Monday, November 30, 2020

MK ULTRA - Yeah yeah - I think man is from Texas in case MK Ultra memory still has it(DOES DOES AS I REMEMBER HIS HOOD HOUSE ETC.) and hyah I was in his garage(house) and neighborhood

LIES IN SLOVENIA(long nose growing even longer) CHANGE FAST: Politically persecuted Janez Janša(this demonstrates hypocrisy of Pahor) already on his way for arms purchase to Israel - Patria corruption affair in which one was involved up to his neck far/forgotten FOR NOW behind(last time one appeared on court was 2019)

Those condemned to settle for such lies are condemned to a self s***w-up. From Patria corruption to new weapons purchase and many other crimes in between - fakely persecuted human rights activist Janez Janša remains blood thirsty at the edge(front) of the Slovenian traitors colon - those hiding behind him like lets say Borut Pahor. 

What for Slovenian soldiers means to participate in NATO occupations of foreign soils !!???? Worse than death - a defeat(disgrace) of Slovenian WWII past basically which national liberation front claimed as victory for 75 years. Yes, there is such thing !!!

Mr. Potrč was involved in MK Ultra already since 2000 or so - his friend from Rijeka too and both are a long time friends(100% from 2004 already)

Mr. Potrč bought small vacation property in Sweden sometimes in 2008-2010 is what he told me during MK Ultra. Goteborg his very old destination(where he also brought me time and again with idea to help some day) - as old as new life from man you see on video....

Google asks how many Australian soldiers were killed in Afghanistan - not how many Afghani civilians(moms working dads/brothers/sons) were slaughtered by imperial Hitler alike SS boys who came to seed death/destruction and foremost civil war across entire Asia in the name of freedom

Google is truly funny. A bit to funny for my taste.

Putin's entourage(body guard) #2 can be seen right here

 You would under no circumstances knew of these unless you would remember and know what you are talking about. This individual was selected was told based on his physical appearance for which closely reminded of Slovenian according to Putin. 

Saturday, November 28, 2020

CIA boys Morawiecki/Andrzej Duda, and Andrej Babis will get soon new neighbor

Its a 2020 December surprise and people of Poland, Czech rep., Belarus have no one other to thank for this. GOOD JOB !!!

Friday, November 27, 2020

Quick fix - about Putin's bodyguard(one of his bodyguards) in Slovenia

I was wrong when initialy suggesting "drinking coffee(next to Putin) from his hands was a Russian roulette - chances for survival depend on his boss Vladimir Putin"....

This individual and NOOOO OTHER INDIVIDUAL(Shoigu was actually really good man in contrast to Putin) was the only individual whom you were able to relax - joke with. He was soft and nice while his partner was scary one - he, however, as he told me too would do if ordered(they were two - team and there were others)

Thursday, November 26, 2020

About Chinese communist party and its leadership

 They were horrified/terrified(CONCERNED) about what went on with me in Slovenia and have even prayed for me - they also pushed down the throats of eastern European politicians a MUST TO HELP ME attitude. This probably explains how things were and are in here.

Vtis katerega so nameravali narediti name je ničen sploh pa me politika nikdar in nikoli ni zanimala

Človeka ki je delaven zanima delo, dom, družina - politikantske gnoje pa laži, prevare, pa tudi pobijanja.

Americans insisted for my publishing what took place, I would either have to leave Slovenia or die according to them(its not that all this took place because I was brought for torture from USA to Slovenia for no less than 13 years) - Borut Pahor didn't get passed his poisoning cancerous threats

 If you will go to work then your launch box - Borut Pahor told me in 2006(bashed about it during MK Ultra) that no one in his family has cancer except for an aunt. In 2012 that he expended cycle within family. Claimed that he had to get read off even national assembly(Državni zbor) employees - parliamentarians. After 2005/2006, column cancer pill was expanded to new cancerous possibilities. 

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

By CIA appointed Tigrayan separatist who assisted his Eritrean mentor Afwerki in a war against Ethiopia even across the border NOT supporting new war

But in 2008(if not even 2006) Tedros Adhanom Ghebre Jesus did brought me drugged up along CIA to Mek'ele where we met Debretsion Gebremichael. I can describe whole incident with total details as per where and how. They had their people on border and whole thing was a smooth ride as soon as they made shift swap. 

In 2004 - Putin was gone from public, but still would randomly return to Novo mesto(did each time they hijacked me to meet with foreign politicians outside of Russia) - In 2008, however, it was over for eternity is what KGB individual claimed me as they feared for his safety

 Local people begun to organize assassination of one. They caught two locals attempting to whack one due to death he brought and it was over. This didn't prevent his right hand security associate who would frequently mix pills into people's coffee to promise me in 2008 that he if needed will give pill to a local collaborator who will do it for him. This is the way it was with Putin and city of Novo mesto which hosted one for almost decade - half of which city was his second home.

MK Ultra in 2017 when brought from Belarus to Poland was extensive

 Medical procedure was done in Ljubljana - its where they threw me on operation table and performed whatever they performed prior too or after taking me even to United States of America where Borut Pahor had me pose next to Rudy Giuliani who attempted to claim infront of cameras to assume responsibility for stated here. Trump's administration just as Buckingham palace don't mind assuming responsibility for whatever takes against whomever abroad and they all did so on behalf of Vladimir Putin - not Lukashenko.

