Monday, June 15, 2020

From how media described Mike Tyson as and my personal MK Ultra account with one, I

could never ever agree to have recognized anything in one. This was and will stay in my memory as one of the nicest people involved in MK Ultra I ever met. Soft spoken, rational - very easy to understand as has excellent ability to relate to person... 

What I have seen in media/tv, I attribute to substances and not Mike's real nature. He is a warrior, and I see nothing wrong with it(can't blame human for picking himself up and continue with struggle time and again). Mike Tyson has also done more for positive US image than any other sportsman or US politician I have seen(with exception of Jordan - Magic Johnson etc., but thats also basketball)

I would love meeting him again. What bound me and Tyson to one another was a 2pac's tragedy which I explain in following video. Its how he got to know me and its why I claim for individual to have soul of peaceful lake. Stay safe brother.

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