Tuesday, June 23, 2020

WHITE SUPERIORITY: Why South American Indians are disadvatgaed when compared to rest of the world - goes same for African continent./ Australian aborigines etc...

Answer is very simple. Because South African continent is a continent of jungle even today. If you want to prosper technologically, one has to connect itself with world...Amazon(rest are high altitude mountains and even deserts) is jungle even today and that means a very hard job to do. 

Best positioned on globe are whites as per geographic advantages and for that matter white superiority is nothing more than a myth...would call one even a disease/plaque which devastated due to its violence many other cultures/races - including often times race of their own.
South America was also the last continent populated as Asians immigrated to one via Bering strait...man on photo has many issues going on and thats just good for IQ...I would actually rate them as intellectually very well developed - but discriminated against severely. White plaque(exploitation-theft) did its part here for sure....

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