Dental procedure, however, was done to me in Poland.

Rudy Giuliani attempted to "remind me" lately once  published news about my health situation(next day) that it was American administration who did this, but he was briefed infront of me about medical procedure against me prior to his verbal bullshit in which he insisted they demanded. Rudy Giuliani was New York City's new police commissioner believe it or not.

Don't know if I did mentioned or not, but my Belarus friend Sergei had surgery in Novo mesto

Situation was I understand even life threatening as they removed something from his body - probably cancer related. I can only speculate on lymph nodes I stated speculate.

Would also like to have option such as "Other please specify" added to American Equal Employment Opportunity questionnaire in US

 This would work for me just fine and I bet for many others as we Slavs don't see ourselves in so called "White" no more.

Its like a Brexit if you know what I mean...



Don't lock them on long term. Get them arrested, process their information once arrested, charge them with crime - issue them tickets with financial penalties($$$) on them, and have them released immediately.

Then have police visit their homes via collection agents(follow up with debt agencies) in case they don't pay financial dues ON TIME and auction if necessary their homes to get compensated for state costs to stop Berlin's aggression. 

Do it American way - democratic.


If you ordered US troops out today, would they leave without direct WAR conflict with Russia !!?????? Goes same to Ukraine...

THE POINT OF NO RETURN(KILLING OF RUSSIA): Eastern Europe totally LOST in open PUTISTAN sea - without any guidance and divided as it gets, but West is preparing to hit even with WW3 not only economically

Berlin(the one to whom Putin looks for hope and to whom Putin pushed in arms Ukraine, Poland, Czech, Slovakia and so on with his own FASCIST conduct on stage) commenced OPEN war on eastern Europe THIS TIME with attempted revolt in Belarus - designed via Polish Andrzej Duda/ Morawiecki, Andrej Babis's CIA installed agents. Idea was to bring NATO tanks another 600 kilometers closer to Moscow since those are positioned already along Ukrainian Russian border as well as all over Back Sea. BEAUTIFUL !!!

Cheering of Vladimir Putin <3 in Western media ended with what you see here

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

@United States of America/London/Berlin

 You can imagine, I am not happy with you.

MK ULTRA DEAL WITH IT FACTS - not because some people just no longer knew, but because they knew all and have instead hoped for the worst

In 2004/2005, Belarus Sergei stayed upon his trip from Poland in our house in Novo mesto for some time on what he moved into apartment(he shared one with another individual - perhaps even two) building located on location known as "Nad Mlini" while he would continue to commute to job at the local pharmaceutical company known as Krka - his position was warehouse assistant - operated fork lifter also. After he bathed with herniated spine at the tiny stream near Smarjeske Toplice UNDER the bridge along few locals, director of terme saw him and he got entire year free entrance to interior pool area for free.

Saturday, November 21, 2020

I knew immediately to have seen this before(somewhere) - life of Hollywood gigolo in Australia

Its not Mike Tyson or Evander Holyfield we are talking about here dumbest set of exercise yet. Do not hurt yourself unnecessary as half of these are meant to cause self harm only - most severe harm possible.

Where !!????????

Friday, November 20, 2020

Thursday, November 19, 2020

Prince Andrew once even sent me into action explaining(as brainwashed under MK Ultra) British woman she should spread her legs for him because her own people don't match criteria of her genetics

 Related to brutal yes.

CoburgerSchweinbergers Battenbergers affraid for their miserable filthy lives - I will take Coburg down as far as MK Ultra with a single sentence since Google maps are even disabled for this German city as instructed by City major

Pardon, city major must now be age 75 to 80 while Buckingham palace connection I anticipate some 60 to 65 years of age - in respect to article bellow. Updated same day 3 hours latter.

Individual who claims(and they claimed me to somewhat be related to them even that distant, but still convenient for both partie$) to be their relative became wealthy via this very case as Buckingham palace opened connections to one - his age is about 75 to 80 I anticipate at this time. Battenbergers 

Don't know if we were there for every Christmas as Andrew claimed(left few days earlier ad returned for Christmas right back I anticipate was) since 1996 or so, but we were there often and also during summer months. City was overly decorated(looked unreal) during winter holly-days for their arrival and local mädchens ready to excite them - lined up one after another. We do have a little mill with name Kabur in city of Novo mesto, but we are not anything alike Caburgs here according to prince Harry :))) The thing is that MI/MI6 caught prince Andrew beaching to me personally in Britain about English alone as ugly/repulsive and degenerated - that one is very cautious when dealing with them and specially whenever dating women would pick only among German looking females which are according to him even hard to encounter in UK ;) Its how entire British car industry went down the toilet and more - Britain nothing more than a bus stop for parasites on their way to designated destinations in name of the Germany.

Armenian prime minster Nikol Pashinyan is a terrorist and now also a proven war criminal(much more than just warmonger)

 Azerbajian has every right to file case against one - I know I will.  He murdered civilians and is the main cause for war as one campaigned for war no less than 23/24 years. First street Trump stayed at was his street - his residence in Ijevan(yenokavan) and I know so because I was there and can give detailed account about what took place. Donald Trump counted and still counts to continue his presidency via war in Armenia. Is not over. Donald Trump became with war act in Armenia a war criminal himself - he incited in war between Azerbajian and Armenia. 

