Monday, June 15, 2020

How disabled child ended

Anton Bucar who was main teacher and under whose guidance child was destroyed, have upon departure of child gestured me that he did for my sake calmed otherwise angry parents :)))) 

In eight grade of grammar school(could also be in first/second grade of high school), 4 years after one was taken out from our school to a special institution for intellectually disadvantaged children I begun a protest against system demanding his release from one to parents/others...its when I was told I too will be taken there in case of my not keeping mouth shut(place was Smihel school for intellectually disabled where child was DESTROYED DECIMATED into nothing within two years there).

Angry parents eventually forgave me after they learned whole truth- took my side...was not a secret(whole thing was written in UDBA file which access have had Borut Pahor). Why did angry parents placed child in here, however, and not kept him at home I will not go into. There was some confessions from their side as well.

As I begun to protest(8th grade it was), I never again was allowed to visit(yes, I visted one as well) child again.

This is just one truth of many many in my book of life.

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