Wednesday, June 17, 2020

The magic is not remember back 25 years about what went on when drugged up - MK Ultra

The magic is to remember despite what was done to me to not remember.

For everything in USA that went on up to 2006, Chinese were guilty. I was told by American politicians to must be moved back to Europe as Chinese wanted to burn my brain totally with amount of electroshocks... you know "Chinese animals" as he would refer to them as(you know who was behind it all - Trump demanded hatred against Chinese from me already in US).

The amount of electroshocks received in US after MK Ultra sessions took place was so severe that it was dangerous for me to operate car...I would occasionally struggle to stay on foot as I would suffer seizures - I would occasionally just begun to shake and fall on the floor...when on bed in 2004, 2005, 2006(specially), I would begun to shake on bed as if connected to 220 Volts for explainable to me reasons...eventually felt as if I will fell of bed due to SEIZURES I suffered during was time to either lock myself inside of the room, or DIE - BE KILLED BASICALLY !!! SEIZURES BECAME FREQUENCY(a new normal) ON EVERY THIRD OR SO DAY !!!

I smelled burnings inside of my head(as if I would smell smoke) in 2006 out of was very very bad - on the brink of end in fact - whole thing was not that much Russian who started this procedure, but became main tool of those who observed Russians to engage in brain burning even more while pointing all at them(Polish Kaczynski didn't object ECT violence nor did Duda / Morawicki - I was listed as good to go just as many Poles whom they paranoided with Russians while hiding behind crimes they committed).

Once I begun to lock myself inside of the room, health recuperated with enormous speed but they still got ahold of me in Chicago, Bellingham, Norway/Sweden in 2010(via Slovenian psychiatric institution in 2012/2015 and Belarus in 2017), but not anywhere even near as much as the case was in the past...brain electroshocks went on, but were insufficient to stop my memory(brain) from recuperating...I suffered ZERO seizures since 2010, so now you d understand that this wasn't about remembering, but what I was allowed to remember !!! Not about if you can build store or if you can, but what you are allowed and what you can despite what we do to you !!!

@Schwarzenegger - am I correct !!!????

This is why I am NUMBER ONE of all times(nobody ever will repeat what I have done either). THE ONE who escaped them and pointed out to world per who they are !!! You have to have strength of 10 Schwarzeneggers to do what I have done and be be built stronger than if from kryptonite. 

Don't consider myself nothing special and absolutely decline to see myself as such, but I am the one who escaped them(ENTIRE US POLITICAL DEEP STATE ELITE) in 21st century.

Nothing as American told me under MK Ultra "if you remember back 5 years you are average...if you remember 10 years you are exceptional and whatever you remember more you are outstanding" all has to do with written above. THIS TOO WAS A LIE !!!


Its why he gained support from Buckingham palace to become US president. Because of his Slavic wives and hatred for China. 

I had a beautiful Chinese woman in 2006...she and I had a wonderful time...but someone was determined to prove it was Chinese behind it all. His obsession with China can be seen on world's stage today.

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