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

With Coronavirus vaccines is like this


AMERICAN BLOGGER(GOOGLE) proceeded to place on draft post about Armenian trainer whom I have identified at Fujitsu and then after list was comprised have published her back on blogger.

 List was past her comprised yesterday when also google account for this very blogger was changed - I told you they have changed google passwords back to old one after I already changed them(did so after phones were stolen to secure accounts). The one playing with it are google owners - also involved in crime against me just as Facebook owners. 

Armenian terrorists who know her, but with whom she has NO ties(SHE HELPED ME OUT BECAUSE SHE WAS INTERESTED IN ME AS MALE AND AS A HUMAN BEING IF I ALREADY HAVE TO DISCLOSE WHOLE THING  - NOT BECAUSE SHE WAS WARMONGERING FOR WAR WITH ISLAM) otherwise, told me case will be with blogger platform - gestured me that individuals employed at Google with whom he already made pact about cyber terrorism against me confirm his action for the cost of loosing employment there(if this is how far it would go) as US government already secured them new positions elsewhere.

One of the terrorists in fact individual whom you were able to hear during my last video IN FACT has direct connection inside of the Google and have had acted as a hiring personnel at Google when I was job searching in US. Mentioned Armenian girl was involved in MK Ultra already very very early on...probably from 2000 or so...far earlier than any of warmongering terrorists who targeted me in Lodz hostel.

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Ethiopian full scale crises(total chokehold of the nation) were developed by separatists led by Eritrean Tedros Adhanom GhebreJesus who works at United Nations and his mentor Eritrean DICTATOR Isaias Afwerki - both nothing more than CIA tools used to choke entire Ethiopia 120 million people via coastline which consists of no more than 3 million people

 China should step in action and bridge Eritrea somehow. United Nations should finally serve its purpose and condemn its Eritrean separatist CIA agent Tedros Adhanom GhebreJesus. It doesn't work like this. Its a shame about what goes on with United Nations these days.

Azerbaijan should remain vigilant in face of Armenian aggression - Israel counted to make good impression on Muslim world via this conflict and things from within(once recognized) can turn in a totally opposite direction at just about any time

Whole thing from Armenian side seemed as a sort of trade for which top leadership knew will end with defeat(Armenia knew about Israeli drone sales to Azeris - why risk defeat then). They also talked about second coming conflict and this would be detrimental one, so don't be so sure about everything.

Note left on a kitchen table for few days already - says high blood pressure

I would rate one as exploding(24/7 for three years) sure, but it doesn't matter as WHO chief Tedros Adhanom and António Guterres at United Nations are there to protect violence against me. 

Remember ear drums game via directed energy weapons !!???? Remember directed energy play in Grotnikah where high blood pressure was timed for 05 am(I think it was 05am you can go over blog) exactly every day and this regardless of how much sleep one would get !!????

Armeni terrorist didn't only pose in Slovenian city of Novo mesto where brought in 2003 next to me(he opened also banking account here); US government involved one into my job search once they blacklisted me on job market

 I was shocked to learn that terrorist I was talking to when applying for work at one of the companies was individual you can hear on audio recording - at the time of our conversations in Poland, he had a great lack of English communication skills.


Armeni terrorists were taking photos - recording videos with me in he car and even intimidated(they bullied Azerbajanis with me drugged up next to them) Azerbajani people when on Azerbajani side I estimate in 2001

 Related to

City on Azerbajani side where brought to was Ganja.

I charge United States of America and Poland with acts of terrorism against citizen of Slovenia with also American citizenship.

 You will eat this news for some time to come as you serve as a state to neo-Nazi purposes only. You destroyed me 26 years of life like this. You ruined my life for your agenda - disregarded me as a human being while preaching world about human rights.

Poland insisted on how Armenian LAVROV who visited one(was a visitor of terror cell in Lodz Gorna|( where I stayed several months) will save me from Vladimir Putin - just do your job say nothing....Kanye West on how Kardashians will save me via his presidency -  just do your job say nothing, and finally how Armenian now prime minster Nikol Pashinyan will save me  -  just do your job say nothing....anything else is new !!???? 

MK ULTRA: Two FUNNY Armenian terrorists aka "resistance fighters" recognized(appeared for show) in Lodz Poland per American CIA(Central Intelligence Agency)

Video can be also seen at

Salaam alaikum..

Clearly a terrorism. Not assistance of any kind. It was Donald Trump's pre election stunt and ultimate attempt to destroy me. Thats all

Individual I was talking with was in city of Novo mesto(in Slovenia - in my city) in year 2003/2004 already. My timing was very bad in respect to this case.

FASCIST Ron DeSantis was in Slovenia and in this very house and in this very room

 Just to log info as will be used in the future.

Monday, November 16, 2020

ASKING GOVERNMENT OF UNITED STATES OF AMERICA: Where is the law that would allow for people to defend(SHOOT TO KILL) themselves from neonazi beasts !!?????

@United States of America Government - THANK YOU FOR THE ANSWER !!!

