Sunday, June 21, 2020

Rahul Gandhi INVOLVED IN MK ULTRA ALONG MODI visited often times Italy

His mommy(Italian fascista Sonia Maino) not the real reason for his visits to Italy.... Berlusconi(meetings on the side with Italian government) and others, however, were. Conflict in mentioned region well planned ahead just as the case was/is with Coronavirus...

Little bye little, your president Donald Trump is winning American tsar title(second presidency first). But thats okay since you are not asking for one to be jailed. Not enquiering about this very MK Ultra case either...ALL GOOD !!!

Italian fascism in India....asking for war against China obtains immediate support from White House...I cite, "ohhh, will help them"...

The best outcome for White House !!????? Nuclear war between India and China or lets say same between anyone in Asian region...wonder not why.

On June 18/19th...

Chances with what we see here are YUGE for Trump(a proven criminal because of whom lives of Americans were lost in US due to racism - polarization of society) to become president okay as I stated earlier.

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