Friday, June 12, 2020

3000 Americans dead - 25.000 injured in a single day, so we can see what we see is happening across the USA TODAY !!! - Tire slashers(Helter Skelters) should be most thoroughly investigated - most severely persecuted as are more dangerous than what 9/11 was

Word is about 9/11 and George W. Bush who had Trump running IN THE BACKGROUND along his operations 24/7 during his presidency - and as proven under my MK Ultra case. 9/11 was a prelude into racial war in US what many many(all too many) knew back then and know today. Related to


Clinton - Bush(BOTH TERRORISTS) - Trump

And know that Joe Biden served them all.

In 9/11 was also a special team of "police officers" involved who carried out operation along assisted foreign terrorists for attack to be as severe as possible !!!

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