Thursday, June 25, 2020

MK ULTRA: During online store creation which went on foremost on this MK Ultra location, I will only use name "Steven Wanderski"

Thats all I need to state. Psychologists/ psychiatrists severely brainwashed(tortured) on online store creation in 2010 and 2013(mostly). Same situation applied as case was with pres-elected employers. Blogger or wordpress and almost all platform that existed out there and some even which didn't existed at the time yet and were presented to me in 2015...Fujitsu team of ex coworkers was deeply involved in it, but I did ended up even in Chicago to meet image slider creator(used a lot by MK Ultra test subjects) to meet Steven Wanderski in person - in 2013. I think this explain issue with online store quite a bit...

MK Ultra's schlachthaus is how I see this location as. A place where you have ghost of past running all over place and where you interact with people involved in one from the probably for victims to avoid at all costs, but Kaczynski's gang insisted.

Not in Poland buddy...
This is where one must pay mortgage to president/presidents(even across the border) and its why/where doors stay locked...its where people don't remember...haven't seen/ haven't heard...

The first on from Fujitsu who benefited from this case as far as going overseas was IT professional Piotrek(Fujitsu) with two other colleagues at age probably 17/18 when they got paid trip to Paris.

What "schlachthaus" in German, see dictionary for yourself.

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