Wednesday, November 11, 2020

About Putin's Villa Sellgren same as about Jeffrey Epstein's private island - while not as early as the case was with Epstein, Americans paid visitations to Putin's Villa Sellgren as early from 1998.

 It was not completed as far as renovation which took place systematically part bye part...only portion of property was livable and totally hidden from public eyes...villa was also hidden on uncle's Oleg Rudnov name till 2014 when Putin took total ownership of one on what uncle Oleg Rudnov died away via cancer seeded probably into his morning coffee. Oleg Rudnov's last location was Munich. I can tell about this villa before one even underwent total renovations on how which room looked like ;)

To kill with cancer is just 123 in your morning coffee or even soup.

Bye bye Mr. Oleg Rudnov

As Tedros Adhanom personally told me, anything above 250/300 is not natural death...

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