Wednesday, June 17, 2020

STORE COMING NEXT: Blocked on no less than 4 sites when attempting to open online store

Specially that award space site hosted on German servers was hostile, but I gained experience on how and how not for the cost of problems, and will offer now store of my own within day/two ;)

Name of the store Auser Smart :))))

Thye would just go and demand me to reopen already existing accounts - sites...connecting and disconnecting them disallowing me to also upload store themes - disallowing me to array stores and so to WordPress, I wasn't sure what went on till I realize once uploaded material to other sites functioned that whole thing was online stalking and making things the thing impossible. They would go as far as posting me on my new store sites news in latin language(would combine irrational writing of which some words would be in latin other in God knows what with English titles and so on) which gestured health problems...hard drive would run for days s one smelled like baked goodies...what started with Fujitsu only escalated, but important factor is to stay in the game and go on despite all.Degree of violence against me impossible to describe.

This computer is completely controlled tool. Dangerous. Was blocked from internet in google browser till I would use other one which took me via yahoo right here where everything is explained about blogs and monsters by Sweish blog superstar.

As you see, internet is a total diarrhea but its a tool 99.9 % of the time to which people run to when persecuted. Nazis didn't hanged around for too long after WWII...from burning books to internet still the same. Some things never change.

Financial freedom now yes. Then book and more stores...job etc...

@Alexandra Nilsson@aftonbladet - TACK FÖR REMINDER PÅ go back and make more blogs ;p the monster is waiting😅😕😂

Translated from above and brought via Nordic psychology science as close as possible to my case heh :)))) - this girl was also involved in my case:

The Influencer in Tears: "Regret that I started the blog"

Alexandra Nilsson became known as "Kissie" when she started blogging 15 years ago.

Now she puts it down.

- When I think of the blog I feel nothing but disgust for it, she says on Youtube.

She started her blog when she was 15 years old and took Sweden by storm. Alexandra Nilsson, 29, quickly became "Kissie" with the entire Swedish people. Over the years, people have had a lot of opinions about her and in recent years she has become one of Sweden's biggest influencers on Instagram and Youtube.

But now she has written her last post and says goodbye to her followers on the platform.

- I actually feel the last few days that I regret starting the blog, she says in a video on Youtube.

"Will delete the blog altogether"
In the video, she bursts into tears as she announces her decision.

- I will delete the blog altogether, it will not remain, she says.

Alexandra Nilsson in tears as she shares her thoughts on the decision on Youtube.
Alexandra Nilsson in tears as she shares her thoughts on the decision on Youtube.
In the last post on the platform she develops why she chooses to quit.

“It just doesn't give me anything anymore. To be honest, the blog has only taken energy from me these past few years, but I probably didn't want to realize it. It has been a bit scary and strange to think of a life without a blog, and it may not be so strange when I have updated it, several times every day for almost 15 years. It's really sick when you think back to how long I've been able to keep it alive, ”she writes.

"I created a monster"
Alexandra Nilsson says she entered the cyber world and created the alias "Kissie" when she wanted to escape reality as a 15-year-old.

“But it wasn't me, basically this has never been me. I created a monster that grew so big that I no longer had control over it. The monster took over me completely, ”she writes.

Alexandra "Kissie" Nilsson 2009.
Alexandra "Kissie" Nilsson 2009.
"Has been criticized constantly and even suffered from eating disorders because of it"
When Aftonbladet Nöje reaches the influencer she says it is a great relief.

“I associate the blog with the years as young and uncertain, and I am not today. Shutting down the blog was the easy part. The tears came because I began to think about how much the blog and the media have actually ruined for me. Growing up as a young woman in the eyes of the media has not been easy. Has been criticized constantly and even suffered from eating disorders because of it, "she writes in a statement.

What would you say to your fans if you followed the platform?

"I am so grateful that so many people have chosen to follow me, become just as happy every time someone comes to town and tells me how they found my blog from the beginning."

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