the throats of West that would be better to change one into something else).

WARNING TO BLACK LIVES MATTER: "Eat the Rich." is where and when protests are loosing value and will end with catastrophic outcome for protesters

Its okay to protest on streets of cities against racism, but not okay to bully people on their private properties based on wealth they accumulated if not breaking laws. With conduct as seen here, you will loose support from those wealthy people who actually are on your side and are giving you employment. With anarchism as seen here to which Chinese would respond in China if something like this would have happened with police and mass arrests/most likely even deportations, you set movement in direction in which clearly you are violating rights of privacy of the people which in developed world is a no no. Something even middle or lower class class will declare you as no no. 

German DIVIDE AND CONQUER BEFORE FINAL BLOW game is a game based on friction

It all starts with small issues, issues grow into real frictions, and frictions grow into a total state failure- as one state fails entire system of states collapses. It ends here https://ausertimes.blogspot.com/2020/06/presidential-election-in-poland-2020.html

Presidential election in Poland 2020 - two very close friends in competition with one another for GERMAN(American) tanks on Belarus/Kaliningrad border

Will submit this as yet another MK Ultra proof as I know both and know for both to be VERY CLOSE PERSONAL friends with one another. Poland(a new buffer zone between Germany and Russia) even attempted to use torture involved into my MK Ultra case to do just as stated here. I was conditioned by Duda personally as well as Trzaskowski on how IF Trzaskowski not elected(problem with Duda is that as much as this very individual would want to sell Poland to West as fast as possible), one can't take as radical terms as a new candidate Trzaskowski could since public is not even familiarized with his political agenda. The second thing Trzaskowski and Duda and its what plays even more important role is sand in the eyes of people - if only possible, give false hope to one and continue with crime.

You are optimist if you think

you will stop Corona-virus from spreading on to entire population by washing hands and wearing masks after 20 millions already were infected in US alone https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-53186075

Its not over yet between Vanessa Kay Haydon Trump and Trumpetin Jr. in respect to official divorce yet

Vanessa Kay Haydon Trump a great mother of FIVE children she gave birth to Trumpetin Junior used to date Valentin Rivera who somehow became involved in MK Ultra and have consequently lost his girlfriend(at one point very interested even in me personally and its how she triggered Jr.'s attention, but all that doesn't matter) to my MK Ultra stalker Junior. Its how Valentin Rivera and Vanessa Kay Haydon paid price to Trump psychopath Junior first time and the second time Vanessa Kay Haydon paid price to Trump psychopath Junior was when it was time to get read of her(after she gave him 5 kids) to get finally into public life(no more behind doors) with Fox News personality Kimberly Guilfoyle(INVOLVED IN MK ULTRA) whom he was also screwing with behind doors since 2002/2003. For thyat matter and with idea to cause Vanessa Kay Haydon as much emotional pain as possible, parasite have chosen as instrument yet again MK Ultra via which he made her even write letters to her old and already completely forgotten love.

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Sunday, June 28, 2020

2 Good to miss😂😂😂😂

MK Ultra: Slovakian leader of "We Are Family" has already 11 children with no less than 10 wives(his career took of took off after involvement into my MK Ultra case)

Also early, but not so early participant into MK Ultra was Boris Kollar. He knew how to play cards well. He sided with KGB(back then still very influential in Slovakia) while eyeing with Western investors and as a result yielded lucrative career. He goes back into 1998 or so...perhaps even 1999. 

Will also release detailed video about Polish Pope John Paul II's death

Will explain in details under what kinds of circumstances did Polish pope died. Who was behind his death - why one took place. Deepest secret of Kazcysnki's brothers and Berlin(his death was consensus from both sides - mutual agreement and Pope John Paul II despite knowing what is taking place, have refused to return to Poland - I see this from his side as protest against both sides) will be released this way - hope his spirit rests in peace at last as every individual on earth has the right to his/her personal life(life as life and views as views on how one wants to pursue life as)

Its area where politic shouldn't cross in my opinion, but it did so violently too.

