Monday, June 8, 2020

About my tooth which was detonated via bluetooth

This is not a joke...its a upper wise tooth. Fujitsu employees implicated themselves in this very act. It was done by first removing original plumb sometimes in 2010 and enlarging hole to the point one can deposit single grain of corn in one. 

Wise tooth just as was told under MK Ultra when tortured, is well connected to neural upper skull as well as jaw nerves that lead all the way down neck and is specially painful if its nerve gets inflamed - via hot/cold beverages/food easily...and so we went my seating at the table giving me such or food that would stick inside of the teeth to the point I would cry - was helpless in pain and gestured all sorts of what I should and what not...similarly did two sisters(Bozena etc.) from Grotniki exercised torture(destruction of sight as one quadrupled upon my return to US) by using wrong prescription glasses during MK Ultra because I made fun of Armenian gentleman during class of Polish language...will have videos coming on this subjects as well, but know this are extreme forms of torture that left me with injuries and are also clearly indicating that no price whatsoever for me to pay was too big for Poland alone. Noonono...everything will come out ;) EVERYTHING.

Is okay...I no longer ask myself many questions as I got clear answers on who was and is behind what !!! What I think about it all, I have already told you.

For everything stated above I have physical proofs.

But not everything is so dark because I got plenty plenty of good advice under MK Ultra, so "help" in Poland was overwhelming. Ungrateful me...

I guess someone had to pay for it all...for anger of politicians that had to deal with Poles, for Poles to disburse anger on someone who was incapable to defend his life, for being sloven slave and for being neonazi....for everything "good" and bad in this world whatever good/bad may be :)))))

The only hope both sides had was that I wouldn't remember and torture could go on, but since 2009(because in 2006 upon my return I suffered even seizures due to electroshocks used to clear memory - this is how bad and intensive whole thing was - would shake on bed as if someone plugged me on 240v in sleep...would fell on floor - locking door eventually saved my life as I recuperated withing 4 years if you think MK Ultra is a joke), doors whenever possible begun to lock. In Minneapolis they almost bumped in me during night raid into apartment...but brain recuperates itself...heals itself and such was my case !!! No, this is not a love song you read. I was spared from human hyenas of NOTHING in this world.
Is not so difficult...when its just a toy....

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