Tuesday, June 30, 2020

American police forces get away with killing more than 1,000 Americans a year

Police brutality must end.

There is no doubt something has to be done about it. Problem is the one who controls the crime as one can be encouraged or discouraged - problem is the ability OF SOMEONE who has the ability to either decrease armed police involvement in world of community affairs or even increase one with idea to abuse its powers for personal agenda as is the case of today - Donald Trump.

Its not an easy job to govern multi-ethnic/multiracial state such as is United States of America...and the only solution for such state is multiracial consensus which should control police on the streets, so those if armed as case is with police in US, should strictly follow regulations which apply to their uniformed conduct in public. 

As per idea on how its just difficult to fire police officers who are in fact offenders due to so called police union(news I read about today) for which am certain are necessary for all other reasons; however, is strange - unacceptable in fact. It breaks down to all sorts of factors of which all have trace to the top of the state - governors and from there to presidential powers...

Killing a human being based on color of his/her skin not a big deal at all these days in US....and when did all this started and where does it trace !!?????

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