Memories come via job offers(unreal, but enough to trigger about what went on when drugged up and where)

If I wouldn't take MK Ultra as a totally unreal world where I allowed myself to do whatever I was pleased and that foremost included insults(this is what happened with me after several years of MK Ultra as I learned was used as a human toy only), I would have never made it alive - luckily I didn't take my MK Ultra blunders seriously. This is from Spain

FOR WEST, SOON NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT: Belarus to take part in All-Russian Congress of Preschool Education Workers

MINSK, 16 November (BelTA) – Belarus Education Minister Igor Karpenko will take part in the VI All-Russian Congress of Preschool Education Workers in Moscow on 17-18 November, BelTA learned from the press service of the Belarusian Education Ministry.

THE FILTHY PLAY OF UNITED STATES OF AMERICA: Hollywood is 95% politic - 5% of acting

And Hollywood from 1940s no longer exists. It was wiped away gradually - listed by deep US state as the main threat to future neonazism upbringings. It was Patrick Schwarzenegger who insisted on my cooperation with Kardashians. Each individual in Hollywood is classified to serve issues of fourth reich according to his/her specifications. US Government stabbed in back by placing me in areas with highest potential conflict for Russia, China, and Muslim world - basically those with whom they have war. Eritrea, Israel, Armenia...I couldn't understand how it was possible to be almost simultaneously in Lebanon and in Israel - simultaneously in Armenia and in Azerbajian and Turkey - simultaneously in Eritrea and Ethiopia while having other governments bitch me on my conduct...I DO NOW. Today I do because I understand the backstabbing German lie game.

I was prompted by American psychologist Smith to change google password twice because google owners will revert one back if not and even delete password info about various accounts from gmail


Blogs posts already removed from circulation(such was case about mentioned psychologist Justyna) were again activated(published) - placed back online

 Nope, its over 100% between the two of us. I am just saying what Polish Czech police have done via stolen phones/. 

She knew all about coming(far more than what I did) so I don't care about it even a little bit. This is just for the record for people to understand what went on. Related to

The biggest the mightiest pedophilie grooming group that ever existed in this world(specially across the Europe) is based in Vatican - not Makkah

They are NOT Muslims as Buckingham palace would want to portray situation in Britain to exonerate Vatican and own blunders...its a Christian Church next door and this was written in Slovenia with acknowledging same all over the world. They should be banned from existence as their door presents world of Lucifer which demonstrated us and reminds us today of what took place just 80 years ago.

Christianity has two ends - extremely poor and extremely reach.

Sunday, November 15, 2020

As far as abortion as the woman's basic right

 I would have churches pay entire abortion bill for each and every female in need of abortion or have all churched closed down !!! Church clearly is AGAIN engaging in FASCISM !!!

At Buckingham palace's The Telegraph - warmongering media machine

#1 fact - Jesus didn't look like Hitler, nor did he looked like Donald Trump or Charles Manson. 

At Armenistan:
#1 fact - Please ensure that your mass exoduses which lived on mentioned land for 20 years, burn their own housing only - not whatever they have stolen from previous original Azerbaijani people who they had to run for their lives out of their homes. 

#2 fact - People with clear/clean conscious have no reason to run from anyone because they haven't done anything to anyone and have therefore nothing to fear

Donald Trump didn't get even 10% of votes in 2020

On so called million man march in Washington DC, only few thousands of low educated WHITE TRASH KLU KLUX KLAN participants appeared. It wasn't like this with Black Lives matter movement which gained sympathy of entire US. I estimate Trump scoring some 5 to 8% or so on 2020 presidential elections... elections totally hijacked.

I see Poland to make myself clear as a terrorist state - VERY DANGEROUS RADICAL PRO FASCIST STATE !!!

 I do list one on the list of few most dangerous countries there is on earth. This is where American CIA kills with hands free unhinged.

Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan was the first individual involved(brainwasher assigned to me as handler) in MK Ultra concerning Armenia

and Armenia DID assaulted Azerbajani civilians before anything else once war commenced there. They replicated in Turkey with whom they didn't start war due to its size a Black Lives Matters movement in US which fought and is fighting for bare survival, but for all the wrong reasons - well panned ahead WARMONGERING for WW3. Will release audios about Armenian terrorist movement that traced me to Poland - in a hostel at Gdanska to be exact.

Both involved in MK Ultra and good friends and so was Khabib Nurmagomedov along his now deceased father. Was in his city with him and so on.

INCOMPLETE(work in progress) LIST OF MK ULTRA PROOFS - what main stream media covered up WITH police on behalf of politicians and often times their owners - royals/business people

BLOCKED FROM POSTING LINKS TO THIS VERY NEWS SITE ON FACEBOOK(its executives involved in case since 1996/1997 - far before one even existed / think Sheryl Kara Sandberg and others not only Zuckerberg) PER US GOVERNMENT AND FOR NO LESS THAN 3 YEARS. Russians, on the other hand, never ever allowed me on their social networking platform such as is VK knowing about GENOCIDE degree Russian state committed against me.

Renewed complain


I personally(myself) produced what you see here with aid of people which somehow came out to greet/meet me in real time.

Note than Czech criminals(Czech police involved in crime) prior to total destruction of car preceded with same day telephones and SD cards theft in Ostrava ended with even editing blogger at one point while uploading me their photos to google drive for what no police assistance was granted - ever. 

There also are many more proofs I need to place on here of which some trace to Asian states and on which I clearly demonstrated knowledge of people from far where brought by American/German and other governments even in 1995/1996...some proofs in which people from those remote areas(Turkey, Georgia etc.) recognize me thus too confirm existence of my MK Ultra account.


