Monday, June 15, 2020

Lech Wałęsa Aleksander Kwaśniewski Kaczyński Polish racism case against me or what I charge Poland with

I never ever handpicked any Polish president - they wanted me to see it this way, but this never ever was the case. If you doubt about my 2pac account, ask his ex wife Keisha Morris and or Mike Tyson who always was his mentor. Detective involved in investigation was a neonazi who set 2pac with homicide under Bill Clinton's supervision/ administration.
Psychiatrist in this building(next door) is related to Walesa just as much as physician in Zgierz. 

Video can be also seen at

US politic is for me simply a type of the politic which
world also will view from now on as such. No such thing as "Biden good as God can make man"(Lidsey Grahm insisted me under MK Ultra - distributed via yahoo) in my book.

Was Clinton that was far more dangerous than Bush for whom everyone knew who/what one was. The most dangerous is for one to count on something one doesn't have or exists...such is the case of plastic Biden. Minorities in US not alone, but if they decline struggle in a crucial moment as is right now, they will find themselves to be alone in the future as world of tomorrow will consider them as non relevant(compliant with nazi tyranny). There two mighty countries that exist on map of today as well(not only eastern Europe) - both ex colonies...China and India and both favor tolerance. Piece through equality.

Here is how much I owe Walesa for his presidency - why it was time for him to step DOWN in 1995. Understandable.

Both of these films were produced in Poland. In December 1989, Warner Bros. intended to produce a "major" movie about Wałęsa, to be made in 1990 and released in 1991.[140] The company paid Wałęsa a $1 million fee for the rights to produce a biopic.[141] Although the movie was never made, this payment sparked controversy in Poland when five years later it emerged that Wałęsa concealed this income to avoid paying taxes on it.[142] The Gdańsk tax office initiated a tax fraud case against Wałęsa but it was later dismissed because the five-year statute of limitations had already run out.[143]

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