MK Ultra - detailed correction of initial brain map in respect-to IT developer Mr. Wanderski


What most racist hateful community in Europe looks like from homophobic point of view - not from Polish media

Sexuality no longer key to happiness - seems hatred begun to take its place at least in Poland where gay/lesbian people are not ALLOWED to exist on 1/3 of Polish territory thanks to own laws which they created..from own experience I can tell its normal to see strange vehicle rolling down the street in city as big as Lodz on a bright daylight and listen to Al-Qaeda alike hateful antiabortionist speech - during Coronavirus crises when masks are worn, one could even think to have found her/himself somewhere in Mideast.

Saturday, June 27, 2020

Paypal's Hitlers - Founders of Paypal

The biggest difference is that PayPal was one of the very first payment gateways, founded in December 1998 by Max Levchin, Luke Nosek, Ken Howery, Elon Musk, and Peter Thiel.

@World - You loose

You loose once you no longer know your path, and not when artificial elections are used to destroy your trust/faith in a totally fake country as Poland is.

Just remember this, and you will be okay. KNOW YOUR PATH(purpose in this world that your dads/moms had).

German lawyer Andrzej Duda is bound for another presidential victory tomorrow :)))

Polish state claims 200-300,000 votes will decide about it all, but I say that nation who builds Jesus's statue to a live human being but remembers nothing is someone else's witness - not his :))) 

They have 460 parliamentarians alike individuals inside of what they call Sejm(not parliament, but Sejm - in Slovenian and other Slavic languages Sejm translates to flee market - in Polish language one translates instead into parliament) arguing with one another on daily bases creating chaos to appear to public via controlled media as unsatisfied with what goes on behind locked doors, but in reality they all cover up for one another - one of the biggest crimes they covered up is this very case for which they hope will somehow go away - hope somehow will fall/fail apart for the sake of great Polish king located inside of the Buckingham palace(thi$ is the one they do believe in).

REMINDER: Will do video on twisted mind of Ivanka Trump and her father when she was at age of just 16

Based on my DATING rebuttal(I did so also brutally as one was pushy time and again when subjected to MK Ultra) of Ivanka Trump, her father rushed her on surgery table at age I estimate age 16. I cite father Donald Trump, "before she ends high school as I don't want world to see her disfigured face - something that will mark her for life".

Friday, June 26, 2020

All you need to know about Indian(TRUMP) economical war declaration on China

#1 Narendra Damodardas Modi dreamed about economical war(Modi talked about increasing taxes in Chinese owned companies in India - envied Chinese success for what I believe individual is a regular Indian RACIST) with China already back in 2003. Trump was on MK Ultra picture along Modi ongoing - was in India with Trumps and Buckingham's palace(Charles) during their totally unopened for public tours time and again.

MK ULTRA: Mr. Steve Ballmer steps out to remind me of MK Ultra sessions at his place

What you see, is Steve's second residence(still is wow) - wood made luxury log house where he would take me frequently. He owned one already in 1996/1997 if not earlier. Behind him you see is a round object which purpose I have forgotten to be honest(Steve will not forgive me😀 for this - sorry now, I know you work hard time and again whenever you brought me to your place to keep my memory alive - think has something to do with window as having ability to open one with it ? I know its exclusive and nobody other has it), however, always was there. 

Thursday, June 25, 2020

About Steven Wanderski

All the way back to 2013 and many many electroshocks to break brain as much as possible afterwards.

Duda/Morawiecki boasted to Americans about making other Slavic states compete with neonazi cooperation

So whoever you are out there, you better watch out and all of you together should know what Poland is.

From Slovenia shipped in 2012 and 2015 to Poland via Ljubjana's psychiatric hospital and from there loaded like an animal on a plane and shipped to United States of America

There is no more dangerous country in this world than what Poland is.

MK ULTRA: During online store creation which went on foremost on this MK Ultra location, I will only use name "Steven Wanderski"

Thats all I need to state. Psychologists/ psychiatrists severely brainwashed(tortured) on online store creation in 2010 and 2013(mostly). Same situation applied as case was with pres-elected employers. Blogger or wordpress and almost all platform that existed out there and some even which didn't existed at the time yet and were presented to me in 2015...Fujitsu team of ex coworkers was deeply involved in it, but I did ended up even in Chicago to meet image slider creator(used a lot by MK Ultra test subjects) to meet Steven Wanderski in person - in 2013. I think this explain issue with online store quite a bit...

