Thursday, June 11, 2020

Just as I have described Mr. Epstein was testing under MK Ultra my math skills

Thank you yahoo. Go over my blog posts(I think I recorded video on mentioned subject) yourself. Have posted seen above several months ago.

Fact is fact. My memories go solid into 1995. Not pleasant in respect to Epstein who was homosexual. Something I have to thank to Clintons for and our great Eastern European leaders as well.

His waiter knows me very very well...all the staff on his luxury island. Funny FBI would visit island during his absence. Its when staff would totally cooperate, but they didn't have what it takes to get me out of magic circle. Keep laughing prince will laugh in hell.

FBI to me, "we will"...always was "we will if you will if you will manage etc."...

Today, well well...

Not only island, but his apartment, boat, and so on...

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