MK ULTRA report(also extremelly important proof about MK Ultra) on White House Camp David torture where I was brought over the course of 22 - rated as insane in Slovenia while spending forcefully unemployed no less than 26 years

Saturday, November 14, 2020

Extremely criminal - places itself into victim's skin(can be seen on top) and repeats threats issued prior via MK Ultra torture

To put it plane and simple about Armenian people and Armenia - I was there in 1995/1996 with entirely American delegation(we kept on coming back over the years)

 Artem Mikoyan's own child in Armenia disliked Russia. Armenians claimed to Americans that Russians are unfit/ill people. Have considered themselves as more worthy/superior to Russians. Artem Mikoyan's own children(grandchildren) refused to even communicate with grandson of Anastas Mikoyan who lived in Moscow - Russia. They got implicated in my case with idea to push for WWIII via which they attempted to enlarge country's area, so no wonder Emanuel Macron played his game toward end of MK Ultra also in Armenian case.

For me, #1 now is employment as I receive nothing from anyone(or have ever received to make myself clear). I can't afford to continue to concentrate on collecting proofs for police as police clearly works(IGNORES) for politicians/royalties against me

I am collecting base of proofs to submit new complains and one adds up to enormous amount of physical proofs about most severe abuse of government power(criminal American justice system which went on to bribe even abroad with idea to kill in this case) have ever seen.

Friday, November 13, 2020

LUKASHENKO SCORES BINGO - But still must find hidden cash as European Union did diversified one to neonazi sympathizers when smuggling one into country - something I am certain key protesting figures would have information on to whom/when and via whom one was given(very important who smuggled one in the country)

Money as such is contraband - subject to domestic terrorism laws. Conspiracy to overthrow legitimate Belarus government for the sake of foreign entity which in this case happens to be BERLIN卐 卍WASHINGTON DC, AND LONDON IN BETWEEN. CASH literately redistributed for the purposes of nazism.

Cancer rates and Coronavirus a nice prelude into WW3 - Bill Gates promised more of these in the future, but I think its a good started without almost any resistance at all

Wondering about Chemtrails rather than real source of cancer  !!????? They want it this way. They want you to stare up dare rather than into your coffee cups/soups. Coronavirus vaccination - a very bad idea. Few of those for different types of viruses and you might already wonder what the final outcome will be on your DNA - or on DNA of your children/grandchildren.

REPEATED: Polish psychologist Justyna Kedzierska is out too - I cite her in 2017(brought from Belarus) inside this house inside this room, "will save you from mental hospital, all you have to do is...."

"write keep yours" <==its what I should have written on Facebook according to her instructions after she suspended share her photo option on my Facebook account. Slovenian police, however, drilled(BRAINWASHED ME) me along HER on how they will come to institutionalize me as soon as I would write "keep yours" on what she would come and save me out....and this would be my road to Putin's freedom(his compromise to me).

My father is suffering headaches - doesn't remember much and things went toward the worst as was told case will be by my neighbor sometimes in 2010/2012

Father didn't fall due to cramps in leg as mother claims, but due to directed energy attacks he begun to suffered in 2018 - I wasn't the only one attacked and have recorded one prior to fall on several occasions complaining about typical directed energy attacks.

Thursday, November 12, 2020

Fentanyl - a big friend of Trump's campaign(hijacked mind elections of 2020)

Vancouver is neighbor of Bill Gates's Washington state(and Oregon) - its where massacre went on during Trump's presidency.

@Al Gore - how are you my "friend"

Al Gore is a fan of winter swimming - swam in Novo mesto infront of our house in fall of what I think was 2015. There is a water around his house(I think villa cottage in Vermont) or wherever it was that you held me...invitation to our place removed(updated).

Al was a bit angry about his 2000 for what I was blamed for, but am sure he is okay with it in respect to myself on today's date - he got well well compen$$$$ated after all.

Tell us Donnie - BIG dON(KEY) - How many did you murdered along the way !!????? You the winner winer loser criminal - real abomination of America(Beelzebub as you are). Filthiest creature world have seen

@Donald Trump - do you remember Gary Triano/his wife bye any chance - asking because I do and others do too.

Wednesday, November 11, 2020

MATH TALK: There are total of 45,715,952 Democratic party members in US and only 33,284,020 Republican party members according to Wikipedia



The biggest problem today in USA are corrupt Democrat officials. 


US elections map was build by Democrat and Republican senators/politicians/business billionaire people and was told will be the case to ensure my complying with US Government conditions

I cite, can be like this or can be like that...if you will call too many out, we will just turn the other way...if you will call certain ". Meaning elections were not only totally hacked as I have already explained(I was told republicans were loosing elections already for the past 20 years in 2015 or so), but are used to condition on crime a victim in which wealthy are involved. Donald Trump didn't win even elections of 2016 when he most likely got maximum some 25/30% - this was before one was proven to be a totally good for nothing neonazi bigot. Related to

People will either stand up for the truth or kill/die one another for the lie

 And this is the way it supposed to be in case humanity knows not better.

About Putin's Villa Sellgren same as about Jeffrey Epstein's private island - while not as early as the case was with Epstein, Americans paid visitations to Putin's Villa Sellgren as early from 1998.

