Friday, June 26, 2020

REMINDER: Will do video on twisted mind of Ivanka Trump and her father when she was at age of just 16

Based on my DATING rebuttal(I did so also brutally as one was pushy time and again when subjected to MK Ultra) of Ivanka Trump, her father rushed her on surgery table at age I estimate age 16. I cite father Donald Trump, "before she ends high school as I don't want world to see her disfigured face - something that will mark her for life".

As you know dating UNDERAGE is an act of pedophilia, and attempting to force one into relationship via force(I was life threatened by her father for here stated - promised retaliation by him and her alone - latter Jared Kushner joined with death threats as well) equals in this case at least to rape.

For that matter(to cover his criminal ass) Trump involved me as well into similar situations also with other financially capable wealthy people of all backgrounds who consequently(not all, but some did) agreed into silence in respect to my case.

Hurt Ivanka insisted on my vendetta against me throughout my age 16, she was as rapist(can be also seen from her public speeches and its where she gets stamina from - its because "we can"  criminal attitude) as her almighty daddy who never met dead end from law enforcement officials(GRRREATLY OVERDUE).

While I have nothing to do with any other individual involved in MK Ultra for that matter, I will not let go when it comes to Trump family.

Donald Trump went on to further insist due to my rebuttal of his daughter to Eastern European leaders on how I am racist to soon after address their own people as animals and even as ugly(right here in Poland and on some other eastern European locations locations) while in US, he came up with total cleansing program(trade wars solutions) against minorities...its how all that great about Trump's saga also ended.

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