WARNING: Truman/Churchill statues must return to their locations - immediately

@Black lives matters

Do not allow Trump's provocateurs(they knew all about your future actions and have involved in your lines provocateurs)  to destroy your freedom pledge legacy. Do not mix(equal) correct with wrong issues. Above mentioned are seen by global community as heroes. Saviors of nations.

@Bill Gates/ Warren Buffet and others alike

How would you feel to be brought for a business negotiations under circumstances as described to a place like this !!???? What would you do/think different from what I did. 

MK ULTRA - In 1996 when brought drugged up to Poland, Kaczynski pushed me in hands of Polish mafia - his crime saga about me he was gonna build ended after here seen incident took place and people from West found(Merkel protested) out about what went on

Off course I know him...off course I know PERSONAL details that date back to 1996/1997 about here seen people.

Poland to become buffer zone for war games between Germany and Russia - "we go back to normal" says Morawiecki

Its why I insisted on a first place for Poland to become nuclear power, but Kaczynski had better plans. Nuclear Poland after-all, would pose threat to what we see is happening today when US military is departing from Germany and on German behalf moving to Fort Drumpf next door. 

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

MISERY LOVES COMPANY: Andrzej Duda flies to Trump to boost public image of two presidential vagabonds - two common criminals basically

After Pollacks ruin me(drill them and implant them with Bluetooth capsule to detonate breaking of them in a suitable moment) teeth, I get very personalized adds in Polish language on my laptop screen

Their advice always was and is appreciated. Great for fish born without fin.

Just like this - identified 5 Via al Portone Vecchio Chiavenna, Lombardy

 TO THE OTHER SIDE OF EUROPE FROM POLAND...I DON'T CARE ABOUT TALL APARTMENT BUILDING...Where brought first and where people know me very very well.

Chiavenna Italy - it started in 1996 - not even in 1997/1998 as I thought case could be

Brutal murder case reminds me of local police department's involvement in my MK Ultra case and what over time due to FASCIST amplitude grew into apparent murder of local nun.

Shizophrenic baby speech of Donald Trump who explains his difficulties on political stage to his supporters

Shizo without any doubts at all. Has difficulties with everything normal person doesn't even consider and sees things(example ramp) that don't exist.

Congratulations on new China USA deal - just as I have suggested for conflict in Kashmir to India, I hope for China to share its economy as well with India

This way American fascist lodging inside of the White House gets in his ass from front and rear(his presidency proved to be a costly one for American taxpayers already)

I would go as far as offering American investors same conditions(better if only possible, so they can learn again or be reminded of what world looks like outside of the nazi box) in China/India for high tech. as they had them at home prior to 2018...

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

@India and American investors/billionaires - H-1B issue

@American investors/billionaires - go to America if not allowed for America to come to you.

@India - ensure good reception of of those who would like to migrate business to you from US.

Goes same for others...why to wait for something to come to you or to be allowed to have something...go get it !!! Its all written in US immigration booklet. Copy/paste in yours :))))

America in a 卍dead卍end卍spiral - like never before ;)))))) China no longer alone

Now the neonazi White House Muppet launches war also against great state of India :)))))

2.7 billion people is what hi tech INDOCHINA account for together ;)))) 

Don't think American people(THE US TAXPAYERS) can afford much longer 卍president like Mr. Trump卍 😂😁😂😂

Trump preparing to even steal elections if avoiding jail via elections based on his criminal acts against country isn't bad enough already

My advice for MK Ultra victims if you ever find yourself in funny scenario

Consider it a torture and nothing more(RESIST just as if you were raped and even if you were raped as my case was). From the second it starts and it doesn't matter who is involved in game, give maxim resistance. 

Make it as unpleasant as possibly you can. Do whatever it takes for one to end...don't worry about words, "those who resisted we destroyed"... 

I estimate for the most hated family in the world to be Windsors

They know that not even people around them they interact with on daily bases like them. Its a deepest relationship between state interests and most hated group of people world have seen. 

WHITE SUPERIORITY: Why South American Indians are disadvatgaed when compared to rest of the world - goes same for African continent./ Australian aborigines etc...

Answer is very simple. Because South African continent is a continent of jungle even today. If you want to prosper technologically, one has to connect itself with world...Amazon(rest are high altitude mountains and even deserts) is jungle even today and that means a very hard job to do. 