 It was not completed as far as renovation which took place systematically part bye part...only portion of property was livable and totally hidden from public eyes...villa was also hidden on uncle's Oleg Rudnov name till 2014 when Putin took total ownership of one on what uncle Oleg Rudnov died away via cancer seeded probably into his morning coffee. Oleg Rudnov's last location was Munich. I can tell about this villa before one even underwent total renovations on how which room looked like ;)

To kill with cancer is just 123 in your morning coffee or even soup.

I only have two words for you Bill Gates

 Steve Jobs

Steven Jobs greatly opposed Donald Trump and his crew in contrast to Bill Gates who is very close friend of Donald Trump and neonazi global NWO. It was Bill Gates who got Steve Jobs literally poisoned with cancer. Bill Gates was also unhappy with Jobs due to reputation Jobs had.

Will also explain how Israeli drones found way to Azerbaijan

I was told presumably by Israelis during MK Ultra that one of the highest Armenian politicians expressed deep anti-Semitism on the side of the table. Thats that and pen sealed the deal. Just so you know who/how, and why.

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

This is not to downplay Armenian people - we Slavs welcome you in every corner of our world and we hope you too will contribute share to what every soul in this world craves for

 peace/ harmony. We are just not Aryan material of any kind and we have collectively declined and decline to serve as tools in wrong hands since WWII.

THE UGLY TRUTH: With the Armenian past as an Armenian, I would play very very moderate politic and keep with Russia as close as possible - possibly re-assimilate in one as independent state, but under no circumstances ever repeat what was war stunt of 2020 known also as Donald Trump's presidential CAMPAIGN

Its not difficult to understand who/why/ what. 

I recognized Polish man on Czech side of the border thanks to memories from MK Ultra - Old Bohumin

Video can be also seen at

Putin had Russia pay severely for Armenian blunder - USA sold drones to Azerbajan via Turkey/Israel(weapons exceeding Russian capabilities) and Kardashians excite Armenians enough to keep fingers light on gun triggers

GOOD NEWS: І все буде прекрасно - ви можете повернутися зараз до своїх розчавлених домівок.
Putin's Armenian stunt in Trump's election support along Macron/Kurtz despite lack of direct Russian involvement in conflict, however, did came with severe costs to Russia. Not only have Muslim republics inside of the Russian federation learned about views on them from inside/outside of the federation as UNWELCOME, but Muslim states outside of the Russian federation have proven to be easy match for one. Further, Armenia which is becoming more and more English speaking country learned its spot under the sun too as promises(Christian flirting) from the West isn't all that West is preaching about. If I explain, some Christian are just more Christian in eyes of West than others - it depends against whom NATO sword is pointed at. 

Final NATO target always was/is Moscow(Armenia/Poland just a truck stop along the way if you like).

I now understand the full scale of CIA operation against me which had me visit also Alessandra Mussolini, failed German Georg Friedrich, and all other remnants of greatest evil(including Noor bin Ladin - just making sure that photos/videos taken next to whomever have nothing to do with me) that exists today or is connected to the past

100% of the time cameras rolled and for each meeting with mentioned, two/three or even more scenarios played out - they repeated scenarios and filmed. Filmed and filmed drugged up man subjected to MK Ultra and distributed lies to whomever thrum whoever/whenever. I bet his world photos/videos redistributed globally and you are as dead as anything in this world possibly ever was or could be. Understandable. Its what you call full scale genocide.

ERITREAN Isaias Afwerk(THE ONE WHO FINANCED/MENTORED TEDROS ADHANOM) got his hands on me already in 2002 - named by Bill Clinton alone as a "renaissance African leader"

Isaias Afwerki DEATH THREATENED me personally in 2002 when I was hijacked to Eritrea from Miami by neofascist US Government. Tedros Adhanom not a communist, but instead French colonial butt licker mentored by now Eritrean president(a permanent dictator) Isaias Afwerk because of whom alikes, his real homeland of 120 million souls is chocking. Let me explain, Djibouti via whom problems in region are maintained has landlocked via Eritrea entire Ethiopia which otherwise would 100% open itself to China/India/ Russia and many others willing to trade/develop prosperity on mutual cooperation. It is a big deal when here written fact keeps not only entire region, but quarter of African continent if not more on its knees. 

Sunday, November 8, 2020

About cancer in United Kingdoomed - West on general(its what Andrzej Duda murders with also in Poland) as one exploded to epidemic proportions and is not worse than faith of Alexander Litvinenko

Chris from Colorado(son of Trump out of wedlock) explained how they played with coffee substances in Poland in which there is super tiny amount of carcinogen known as acrylamide. They rated coffee and finally got awarded with gifts from US via which they were demonstrated substances 50x to 100x stronger than acrylamide and which cause cancers on bodies of victims within matter of hours. You don't like guy/gal - simple. Salt him/her a bit tea/coffee bag during absence at work and thats that. Ohh, and don't forget to sing one eulogy if close enough. 

Throat cancer is given to victims mostly via dentist visitations when substance is dropped into a throat area in case some other invisible option doesn't exist. ITS A KILL ON A MASS SCALE BEFORE YOUR EYES AND I GOT TUTORING ABOUT HOW ITS DONE FROM THOSE WHO AUTHORISE KILL OF TOP SOCIETY MEMBERS. Related to

CHARLIE CONTIINUES WITH TRACE OF DEATH AND HOW NOT: Bye bye Rabbi Lord Sacks(closest JEWISH "FRIEND" of Charles for whom Charles told me is as good as dead when present/today comes) - British royals(crime consortium) feel comfortable to bully publicly in face of killings behind which they stand - Scotland Yard covers their backs and does dirty job for them

Another one involved into MK Ultra according to whom I was a bad person but realized world is round/not flat. After being diagnosed with cancer three weeks ago, Charles sings him eulogy today - NEXT IN LINE PLEASE !!! GRAVERYARD IS OPEN 24/7 !!!

