Monday, June 15, 2020

Schwarzenegger confirms my hit about his imitator via news as seen bellow

If you can do something like this, then I will issue news such "genius brands"...genius news followed Schwarzenegger's imitator for just few days(2 ?) after video was released in which I point out location of imitator in whose residence I was sometimes in 2013 - I estimate.

@Schwarzenegger - I still don't like you and never did or ever will. There is nothing human inside of you.

I cite MK Ultra staff member(probably either psychiatrist/psychologist - American whose life was involvement into MK Ultra - they had medical staff whose side jobs would consume more time on MK Ultra than what official duties were demonstrated under official discrepancies). I cite "I do this a will be hard for you...if you could at least remember for 5 years back would be outstanding...remembering 5 years is average of what I see people remember out there...remembering 10 years back into MK Ultra is already outstanding - few can...what is more is exceptional...".

Now you can see I talk about year 1995's MK Ultra scenarios just like it was yesterday...I remember faces...people/not only scenarios...they laughed at me I cite Bushy/Trumpetin, "unfortunately for you, most important happened in 1995 which you will never ever remember hahaha"...

This happened many electroshock years back sure, but memory is clear as mountain stream. Mind without any pollution(mental problems) - immaculate. Going back 25 years into MK Ultra time.

Imitator never answered when asked on his youtube page for which he claimed would be used to embarrass me if I would dare...what I did was risky(I admit) strategy, but not really after having so many proves in my more demonstrates me who anticipated to do what with me than as per what could be used if I would miss as told case was...this case no longer can be disputed by any authority on planet earth.

West of Phoenix along I10(Wintersbug/Tonopah area) unless lied about.

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