Sunday, June 28, 2020

Will also release detailed video about Polish Pope John Paul II's death

Will explain in details under what kinds of circumstances did Polish pope died. Who was behind his death - why one took place. Deepest secret of Kazcysnki's brothers and Berlin(his death was consensus from both sides - mutual agreement and Pope John Paul II despite knowing what is taking place, have refused to return to Poland - I see this from his side as protest against both sides) will be released this way - hope his spirit rests in peace at last as every individual on earth has the right to his/her personal life(life as life and views as views on how one wants to pursue life as)

Its area where politic shouldn't cross in my opinion, but it did so violently too.

Deepest state secrets you can learn about here only.

My revealing top state crimes as German side planned on are obviously forcing political elites of both sides to flock together even more - openly for the difference of the past...happy voting of 2020 in your see nothing, heard nothing, know nothing GOD LAUGHING at you Poland.

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