Monday, November 30, 2020

Putin's entourage(body guard) #2 can be seen right here

 You would under no circumstances knew of these unless you would remember and know what you are talking about. This individual was selected was told based on his physical appearance for which closely reminded of Slovenian according to Putin. 
None of guys above were of any threat. Both, however, were well aware of previous entourages of which some ended even tragically because they wouldn't display crazy per Putin behavior toward me alone if cancer poisoning wasn't bad enough... guy on the right side treated me roughly because one was afraid of getting close with me according to him alone. Both of these guys liked me a lot.

While guy on left periodically appeared in early as early as 1998/1999 with another partner, guy on right appeared in 2004 or so - he became new partner of guy on left.

For everything that took place in Slovenia just as in Czech rep. or Poland in respect to killings, we have to thank to foremost American government(they didn't cause division within society only with idea to create another Belarus - all via racism) which once KGB was gone of the picture(as early as 2001 totally), went on to kill more people and blame it all on Russians. Donald Trump with his insane major Paul Eaton was #1 at it.

Nope - these Ruskies loved me(both of them) and they wouldn't kill single ant. Even guy on right gave in the end admitting me reason per why he acted "rough" around me.

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