Friday, June 19, 2020

The only thing I have to say about Tanya Brown - involved in MK Ultra is


Who knows what truly happened in OJ's case. One was used to promote destruction of America more than anything. Used to split society and MK Ultra is just perfect for that matter.

I don't see how someone as strong as OJ was would use knife as assault weapon - today even more evident since there was no violence present in one. But there could be someone else who used knife on two and have subjected OJ at the same time to MK Ultra.

DELYSID 25 LSB is a funny tool....I don't think is used only to produce hallucination and if it is, there is another variation of one used to keep person on brink of subconscious for as long as necessary without one having the ability to defend himself as was my case... was OJ driving his vehicle so slow when running from police because this was the case !!?????

It could well be and as strange as it may sound that O.J. in fact may be totally innocent individual in slaughtering of his ex wife and her lover.

America is country so racist/bigoted(hateful) that just a thought to return there scares me to the bones. Full of treachery/backstabbing where is not unusual to meet Tanya Brown or whoever set up Buddhist Jens Söring with double murder in Virginia...Black lives matter movement, matters the most because public which is mentally destroyed via daily wash(abuse - stress issues for people to not remember and is more effective than any pill out there) is awake - alert and stands their ground for their sake against nazism !!!

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