Wednesday, June 10, 2020

ALMOST 49 AND UN STILL IGNORES CASE: Letter about car thuggery was given to state prosecutor two months and two days ago as seen right here

After initial report which I filled with police in Lodz(when summoned for interview), Polish police never responded(don't eve bother to answer phone calls) just as MK Ultra scenario was in which suggested my driving on side streets and hiding due to unpaid insurance till caught in intersection next to Carrefour(Auchan) not too far from here...

To write as seen here, translate, and hand write took several days...hand writing alone 10/12 hours possibly more. Very costly and exhausting/full of frustration(sadistic brain killing) procedures.

Owner of Skoda claimed under MK Ultra on how I will even endup paying him money as he would recognize my case as legitimate on court etc...police officer involved in case confirmed stated, but begun gesturing different story even on how I should get another officer in case he doesn't responds etc.... and that he is connected with landlords where abuse took place and if either one fails truth that would never come out and so on and so forth...

I will tell you how things are going to be as of today...

Gangsters will not recognize my case because I will not allow them to recognize one(historic view on why not awarding Adolf Hitler and his nazis for his deeds rather than to charge them for crimes against humanity's type of logic will not  be tolerated from  my side either)

@United Nations

I will be personally investigating people at your organisation on why it took you(IS TAKING YOU) this long to respond to my human rights pleas as you jeopardized along the noenzi court in Strasbourg via this very case a war against entire humanity. Its how it starts - by undermining rule of law via cases as seen here(its what Rump used and it seems some would like to use inside of European Union for their grand appetites toward East).

My case was proven already in Slovenia where I insisted on MK Ultra for several years explaining what went 2018 case became case undeniable during my visit to Nowy Targ/Zakopane. 

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