Rabbi Sacks was the closest Jewish individual - personal to be Chief Rabbi by prince Charles alone !!! Yes, I am a real deal for those who know the relationship status between the two. From Epstein who used me in bed for his sick fantasies to Andrew - Charles - Vatican - Berlin - Putin...

L O C K HIM UPPP Its a regular criminal who didn't get even 20% of voting ballots. Half of those 20% are stolen and other half gifted to one from Democrat party to protect criminal from what you witness on this very news site.

Friday, November 6, 2020

On American 2020 elections compromise which is yet the biggest neonazi scam in a post WWII history of the world - Democrat party is again at it

@Democrat party - Donald Trump is a candidate who appeared ILLEGALY on ballot of US elections in 2020. One appeared there because of you.

I warned your politicians to reveal his crime and crime of Clinton/Bush against me to public on time - 3 months prior to US elections was my dead line. You instead proceeded for me to learn you have had instead even other intentions for me than what you initially advertised me during MK Ultra - what we see as elections results now. Those match as closely as it gets Trump extortions. This translates that you were and are in bed with one another to very today and you even contemplate on possibility to bring him back at your/his convenience. 

Thursday, November 5, 2020

Who is the "SITE Intelligence Group" and who is the "Islamic State" if mentioned agency didn't manage to come even with the name of the SINGLE individual/department/organization for whom they claimed have assumed responsibility for Vienna attack on behalf of "Islamic State"

Anonymous messaging system in hands of totally unknown agency is now a source of government information according to which citizens of the world should have their leaders base their war decisions upon !!??? Source:

I would think if we are talking about state of any kind, they would have their speakers/people/ representative explain who/what !!????

The one who craved for spine injury was prince Andrew - not eastern European leaders and this for retaliation sake of his daughter Eugenia

Things with my spine went from bad to the worst as I rebuffed prince Andrew's provocation on marriage with his daughter Eugenia after he detailed me on scoliosis issue she was experiencing in 2002/2003(this when she was just 12/13 years old). After initial facial profiling which I passed, I rejected possibility of idea to marry someone with severe spine problems despite royal status. Tactics used by criminal were indifferent from his partner in US, Donald rump who had at the same age(12/13) his daughter profiled via MK Ultra case. I cite Andrew, "will break your spine #$%^ you %$#$%^"

Small industrial park identified in Slezian Ostrava Czech Republic via memories from MK Ultra

Video can be also seen at

Ultimate weapon in new era of fascism known as Trumpism - cover-up assault operation - BLACK(is even from Africa) WITH COMMUNIST PAST

Then go figure out why we are where we are. With fascist/neonazi at least you know who you are dealing with. With individual Tedros Adhanom Ghebre Jesus alike, however, you don't till your throat is cut. We have seen such Jesuses quite a few times in US politics blatantly disregarding needs of own black people.

Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Wish best to mentioned Polish psychologist

Thank you for everything and good luck.

Polish psychologist is out too - I cite her in 2017(brought from Belarus) inside this house inside this room, "will save you from mental hospital, all you have to do is...."

"write keep yours" <==its what I should have written on Facebook according to her instructions after she suspended share her photo option on my Facebook account. Slovenian police, however, drilled(BRAINWASHED ME) me along HER on how they will come to institutionalize me as soon as I would write "keep yours" on what she would come and save me out....and this would be my road to Putin's freedom(his compromise to me).

Tedros Adhanom (Tedros Adhanom Ghebre Jesus) made possible to be today where I should never ever even be on the first place

And this for the cost of even what became vandalized(crashed) car not only hijacking at immigration center. He ensured I would cover bills for Buckingham palace via my own skin. So I want to thank his excellence at World Health Organization for hard work(cover-up and setup - basically lies he redistributed around circle involved in case).

I REJECT US ELECTIONS TOTALLY:: I consider US elections of 2020 as direct assault on me personally

I see US politic united as one against me because Donald Trump DIDN'T get more than 20% of votes whichever way you turn story what translates that democrats PROTECTED Donald Trump and republican party already by declining to involve my case publicly three months prior to elections and secondary via fake agreed elections as seen.

AS A RESULT OF SUCH POLITIC, THESE ELECTION RESULTS ARE GOING TO BE USED AGAINST YOU AND ME EVEN WITH BIDEN'S VICTORY - ALREADY ARE(they are stronger signal to you than elections of 2016 as Trump ever since became proven racist with clear fascist agenda on his mind) !!!

In respect to Macedonian terror attack in Vienna only that Sebastian Kurz wasn't only involved in my own MK Ultra case but also was one of the worst people involved against me when it came to physical and mental torture


What is that can't be done to individual within 9 months which one spent under his personal mentorship !!???? No one has proof about mentors' sole deradicalisation program involvement in individual's life - Sebastian Kurz is expert in brainwash and was involved in my case alone for no less than 20 years. He commenced his criminal career via Berlin as a young student/schoolboy - they train young kids as young as 7/8 years old to understand what MK Ultra is.

