Thursday, June 18, 2020

Mary Trump, a clinical psychologist and the president’s only niece involved in MK Ultracase

I court her on and on her when subjected to MK Ultra - without success. Labeled as racist by Mary who appeared to be otherwise interested in me. Was involved in MK Ultra since early stages, but got almost totally off picture sometimes in 1999. Had severe fight with Trump - two were enemies and couldn't stand one another.

About Mr. John Bolton, I have already stated all I had to state...he was also involved from beginning and there is nothing he wouldn't be familiarized with in respect to my MK Ultra case. 

Trump talking about criminal case against Bolton due to release of his new book about Trump is just like Charles Manson threatening prior to trial a Linda Kasabian with criminal actions...

Mr. Bolton never ever was afraid of Donald Trump and have made his positions clear to one in he face as per what will happen if he sees in the future from me releasing out anything related to abuse. Mr. Bolton felt for me all along and was encouraging.

As far as Mary Trump, she was inside of this very residence. As far as myself and her, she had me inside of her apartment. And so on and so forth.

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