Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Colonial tendencies of Hungarian Orban could end in tragedy for some in Europe alone - luckily Hungarian people for the most part are not like that at all


When in Hungary, I met lots of really really nice people. Not a single Hungarian would state sorry word to me. In stores, Hungarian Forint coins were frequently replaced with Euros when refunding me change. 

Those who were in Slovenia, loved one what was at the time a bit difficult for me to understand since I ran from one. Government did organized car theft from free city's parking lot do which costed in the end more than car alone. Young people cried/complained about education in Hungary ad I have seen Scandinavians/ Germans/ Americans raiding Budapest via cheap night clubs. Budapest sure didn't feel like Hungary...Hungarians complained about wages/ difficult life and I sure feel based on seen even if under another Eastern European system(GOD FORBID), things wouldn't be any worse as they were/are. Just saying based on what I have seen/experienced. Idiotic Orban's conduct, however(its mainly why I stated "under other system"), may in fact accomplish just that in case Hungarian nation is not outsourced by previously mentioned American/ Scandinavian/ German social engineering impregnators(rapists if you ask me as natives are selected for jobs via RACIST DISCRIMINATORY social engineering standards/selections). Well - if considering new map of Orban and his insane tendencies, how do you think not only real Hungarian business people are seen as when abroad where in Europe where business potential is the highest...as a matter of fact, how do you think regular Hungarians are seen by their neighbors when abroad !!????? Why to do this in 2020 when well supported/ accepted "Black lives matter" movement in US sends clear signal to humanity as per slaves no more...reparations for Hungarian colonialism in Slovenia, Romania, Croatia, Serbia !!???? What is the grand idea of politician dinosaur such as Viktor Orban is who even wishes graduates all best in new university endeavors for which there is great lack of financial means and necessary educators(run abroad due to $$$$) !!????? Orban not alone...

Much discussion went on in our house in Slovenia during 1999/2000 concerning Italy...Americans who participated negotiations acknowledged with fear/demise/ horror of what they observed...on Italian side of border(Italian side) we visited Slovenian minority which extends beyond Venice(huge chunk of Slovenia was taken from Slovenia throughout history on Italian side alone - will not go to Hungarian issues or Italian as Vienna alone was Slovak/Slovenian city) for a completely insane talk(only Slovenians participated - I was subjcted to MK Ultra). The subject was on what to leave out of Italy. "Just don't do this here, I don't want to get any of that here if you will do it"      

Mental patients from Slovenia insisted me only half of Lega Nord territory(the side that borders with Slovenia) would be left intact - the rest gone with a wind for ever.  I will not continue as insane to contemplate on each others' tragedies rather than what case must be - young building bridges of friendship/love between each other to overcome historical differences that did humanity no good.

I deem for today's Italian/ Hungarian Belusconi/Orban sentiment(probably one exists in about 10/20% of population) is guilty post WWII political Soviet alignment in Eastern Europe alone as both nations according to physiognomy greatly resemble Eastern Europeans and people of both nations are happy(goes both ways - I personally am fan of both nations) in our surroundings as long as politic doesn't get underway. 

So with said, I wish young Hungarian(and Italians) graduates a lots of ambitions(best in their lives - a success and everything that comes along to those who strive toward positive in life)...with them a lots of love with which they will build their success via bridges based on mutual friendship - possible to attain foremost with rejecting role of slaves(what Orban asked from his students is what MERKEL which consequently owns more and more in both countries because of Orban alike stupidities disallows her German students - she instead incites her students in what I am stating you today right here, and those accomplish such goals for the cost of those who position themselves in Orban's shoes) in a modern world.

Silo nukes(also known as backyard nukes) are hidden inside of big/small factories, warehouses, barns - are assembled as easily once material is transported via planes to designated locations just as one assembles table/drawer in his home. You can even stand on one and you wouldn't figure out what is under you.

Slovenia is about 15 times smaller than Italy.
Italy is approximately 301,340 sq km, while Slovenia(size of Israel) is approximately 20,273 sq km, making Slovenia 6.73% the size of Italy

One, however, is not less deadly if considering can blow away(annihilate - obliterate) entire Italy(15 times its size) within just a matter of few minutes.

This news will be removed sometimes tomorrow just as if one never ever xisted... I don't want to be known about stuff like this nor want to traumatize normal people with it, but know written here are facts.

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