Thursday, June 25, 2020

MK ULTRA - In 1996 when brought drugged up to Poland, Kaczynski pushed me in hands of Polish mafia - his crime saga about me he was gonna build ended after here seen incident took place and people from West found(Merkel protested) out about what went on

Off course I know course I know PERSONAL details that date back to 1996/1997 about here seen people.

This is what real Poland is. Also What Kaczynski, Walesa, and others attempted to hide and have lied about for. The story a bout me the nazi and angels from Eastern Europe.

Am I correct Duda/Morawiecki !!???

The myth Kaczynki's brothers built about me(attempted to build as is blowing into their faces) have fallen apart badly. Simiular story went on with Arkan(war criminal) from Serbia...ask Vojislav Seselj about it.

@US Government - and this is what I was brought from US even as a citizen to Eastern Europe for !!???

Let the world read - let the world know the real truth about who and what you are and what you have created out of me to protect your real identity.

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