Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Here is the NORDID who "sAVED" by life under Bill Clinton's administration

It was always about save, so for this occasion too was indifferent.

Now that would be betrayal from my side if I ever would point in individual. According to Germans who release news this morning how Medaline McCann is pronounced as dead - Merkel used news throughout MK Ultra implying that news relates to me.

To set the record straight - I am not German and have nothing other than problems created by neonazi German state which ruined my life that relate to Germany. Goes same for US where became naturalized citizen(was awarded slavery certificate after being exploited most severely for no less than 5 years already) in 2000. 

I am just a dirty filthy sloven of slave(Slovenian of Slavic origins) origins as was told(TEACHED) by both systems in 1995 upon my arrival to the land of brave and free.
I don't care even a bit about "looser" and "winner" of 2020 US elections as I know what real election$$$$ are(IT ALL BREAKS DOWN TO THE POCKET AND US IS A BADLY HURT ANIMAL AT THIS POINT WHEN CONCERNING ECONOMY BECAUSE OF NAZI PRESTIGE WHICH US TAXPAYERS ARE COMPELLED TO SUPPORT). I know where it hurt$ and what it does to the country for the cost we see today is finally publicly happening on political stage in USA:)))) 

Biden or Trump as I stated, makes to me no difference. Kaczynski or Lech Walesa - they all work for the same agenda. Its only the truth that sets us people free from those who chocked us(and our parents, and grandparents etc.) throughout our entire generations...

My crime(one and only) was huge and for this I was punished severely....I set foot on "land of brave and free" as a slovene slave and thats a no no no...know your place ;)

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