Monday, June 22, 2020

HISTORY REPEATS: Before Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact, there was POLISH HITLER PACT with neonzi Germany against Czechoslovakia

Its the pact no one seems to even know about, yet one marked/paved the road for German invasion on Europe. Mentored by Kaczynski a Xenophobe homophobic antisemitic Andrzej Duda(funny because contrary to wife he presented to public is of Jewish origins with name Kornhauser by profession teacher of German language, his attitude was/is everything but friendly toward Jewish community) seems didn't fall to far from expectations of his pre WWII predecessors today in 2020 if we ignore Polish involvement(hosting) into NWO plan against humanity in 21st century.

CIA made Coronavirus picked up well - restrictions as one was reducing were lifted on time, so new restrictions can take place

Now you see where whole thing is going.

China - Coronavirus - China - Coronavirus - China - Coronavirus - China - Coronavirus - China - Coronavirus - China - Coronavirus - China - Coronavirus - China - Coronavirus and finally 


Sunday, June 21, 2020

Rahul Gandhi INVOLVED IN MK ULTRA ALONG MODI visited often times Italy

His mommy(Italian fascista Sonia Maino) not the real reason for his visits to Italy.... Berlusconi(meetings on the side with Italian government) and others, however, were. Conflict in mentioned region well planned ahead just as the case was/is with Coronavirus...

Little bye little, your president Donald Trump is winning American tsar title(second presidency first). But thats okay since you are not asking for one to be jailed. Not enquiering about this very MK Ultra case either...ALL GOOD !!!

Rs 50,000 crores and yey for Trump despite all

From https://www.hindustantimes.com Modi's show goes on. News was announced already yesterday.
@Modi - I would suggest immediate dialog with Beijing and even offer to share small fortune with them. 

Walking on Chinese(its what angered me)TVs and such was far too far. You walked not only on "Black lives matter"(ALL LIVES MATTER), but also on Chinese workers who often slept on streets just so they could report to work. Is the stuff you don't do. Help one another is the stuff you do. The two of you along with Japan have future to build - a new frame of hope for humanity.

GAME OVER: In Tulsa, "YUGE" for Trumpet - beside his "sexy" WH press secretary(assuming she showed up), few seats were taken

MAKE EMPTY  SEATS NEXT TO YOU GREAT AGAIN :)))) From https://www.nytimes.com
Just being really sarcastic in respect to "sexy" as I deem her to be belligerent (super disrespectful) toward American public as much as one possibly could be. BECAUSE WHEN BLACK LIVES MATTER, ALL LIVES MATTER AND THEY MATTER THE MOST BECAUSE THEIR WILL FOR LIFE DIDN'T FADE AWAY DESPITE DAILY WASH(tempo of life)WHICH MANY OTHER FATES SUFFERED PRIOR TO THEIR DISAPPEARANCE(Slavic groups all over the Northern America lets say while Latinos follow closely same pattern)

Saturday, June 20, 2020

Indian Narendra Modi built in DESPUTED region a roads, bridges and other facilities - was looking forward to conflict which he built for quite some time(OVER DECADE)

Indian and Chinese troops have been engaged in an eyeball-to-
eyeball standoff at several points on their 3,500km (2,200-mile) border, most of which remains undemarcated, since early May.

On June 15, 20 Indian soldiers were FINALLY(article doesn't state for how many years two governments refused to engage in a normal dialog) killed in physical fights with Chinese troops in the Galwan Valley close to the disputed Aksai Chin plateau claimed by India.

Physical fights as no guns/weapons are permitted.

Satellite images can clearly demonstrate Chinese point of view I am certain - for Indian, however, Indians will have to wait till country is born again.

Will also add strange psychotic sick behavior anyone can observe on Indian side of the border...
Was it like this also with Indian border guards prior to conflict !!???? MENTALLY ILL https://www.yahoo.com/news/trump-superfan-burns-posters-chinese-110000817.html

INDIA TODAY(and warning to you) = Sick, hateful, and in line to be next as good to go(NOT A PARTNER TO HUMANITY AND EVEN THREAT TO ITSELF)

Its also called and known as BLACK SUN. Its meant to be a sundown of humanity as all races except selected white withing white would survive one....