HIGH PROFILE CZECH UKRAINIAN: Ostrava Banking employees identified along high profile Ukrainian Czech family and two Czech embassies(ALSO GEORGIAN IN LVIV) in Ukraine according to memory from MK Ultra

100% RIGGED ELECTIONS OF 2020: What about popular vote !!???? Trumpet's voters are very very loyal to the criminal as are criminals themselves, but

 there is no way 20% of voters casted their votes in US for KKK idiot. People are smart enough to know better when they see mentally ill(criminally insane) person. Specially Americans and this despite 5 rappers whom he purchased via awards and movie/music roles to express support for one within last 5 minutes prior to election date. These are NOT elections of 2016 and those were already duped. People today when compared to 2016(its not Clinton running, but instead Biden/Harris) know Trump is a PROVEN racist neonazi bigot who hates disabled, elderly, women, minorities you name it - I doubt even 20%....

Tuesday, November 3, 2020

MINDLESS TERRORIST ATTACK IN FRANCE/AUSTRIA: Our problem is a Christian radicalism also known from the past as NEONAZISM or FASCISM - not Islam

Brief answer to Kurz/Macron for whom we all know who they are. This time, one started via domestic terrorism and Armenia(Russian Putin and his Armenian deputy Lavrov count on this crusade) and literately on our women - denial of the basic human right to abortion. 

Ringing in my ears at request of Dana White to Donald Trump - 2005/2008(I DIDN'T FORGET - NEVER EVER DID) or so - blamed Ljubljana's psychiatric hospital for it an insisted me on how he disagreed with mistreatment against me

Because I expressed total disdain for this good for nothing low life criminal is why who was involved in MK Ultra since 1995 - was like a right hand of Donald Trump always present after initial test in Poland(he went through nothing, but requested fro Trump to destroy me). Dana White was also involved in beatings - physical abuse per Donald Trump and I live for the day to settle his feud via police as is custom in civilized societies.

MK ULTRA: Libraries in Ostrava Czech Republic identified according to memories from MK Ultra on Sept 4th 2020

Video can be also seen at  or

IS MENTALLY ILL(100%): In my opinion, Trump will have elections hijacked - strong indicators ALREADY exist and point in such case

 Violence(deaths) didn't stop - instead proceeded. Nobody at the right state of mind would vote for mental patient that is bouncing back and forth in his chair when infront od cameras for one thing(wears leader gloves when no one in public does)...

FC2 just as I was told case will be, but it does THEM NOOOO GOOD WHATSOEVER !!!

 I am unsure weather this is a temporary or permanent video channel closure. Know that truth is under assault and whole thing will become clear as of tomorrow. Either way - my case is proven as factual.

Monday, November 2, 2020

On Mr. Peter Townsend's execution, two other inner royal circle individuals were murdered

Charlie didn't waste his time. Yes, people from inner circle became enough intimidated to keep silent about it all. Lady Elizabeth Anson BRAINWASHED RELLY WELL ON WHO GOT HER HOUSE to keep silent about it all. I was in her house. She loved and hated me - understandable.

Polish Democratic Left Alliance Jerzy Czepułkowski DEAD at age 68 his own enemy Adrzej Duda announced

 Translate yourself and know that Donald Trump/Buckingham palace/ Berlin made DAMN SURE that those willing to follow global nazi agenda would get SAME instruments as those used in US/ Germany/GB against own get killed in Poland/Czech rep. today in totally indifferent form as is done in US/GB/ Germany because hired CIA assassins seat on the top and are using pyramid system to toppled down entire society. Actually war already commenced some time ago in case you haven't realized.

Whoever countered(half of them at least) coming neonazi NWO deal, was marked by either disease(gave one soon illness - medical condition/injury - fixed them) or some sort of element that could in the future decide about his/her faith on heartbeat

 Different strokes for different folks. death certificates via "natural" causes if only possible(you know age factor etc.), and then whole pallet of medical conditions - accidents also happened a lot off course. William and Harry are FIRST HAND graduates from school of death certificates. Both know and did wrote medical files of victims already - such was THE case of my own from GB's direction.


 James Bond fiction was part of the brainwash royals used for me to keep silent about what went on. If I would turn toward truth(translated from royal nasty) they wouldn't be able to assist me at European Union Court for Human Rights -  there off course wouldn't be any money either and even James Bonds would commence to in peace Mr. Sean Connery who most likely at the time of death was far to close to US soil where Donald Trump is president - Connery HATED Donald Trump with passion(I was in his mansion on Bahamas) and was very very open to good relation with other races - its why he stayed at Bahamas. 

Sunday, November 1, 2020

SILENCE IS LOUD(in this case not golden) TOO - 1 LESS TODAY: After killing of Mr. Peter Townsend, his grave remained uncared/neglected

Abandoned because people begun according to close to royals circle's individual to fear to even lay down flowers - pay respect to Mr. Peter Townsend whose grave he demonstrated me. "FEAR" from repeating the same to others in inner royal circle if they would demonstrate compassion/care for one begun to spread...silence of lambs !!! The day after - today, however, one less to testify....

Hotel Imperial in Ostrava Czech Republic identified thanks to my memory from MK Ultra

Video can be also seen at