Saturday, June 20, 2020

Indian Narendra Modi built in DESPUTED region a roads, bridges and other facilities - was looking forward to conflict which he built for quite some time(OVER DECADE)

Indian and Chinese troops have been engaged in an eyeball-to-
eyeball standoff at several points on their 3,500km (2,200-mile) border, most of which remains undemarcated, since early May.

On June 15, 20 Indian soldiers were FINALLY(article doesn't state for how many years two governments refused to engage in a normal dialog) killed in physical fights with Chinese troops in the Galwan Valley close to the disputed Aksai Chin plateau claimed by India.

Physical fights as no guns/weapons are permitted.

Satellite images can clearly demonstrate Chinese point of view I am certain - for Indian, however, Indians will have to wait till country is born again.

Will also add strange psychotic sick behavior anyone can observe on Indian side of the border...
Was it like this also with Indian border guards prior to conflict !!???? MENTALLY ILL

India has a Trump's you see, ready for action. How not mentally ill...

Dubya's visit just few months prior to conflict...ohhhh...
Just few months ago in India - look who posed for cameras...

When you express solidarity with your own enemies in a CRUCIAL MOMENT against even your own people, your name is Narendra Modi.

@Rahul Gandhi - SORRY WORDS FOR YOU. F A S C I S T.

Trump prepared himself along Buckingham's palace very very well for bullying campaign China.


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Bye the way, Germany, London, and France already expressed solidarity with India ;) I am abit late with this news in fact ;) With India not China !!!

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