Friday, June 19, 2020

Why so many conflict around China against China - because China declined NWO plan

Refuses to have anything to do with global neonazism - new imperialism/colonization.

Indian Narendra Modi have bitten neonazi $$$ pill - taking India on a path of betrayal(WAR) against humanity in crucial moment

American neonazi bully state using Taiwan and India for assault on China - Coronavirus was well prepared. We can see attacks on China from all around China taking place against China. It sems all for nothing. https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/defence/indian-troops-crossed-lac-and-purposefully-launched-attacks-chinese-state-media-quotes-its-military/articleshow/76408405.cms

John McAfee was one of the first people(since 1995 indeed) involved in MK Ultra - knows about it ALL

Related to https://www.heraldsun.com.au/truecrimeaustralia/john-mcafee-is-arrested-with-a-cache-of-firearms-in-the-dominican-republic/news-story/aef4a6df6d02e9735ff27a2fcf34da88

This is truly cool laid back individual who begun to see enemy in me because of more and more radical views insisted in me by deep American state during MK Ultra.

When on duty as police officer, you have no business to eat at MacDonalds

You pay(order) and you go. People/ public(your patrons) don't want to listen your radio or watch uniform when eating. Even dogs like to eat in peace. https://www.yahoo.com/news/viral-video-police-officer-claims-135911285.html

The only thing I have to say about Tanya Brown - involved in MK Ultra is


TRUMP PAYING FOR CONFLICTS WITH CHINA: If you take this man seriously, you have mental deficiency problems - Mike Pompeo attacks China and says 'we stand with Australia'

Pompeo keeps harassing China into global neonazi NWO cooperation - colonialism exhortation as described on this news site. Something thats its time for US journalists to also begin to inquire about Trump's administration.
Australia was just fine till Trump arrived on political podium :)))) was trading with China and selling products all over the world. 

Thursday, June 18, 2020

Mary Trump, a clinical psychologist and the president’s only niece involved in MK Ultracase

I court her on and on her when subjected to MK Ultra - without success. Labeled as racist by Mary who appeared to be otherwise interested in me. Was involved in MK Ultra since early stages, but got almost totally off picture sometimes in 1999. Had severe fight with Trump - two were enemies and couldn't stand one another.

About Mr. John Bolton, I have already stated all I had to state...he was also involved from beginning and there is nothing he wouldn't be familiarized with in respect to my MK Ultra case. 

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

“Is it only a pandemic if you are a conservative and you’re a Trump supporter?”

I only have one word for you Meghan McCain...neonazi E S T A B L I S H M E N T just like your daddy was. Nothing to add https://decider.com/2020/06/16/meghan-mccain-joy-behar-defend-trump/

It is not unusual when even your html text from blog on Notepad ++ is changed

This is not a joke.
They are buying themselves time whichever way they can.

The magic is not remember back 25 years about what went on when drugged up - MK Ultra

The magic is to remember despite what was done to me to not remember.

For everything in USA that went on up to 2006, Chinese were guilty. I was told by American politicians to must be moved back to Europe as Chinese wanted to burn my brain totally with amount of electroshocks... you know "Chinese animals" as he would refer to them as(you know who was behind it all - Trump demanded hatred against Chinese from me already in US).

STORE COMING NEXT: Blocked on no less than 4 sites when attempting to open online store

Specially that award space site hosted on German servers was hostile, but I gained experience on how and how not for the cost of problems, and will offer now store of my own within day/two ;)

Name of the store Auser Smart :))))

TRUMP CREATES CRISES ON CHINESE INDIAN BORDER: India Chinese conflict as assistance to global neonazi politic. What world doesn't need in critical moments of attack on humanity in US

Conflicted for the sake of his global neonazi agenda started right before meeting in Hawaii this week !!!

I condemn both leaderships for it as is no need to support your ex colonialist with divide and conquer game during time when lives of those are at stake who bailed you out of total annihilation. Hope both of you understand that we are all alive and well today because of people of United States of America who stood up against nazi rally at Madison Square Garden in 1939. 

