Tuesday, June 23, 2020

@India and American investors/billionaires - H-1B issue

@American investors/billionaires - go to America if not allowed for America to come to you.

@India - ensure good reception of of those who would like to migrate business to you from US.

Goes same for others...why to wait for something to come to you or to be allowed to have something...go get it !!! Its all written in US immigration booklet. Copy/paste in yours :))))

I recommend INDOCHINA to any serious individual out there...would gesture India and China to make up for recent conflict with joint delegation at one table instead - see how two great countries could reshape economical picture for one another by offering special market strategy to foreign investors based on which three could profit within...something alike European Union. The more connections, the better we are all off.

Elon Musk(German spy from failed South Africa state) attempted to provocate me under MK Ultra in 2008 or so with issue , "if you will want to much from me, I will just give you everything and we will see what you will do when you will not know what to do...now tell me what are you going to do if you will not know how to run cost efficient whole thing"...

My answer to him was obvious, "will get Chinese to help me out just as you got Germans"(almost everything in Tesla was given to Musk by German Audi/Mercedes according to Merkel alone they prefer to give in his hands than sell on heir own - biggest threat to Germany Asian auto market - had immense hatred against Japanese and even Korean automakers)...he laughed no more. His face became deadly serious. Took goof a while through frustrations to find his way back with more nonsense for which he knew not what he even wanted any longer from me...

Expensive(far overpriced) German cars on our European market with even more expensive criminal tactics against our people are a NO NO option for me. KNOW WHAT YOU ARE WORTH !!!

India should vs USA ease visa restrictions for US investors....apply opposite of Trump's tactics.

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