Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Poland obtained from Slovenia(via this very case) what Slovenia obtained from X

Funny Pollacks who work in companies which wouldn't even exist in Poland if Slovenia wouldn't declined their presence on Slovenian employment market(was also told to remind Pollacks of as our directors have declined time and again Western investments in one for the sake of Poland) keep asking me if Slovenia is already(wasnt enough that we had to wait for one to accepte, so we could enter together per Milan Kucan/Borut Pahor) in European Union...

So that US troops transfer fiver doesn't have real purpose either ;) 

You are like really really funny people, so I TOTALLY understand Joseph Stalin's view on dealing with you :))) He knew how to - with you.

He even gave you borders like you never had including the one on Baltic sea to be in return stabbed in his back along with entire USSR. Yes its bad because we are Slavs and when you do what you have done to me(yet another Slavic individual), world can ask itself questions about us Slavs as whole. Doesnt matter how small country either regarding USSR/Stalin...the smaller the country in eyes of Poles(Slovenia is 16 x times smaller), the bigger advantage must be taken of one. War with much smaller Czech/Slovakia republic due to ethnic prejudice, enslavement of Ukrainian nation under Apartheid rules and now this.

You rejected even Black lives matter movement in US after hosting Barack Obama here ....

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