Monday, June 29, 2020

Its not over yet between Vanessa Kay Haydon Trump and Trumpetin Jr. in respect to official divorce yet

Vanessa Kay Haydon Trump a great mother of FIVE children she gave birth to Trumpetin Junior used to date Valentin Rivera who somehow became involved in MK Ultra and have consequently lost his girlfriend(at one point very interested even in me personally and its how she triggered Jr.'s attention, but all that doesn't matter) to my MK Ultra stalker Junior. Its how Valentin Rivera and Vanessa Kay Haydon paid price to Trump psychopath Junior first time and the second time Vanessa Kay Haydon paid price to Trump psychopath Junior was when it was time to get read of her(after she gave him 5 kids) to get finally into public life(no more behind doors) with Fox News personality Kimberly Guilfoyle(INVOLVED IN MK ULTRA) whom he was also screwing with behind doors since 2002/2003. For thyat matter and with idea to cause Vanessa Kay Haydon as much emotional pain as possible, parasite have chosen as instrument yet again MK Ultra via which he made her even write letters to her old and already completely forgotten love.

 I will also do just this also because one of the grandchildren's of Trump's name is Milos is why :)))

Its over when I hear from her personally its over - other than that, Junior will probably endup loosing every dime to her and will spend rest of his life behind bars. Valentin Rivera ALTHOUGH involved in crime in 1995(minor things), was left without no choice other than to hit streets for deeper and deeper crime...his life ruined as a result completely.

Settlement is there yes, but NOTHING is over till its over.

Trump family - parasites to the world. They destroyed(ruined) more lives than what you can possibly count...Either for Ivanka or Junior or Erich - makes no difference...its all the same. TRUMP BRAND AND ONE MUST GO !!!

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