Involved himself into MK Ultra in 1995 already and became police officer via this very case

For his personal details(what went on his life and in life of his family in 1995), you ask me questions. Thank you very much ;)

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

REPOSTED - I was threatened in case I could reveal entire event of 1995 as was by the "only man who could save my life"= Mr. Lech Walesa

On no less than at least 20 occasions they followed up on me with bellow mentioned brainwash on how I discriminated against Polish president Walesa(Borut Pahor did and Poles did), and have threatened me with above - and have even brain washer(one of them) involved in MK Ultra at this very residence coming on font door to remind me that "everything is okay will be okay upon publishing news about how I hand picked Polish presidents two weeks ago"...

I never ever handpicked any Polish president - they wanted me to see it this way, but this never ever was the case. If you doubt about my 2pac account, ask his ex wife Keisha Morris and or Mike Tyson who always was his mentor. Detective involved in investigation was a neonazi who set 2pac with homicide under Bill Clinton's supervision/ administration.
Psychiatrist in this building(next door) is related to Walesa just as much as physician in Zgierz. 

Video can be also seen at https://youtu.be/EYeRBGp5cJM

MK ULTRA - Both involved right here in Poland - 1 supposedly never was here(would have on record service overseas - military) and another one yeah most likely would confirm

#1 Mr. "If you will ever say, won't able to prove as on my record will be written military whatever service overseas" is a great supporter of Mr. Bush. Dallas Texas. This was a test subject. Meaning that US Government would assign to some who were in Poland military overseas missions to cuver up operations in Poland:)))

#2 Man seeing here(James) not a test subject...he just wanted to live in Poland period. Both are Americans and for both I know private details in my sleeve in case either of the two would have questions :))))

Here is the NORDID who "sAVED" by life under Bill Clinton's administration

It was always about save, so for this occasion too was indifferent.

Now that would be betrayal from my side if I ever would point in individual. According to Germans who release news this morning how Medaline McCann is pronounced as dead - Merkel used news throughout MK Ultra implying that news relates to me.

Schwarzenegger confirms my hit about his imitator via news as seen bellow

If you can do something like this, then I will issue news such "genius brands"...genius news followed Schwarzenegger's imitator for just few days(2 ?) after video was released in which I point out location of imitator in whose residence I was sometimes in 2013 - I estimate.

@Schwarzenegger - I still don't like you and never did or ever will. There is nothing human inside of you.

Monday, June 15, 2020

Individual involved in 1995 abductions to Europe looked as seen bellow. Most likely was Polish as Poland had far better relations with US than Russia

This was a CIA / Polish individual. Whether American born Polish or Polish from Poland in US - I have no clue. He knew his way with Eastern European politicians politicians incl. Russians...most likely Polish American CIA individual. Totally involved till 1998/1999 in almost all operations. Everywhere. Related to https://ausertimes.blogspot.com/2020/06/lech-waesa-aleksander-kwasniewski.html

Lech Wałęsa Aleksander Kwaśniewski Kaczyński Polish racism case against me or what I charge Poland with

I never ever handpicked any Polish president - they wanted me to see it this way, but this never ever was the case. If you doubt about my 2pac account, ask his ex wife Keisha Morris and or Mike Tyson who always was his mentor. Detective involved in investigation was a neonazi who set 2pac with homicide under Bill Clinton's supervision/ administration.
Psychiatrist in this building(next door) is related to Walesa just as much as physician in Zgierz. 

Video can be also seen at https://youtu.be/EYeRBGp5cJM

From how media described Mike Tyson as and my personal MK Ultra account with one, I

could never ever agree to have recognized anything in one. This was and will stay in my memory as one of the nicest people involved in MK Ultra I ever met. Soft spoken, rational - very easy to understand as has excellent ability to relate to person... 

How disabled child ended

Anton Bucar who was main teacher and under whose guidance child was destroyed, have upon departure of child gestured me that he did for my sake calmed otherwise angry parents :)))) 

Buckingham palace undermined even Winston Churchill in attempt to turn one into firm neonazi colonial state

I know granddaughter of Winston Churchill personally just as the case was with all other British politicians. Not bye coincidence as most of the time spent in GB was either inside of the Buckingham palace(also their private locations) or next to royals.

Saturday, June 13, 2020

Works together with Musk - was in his shop(factory) inside of his home

Well planned ahead event by the two.
Also German technology just as the case is with Musk.

Pest, squirrel, and break "him" a spine :))))

West of Phoenix along I10(Wintersbug/Tonopah area) unless lied about.

