Sunday, June 28, 2020

In 1996/1997 when we first met

Couple was deeply in-loved...she, however, became irritated most severely already during first/second session of MK Ultra because of clear display o nazism. Husband became nervous about and yelled at those who brought me including myself to behave...during second MK Ultra session on ranch, we no longer were welcome according to him alone.

It took Colorado governor to bring us back on picture and involvement of community - lots of people from local city knows me very well. Either Latino or American woman appeared on scenario...she had boyfriend, but things went as she begun to date during visits I believe even owner - no longer only politicians...more women appeared, and owner became calm as sheep...related to

Yes I can identify people and of younger even parents. Their properties. Such is the case with woman who came to visit his store in second video...she is actually I think from another city like two hours or so away, but another woman who also was visor I remember her mom and her house in local city.

One woman was latino or Indian and other two American....

The one is second video is his old old friend...participated in MK Ultra.

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