Tuesday, June 16, 2020

MK ULTRA - Both involved right here in Poland - 1 supposedly never was here(would have on record service overseas - military) and another one yeah most likely would confirm

#1 Mr. "If you will ever say, won't able to prove as on my record will be written military whatever service overseas" is a great supporter of Mr. Bush. Dallas Texas. This was a test subject. Meaning that US Government would assign to some who were in Poland military overseas missions to cuver up operations in Poland:)))

#2 Man seeing here(James) not a test subject...he just wanted to live in Poland period. Both are Americans and for both I know private details in my sleeve in case either of the two would have questions :))))

James was always just a nice man. A really nice man - a bit shy, but humorous nice man that always placed me in a great humor without even talking to one(people were just happy around him).

Was loved by psychologists, and I liked him myself under MK Ultra but became scared of me as hell as I created reputation for people to become ruined based on friendship if they created one during MK Ultra process..."zivot ti se sam od sebe znisti" type of reputation😆😁😀😂 as my friend Dusan would say....

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