News about Trump's marriage in 2005 surfaced on yahoo - I was told case will be to set me up as was brought again like animal(uncle Tom) to attend one

Where I again met Clintons, Bushes, and few others...but not in the ballroom - upstairs inside of the room ONLY. Because Trumpetin anticipated my confirming stated and have video recorded whole thing to counter my claims. 

I once heat mentally disabled schoolmate severely in his stomach - was judged upon by my school teachers/schoolmates(parents life threatened) perhaps for life

My Slovenian schoolmates who would regularly pick on me(on daily bases, but often got beaten up by me alone as was a string as it gets child) found a new toy to play with as half mentally child joined our class in fourth grade or so at Osnovna Sola Grm - grammar school in city of Novo mesto... they would beat him physically as instructed by teachers with idea to get him out of class/school as fast as possible as they deemed was a problem for everybody - physical abuse against child was horrendous - I watched one falling apart infront of my eyes and have somewhat seen myself in one as beatings/abuse left severe psychological marks on one.

No such thing as marriage of any kind for me in Poland

My name is Bostjan and I am a human being first.

If you see news such as Polish police will get cars Skoda, know we made and arrangement with Czech against you

Pollacks learn fast is all I can say. 

In a country where European Union is guilty for it all even that everything is financed by one(know I do not adhere t European Union because of her most murderous Soviet alike involvement against me), I am glad they revealed me their intentions under MK Ultra as their wishes reveal to me who I dealt/deal with. 

I was severely beaten up for those signs that stand all over the place where it says financed by European Union...beaten up. Hit in stomach, spit in, threatened...but if those signs wouldn't stand all over the place, I wouldn't even know why all that great stuff I had to undergo under MK Ultra...

Even if person who knew about future purchase misinterpreted me news as lie of his own(whoever that was, he had highly classified financial information which only top Polish authorities have).

Trumpet poses in-front of Polish pope bronze statue(St John’s Episcopal church) in his "favorite" church

Favorite is at least what I was instructed by a psychopath personally to be :))) Why I had to listen to his meaningless diarrhea - he knows only. He also talked about bible under MK Ultra - about Coup d'état on United States of America for which Poland knew absolutely EVERYTHING. 

Abortion is a human right - not church's privilege to decide

When in Lodz city(Gdanska 10), we had a real terrorist driving on a broad day light back and forth distributing hateful message to public by yelling anti abortion slogans via megaphone from his crazy vehicle... https://www.msn.com/pl-pl/wiadomosci/polska/kaczyński-chce-zmian-w-ustawie-antyaborcyjnej-to-trzeba-naprawić/ar-BB15paue?li=BBr5MK7 

Police never ever reacted to violent terrorist who obviously obtained Polish permit for his acts of terror against public. 

Friday, June 12, 2020

Second most involved American psychologist(possibly even psychiatrist) was here today for a short visit as promised

This was second most involved person in MK Ultra. I hoped for one to stay a bit longer, but he left as he gestured most likely would. This was one of the sharpest individuals I have ever seen. 

My question for Joe THE ESTABLISHMENT is why should Trump be AWARDED with elections on the first pace !!????

His place is jail as this clearly is not a US president, but instead neonazi assassin because of whom lives were lost already.

3000 Americans dead - 25.000 injured in a single day, so we can see what we see is happening across the USA TODAY !!! - Tire slashers(Helter Skelters) should be most thoroughly investigated - most severely persecuted as are more dangerous than what 9/11 was

Word is about 9/11 and George W. Bush who had Trump running IN THE BACKGROUND along his operations 24/7 during his presidency - and as proven under my MK Ultra case. 9/11 was a prelude into racial war in US what many many(all too many) knew back then and know today. Related to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Main_Page


DESPERATE TRUMP NOW EXTORTING FOREIGN OFFICIALS: Kangaroo Court should refer(hope will) your neonazi asses with aid of domestic courts to Nurnberg trial as the case already was

Pompeo(heavy😀😁😂😂 Trumpet team member ) threatens even International Criminal Court officials with forced unemployment(property damages known as "economic" sanctions). Check this out...connects his neonazi issues with Afghanistan to gain support from officials of the countries involved in NATO operations there :)))) in another words, he asks for well planned escalation of nazism via false threat on foreign officials who were forced for the most part to submit themselves to 911 George Bush's neonazi politic :)))) HOW NICE TO REMIND US OF YOUR BLOODY DEEDS MR. BUSHY....

Thursday, June 11, 2020

Just as I have described Mr. Epstein was testing under MK Ultra my math skills

Thank you yahoo. Go over my blog posts(I think I recorded video on mentioned subject) yourself. Have posted seen above several months ago.

Where everybody is innocent


I was told about my views against Poland to be seen by Polish state as a sign to go and hand itself in hands of nazi politic as one would have no place to turn to(pressed against the wall from all sides, brave Poland falls at last and surrenders itself to nazi Germany/Fort Trump was MK Ultra interpretation to me)...

In 2012 when brought agan to Poland from Slovenian mental institution known as Ljubljana Polje, Poland borrowed me to Norwegian entertainer a bit :)))

Needed stimulation - new ideas according to him, so I was flown to Norway(I bet not for free either, but Polish parliament can ratify more about that issue.).
Man was very nice with exception of being extremely dismissive/discouraging in return for my attempts to make him feel small. Claimed me under MK Ultra how I will never made it through. He, however, did left me on Facebook as promised even a date of visit to Warsaw...

There were at least three American test subjects that ended with lymph nodes surgically removed here in Poland

I have a tough questions for Polish government.

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

You at Fujitsu familiarized with my case might have just guessed

Letter sent to me from lawyer in Warszaw on how to remove video about assassination attempt at Fujitsu will now come back to life. There will be also other stuff that will come back to life of which none is pretty.


Video can be also seen at https://youtu.be/7bZWA2drYKE
Special thank you to Serbian friend for what you are about to hear in audio recording if you understand Serbian(Serbo-Croat) language. 

Audio recorded just prior to or during first day of training at Fujitsu in Lodz, Poland on February 27th, 2020.

ALMOST 49 AND UN STILL IGNORES CASE: Letter about car thuggery was given to state prosecutor two months and two days ago as seen right here

After initial report which I filled with police in Lodz(when summoned for interview), Polish police never responded(don't eve bother to answer phone calls) just as MK Ultra scenario was in which suggested my driving on side streets and hiding due to unpaid insurance till caught in intersection next to Carrefour(Auchan) not too far from here...

Why my videos look blurry(they also jam, stop in middle of recordings when phone would even reboot itself and so on)

because they modified inside of hostel yet another new telephone I purchased. Even video converter programs were modified to produce video files 4 x times larger than should be. But this was all organised by Polish police who also refuses to investigate own crime.

Croatia says no to AMERICANAZISM - joins the world with a Black Lives Matter protest in Zagreb today

World with exception of few such as "Fort Trump" state where everything also started, have sent strong signal to American neonazi establishment as per how one stands in respect to racism declared on diversity. Croatia did just that today as well.

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

COUP D'ETAT: These are not police officers; there are hired assassins(provocateurs) wearing police uniforms with badges

Their pay day is coming/ no worries. Those who will replace Trump's administration which declared war on America will make sure boys like this get deserved benefits for their "public service" to American taxpayers(the only thing missing on their shoulders are neonazi swastikas)

We have nazism in the US organized by marginal groups as seen here trying to escalate conflict into a larger national racial war as ordered by individual inside of the White House.

America(world) needs human zoo again, but for people to see inside of cages those who caged in the past them

If I get ownership of exotic animal by the name Donald Trump, sure everyone will pay me $100 for a two/three hour ticket. Related to https://allthatsinteresting.com/human-zoos-photos-history#3

Google "lock Trump" and you will see what Americans want(not think, but want) !!!

Media is lying about it all. Pushing Biden forward because one is part of establishment(Bush, Clinton, Trump, and others - not Obama who was truly people's president). This is important to note as we are heading in something case should never be. Candidate who set nation on fire is not candidate, but traitor to nation - traitor to all Americans.

Poland obtained from Slovenia(via this very case) what Slovenia obtained from X

Colonial tendencies of Hungarian Orban could end in tragedy for some in Europe alone - luckily Hungarian people for the most part are not like that at all


When in Hungary, I met lots of really really nice people. Not a single Hungarian would state sorry word to me. In stores, Hungarian Forint coins were frequently replaced with Euros when refunding me change.